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Toile Bedding (354)


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Toile Bedding (354)

  1. 1. Toile BeddingToile is a centuries old fabric that has once again become quite popular for use in gorgeous, lushlydetailed bedding. (pronounced twaal)Delicate drawings, very Old World in nature, often define the fabric.Some conflicting opinions exist about the origin of toile. Some say it was originally created in Irelandin the 1700s. Other sources believe it originated in Toile de Jouy France.Because of a new technique of engraved plate printing, the look became wildly popular.Today, it most often describes a fine line printed fabric design that looks very much like a pen and inkwork. The most elegant toile fabrics are still printed using engraved plates or rollers.The majority of bedding created from toile today is based on country themes.For example, Waverlys toile comforter of 100% cotton depicts a scene that appears Colonial or OldWorld in nature, with men, a woman riding a donkey and greenery. The bedding is trimmed in a tinygingham check of 100% cotton toile. This particular bedding selection of toile comes in blue andcream or black and cream. The comforter is bound on three side and reverses to a gingham check fora change when you want something different.C&J Enterprises offers a gorgeous toile set for your bedroom. Called simply "Midnight", this beddingfeatures deep blue nearly-black and soft white to create a bedding set that has a French feel. Thegraceful floral provides a country feeling. The soft rows of quilting make this quilt feel so cozy andinviting. The quilted pillow shams, pillows, and throws complete this lovely bedding set of toile.Choose some accessories in the gingham checked pattern to add a whimsical touch to the bedding.Sferra Brothers provides a beautiful toile set for your bedding collection. The crimson or dusky greentoile pattern is printed on Celeste 406 thread count percale sheeting with hand drawn hems. Thequilted coverlet is reversible with one side having a light background with dark toile print; the reverseside is dark background hosting a light print. Pillows shams are available with either light or darkbackground and look wonderful with two of each. Youll love this bedding set of toile for yourbedroom.Kouchini has designed a traditional toile set in the French Country style. The bedding set contains acomforter, bed skirt and shams. Matching sheets, pillow cases and throw pillow are available. Thecomforter is created in the European style which does not have center quilting and is a bit thinnerthan other styles of comforter. The charcoal grey is beautiful against the soft cream background.For a little pizzazz, mix the traditional toile print sheets with solid colors or plaids to showcase the finecountry prints of the toile. This bedding set will give your bedroom a cozy, inviting ambiance.Designer Vera Bradley has created a new toile set that provides that look of fine old linen in abedding set that truly looks antique. The pastoral countryside depicted in this toile of 100% cotton.The three color choices coordinate with Vera Bradleys other designs like Seaside Vermicelli andSignature Paisley designs.This bedding would definitely become on of your toile favorites. Toile water chestnut, summer roseand blue willow are all gorgeous choices for your bedding sets.
  2. 2. Baby nurseries look so serene and peaceful done in delicate toile. What do you mean youve neverthought of using toile for baby bedding? =)Baby bedding made of small toile prints look just right whether for baby girl or baby boy. Choose frompink, blue or sage when you choose a Burlington Basket bassinet liner set. Made of a cottonpolyester blend, the delicate country prints on while backgrounds make these beautiful baby beddingsets of toile. These sets include sheet, skirt and bassinet hood cover.If you love the tradition country look of top-quality toile, youll want to care for yours properly.Most sheets, pillow cases, bed skirts and shams are machine washable. Some comforters arelabeled machine washable, but comforters are simply too heavy when wet to be washed in mosthome laundry machines. For only a bit more expense, and actually much less expense than awashing machine repair, you can have the heavier bedding in your toile collection laundered in acommercial laundry or dry cleaned.This way youll enjoy the charm and casual elegance of this wonderfully unique bedding for alongtime to come!Sferra Linens