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Website Localization Made Easy - webinar presentation by Balazs Benedek


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Has it ever happened to you that a website owner asked for an exact quotation, word- and repetition count while all the content was buried in a database behind WordPress/Drupal/Joomla CMS? Can your favourite CAT tool handle only files but not directly ?

Easyling is a great tool to extract text from websites, provide word- and repetition count, real time preview, in-context editing, XLIFF-integration with the CAT tool of your choice.
Presented as a part of the Free Training Series on by Balazs Benedek, CTO and co-founder of Easyling

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Website Localization Made Easy - webinar presentation by Balazs Benedek

  1. 1. Website localization made easy
  2. 2. Common problems with Website Translation How can I extract the full text to translate?Powered by
  3. 3. PROBLEM ≠ Websites are not files anymore. The content is usually stored in CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, SquareSpace, etc.) and in databases
  4. 4. Players of the gameStandard website translation workflow Website owner Translator Website developerText is stored in database, no more index.html Content Management System (CMS) Insert translated text Text extraction Huge effort Huge effort Translation Out-of-the-context translation, lot of fitting and contextual mistakes On „live”, frequently updated websites translation is a never-ending task.
  5. 5. Website translation is important!European Union 9 in 10 European internet users prefer to visit websites in their own languageCommon Sense Advisory People are less likely to buy from websites which are not written in their native tongueLocalization Industry Standard Association Companies receive approximately $25 additional revenue for every $1 spent on localization
  6. 6. Solution & technology - web-based, SaaS solution
  7. 7. How to avoidHow to give an contextual and accurate fitting quote mistakesHow to put it How to detect back changes
  8. 8. How to give an accurate quoteIt’s hard to get all the relevant content that needs to be translated ona website. In most of the cases even the customers themselvesdon’t know what they have.Easyling provides• Automatic text extraction• Page inclusion/exclusion option• Automatic word and repetition count• XLIFF export to your CAT + TM for quotation
  9. 9. How to avoid contextual and In context fitting translation mistakesDuring the translation, it’s always an issue, that some of thetranslation doesn’t fit into the original layout, or has differentmeaning depending on the context.Easyling provides real-time preview in the browser:• Instant visual feedback how the translation fits into the layout/context• Translation, post-editing and proofreading interface right in the original layout/context• The preview link can be sent to the Customer
  10. 10. How to put it Put it back backTo put back the translated text into the Customer’s CMS is a hassle.From the Customer’s side it requires significant IT effort and cost.Not anymore.Easyling provides 4 options• Hosting all the language versions from 10 EUR/month on any domain, like or• Dedicated WordPress plugin on the Customer’s server• Providing a temporary domain for manual Copy-Paste• XLIFF, Excel, Word export
  11. 11. How to detect Get a price changesWouldn’t it be awesome if you were notified when any of yourcustomers’ website changes, so you can immediately offer yourservice, just in time ?Easyling provides• Automatic change detection for your Customers’ websites. Get an email notification.
  12. 12. Livedemonstration
  13. 13. And we support your CAT
  14. 14. Under the hood
  15. 15. Process without easyling customer’s URL request: CMS Databases Business logic visitor’s response HTML in the original language browser
  16. 16. Process with Easyling customer’s URL request: forwarded to CMS Databases Business logic visitor’s browser response HTML response HTML in the visitor’s in the original language language on-the-fly text replacing in the response HTML
  17. 17. Using Google cloud99.95% SLA Easyling runs on Google’s cloud, AppEngine, the same infrastructure where Google Search and Gmail. 99.95% SLA is guaranteed.Better SEO The translated website will have better position in the Google Search, ranking higher on SERP.Edge cache delivery The translated website can be stored by Google Global Cache (using local servers all around the world) providing better response time and user experience.
  18. 18. Start your free trial today!
  19. 19. Looking forward to working with you Péter Faragó, CEO Balázs Benedek, easyling easyling_com easyling