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Q3 inglês


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Q3 inglês

  1. 1. DIYdo ityourselfOXIMETER FINGER TYPEget to know how you are with no help neededQ3Jumbo LCDDisplay, clear& easy to readAutomaticallydetermines idealcuff inflationFits upper armcircumference:22-32cmBLOOD PRESSURE MONITORS Do it yourself
  2. 2. Q3 Oximeter Finger TypeMore products of this line:QS200Automatic Digital BloodPressure Monitor Wrist TypeQS 150 Automatic Digital BloodPressure Monitor Upper Arm Typew w w . q s - h e a l t h . c o mFeatures and advantages of this product:• Jumbo LCD Display, clear & easy to read digital display• Measure Blood Pressure and Pulse• Upper Arm Type with 4 groups• 4 groups, 1-99 data memories each group(ideal for family use)• Automatically stores measured data in memorycomplete with measuring date/time• Automatically determines ideal cuff inflation• Auto shut-off in 1 minute, power saving• High & Low pulse rate sign when the measured pulserate value is too high or too low• 4 alarm setting that can be programmed for the nextblood pressure measuring or for the medicine time intake• Cuff fits upper arm circumference 22-32cm