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Avnet Electronics Micronctroller Microchip


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Microchip announces an expansion of its 8-bit PIC16f1178X enhanced Mid-Range core microcontroller (MCU) family with increased flash memory densities; intelligent analogue and digital peripherals, such as on-chip 12 bit Analogue_to_Digital (ADCs), operational amplifiers, and high -speed comparators with 50ns response time; in addition to EUSART (including LIN), IC and interface peripherals

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Avnet Electronics Micronctroller Microchip

  1. 1. AnalogAnalog DevicesAD8479 : Very High Common-Mode VoltagePrecision Difference AmplifierMaxim IntegratedMAX14850 - 6-Channel Digital IsolatorNational SemiconductorLPV521 - Worlds Lowest Supply Current Op AmpEmbeddedDigiConnectCore® i.MX53 / Wi-i.MX53 : High-End CoreModules with Wired and Wireless NetworkConnectivityInterconnectALPSSCGD Series : microSIM Card Connector (Push-PushType)AVXAnnounces New Connector-Less Contact SystemOpto / LightingPhilips LumiledsLUXEON CoB : High Uniformity and High EfficiencyArrayMicrosMicrochipExpands 8-bit PIC® Microcontroller Family withIntelligent Analog IntegrationMicrochipDV164133 : XLP 16-bit Energy HarvestingDevelopment KitModulesTelitJupiter Jn3PassivesAVXIntroduces Low-Profile 0805 MLO™ Diplexer SeriesKingstateKPEG139-1 Piezo BuzzerPanasonicZA Series (Type V) - Conductive Polymer HybridAluminium Electrolytic CapacitorsPowerDeltaPMT-12V35W1AA Panel Mount Power SupplyDiodes IncAP65200 Synchronous DC/DC Converter fromBoosts Light Load EfficiencyMaxim IntegratedMAX17501/2 : 4.5V-60V, 0.5A/1.0A, Ultra-SmallHigh-Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down ConverterPower IntegrationBest dimming performance for LED track lightingwith LYTSwitch LED-driver reference designProtectionTE ConnectivityPolySwitch LVB125 Resettable DeviceRFSTMicroelectronicspirit1 : Sub 1GHz RF ICsSIn This IssueIn This IssueIn This IssueCopyright © Avnet Kopp (Pty) Ltd.All rights reserved. [Issue # ]14 20136, 15 May41441242332234AVX Announces New Connector-Less Contact SystemThe new 70-9159 plug and socketcontact system offers a significantcost savings as compared to a fullconnector solution withoutjeopardizing performance andreliability. By designing connectorfunctionality directly into the individualcontacts, insulator and assemblycosts can be avoided. Critical to themated system performance is theselection of the base contact materialand in this case gold plating formaximum signal integrity even inharsh environments. One of the keyapplication advantages for LED linearlighting applications is the ability toindividually place the contacts on theouter edges of the PCB, freeing up themiddle of the board for continuous in-line LED placementKey Features / Benefits! 5 Amp current rating to supportindustrial requirements! 1.0mm mating tolerance in both X& Y axis for ease of assembly! Low profile 1.2mm “Z” axis heightdoes not interfere with light optics! Single contact placement does notlimit application to a connectorfootprintAdvantages! Gold plated contact systemmaximizes lateral PCBalignment/mating tolerancesLow profile design limitsshadowingThe contact system can supportboth BTB and WTB applicationsLower cost without jeopardizingperformanceInterconnectInterconnectInterconnectcontact :The Microchip TeamMicrochipTeam@avnet.euMicrochip Expands 8-bit PIC®Microcontroller Family withIntelligent Analog IntegrationMicrochip announces an expansion ofits 8-bit PIC16F178X enhanced Mid-Range core microcontroller (MCU)family with increased Flash memorydensities; intelligent analogue anddigital peripherals, such as on-chip12-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converters(ADCs), 16-bit PWMs, 8-bit and 5-bitDigital-to-Analogue Converters(DACs), operational amplifiers, andhigh-speed comparators with 50 nsresponse time; in addition to EUSART(including LIN), I²C™ and SPI interfaceperipheralsKey Facts:! New MCUs feature on-chip 12-bitADC, Op Amps, high-performance16-bit PWMs and high-speedcomparators! Advanced analogue and digitalintegration is combined with lowpower consumption! Enable self-sustaining smartcontrol loops with minimal CPUintervention! For LED and other lightingapplications, battery management,digital power supplies, motorcontrol and general-purposeapplicationscontact :Robin
  2. 2. Philips Lumileds LUXEONCoB : High Uniformity and HighEfficiency ArrayLUXEON® CoB is a high-voltage,high-lumen array solution enabling thebest efficacy and performance in avery small Light Emitting Surface.LUXEON CoB is the best choice forhigh lumen downlights (1000-6000 lm)and directional bulbs (like PAR/ARIII)due to its uniform, robust package.Features! Efficacies up to 120 lm/W hot! Small LES! 36V solution! Existing ecosystem! High circular uniformity! MCPCB solution! 85°C = Tj testedcontact :Michael NelMichael.Nel@avnet.euLightingLightingLightingALPS SCGD Series : microSIMCard Connector (Push-Push Type)Industry’s smallest connectorachieves space efficiency and highoperability.Features! Standard mount typoe! 3mm card eject stroke! 3.6V/0.5A rating (per pin)! Initial contact resistance (cardcontact) : 100m maxΩ! 5,000 insertion and removal cycles! Compatible with microSIM cards(8-pin)! Normally closed switch contributesto lower power consumption! Industry’s smallest push-push typeconnectorApplications! Mobile phones, smartphones,tablet PCs, notebook PCs, andother mobile devicesInterconnectInterconnectInterconnectPerfecting the Art of ElectronicsTEs PolySwitch LVB125Resettable DeviceProduct Benefits:! Package design allows LVB125 tooperate over a wide temperaturerange (-40°C to 85°C) typical ofextreme environments! Unique plastic box packagingmakes LVB125 suitable for productassemblies utilizing potting orencapsulating compounds! Little pressure on PPTC whenthermal expansion occurs! Flame retardant, meets UL-94, V0! Suitable in applications that requireencapsulations, potential greaseand oil contacts and industrial fieldthat require -40°C ambientenvironment! Different positions available tomeet design requirementsProtectionProtectionProtectioncontact :Yolandi de BeerYolandi.deBeer@avnet.euMaxims MAX17501/2 : 4.5V-60V,0.5A/1.0A, Ultra-Small High-Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down ConverterThe MAX1750x high-efficiency, high-voltage, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with integratedMOSFETs operates over a 4.5V to 60Vinput voltage range. It delivers outputcurrents up to 1A at output voltages of0.9V to 92%V . The output voltage isINaccurate to within ±1.7% over -40°Cto 125°C. The MAX1750x is availablein a compact TDFN and TSSOPpackages. Simulation models areavailable.Features! Integrated high/low sidesMOSFETs! Current mode control - PWM/PFM! Maxim input voltage : 60V! Load current up to :- 0.5A (MAX17501)- 1.0A (MAX17502)! Internal compensation for fixedoutput versionsBenefits! Wide input - ideal for industrialapplication! Industrys smallest 60V monolithicsynchronous Step-down converter! Industrys highest efficiency! As low as 5 external componentsPowerPowerPowercontact :Arnold PerumalArnold.Perumal@avnet.euSTs pirit1 : Sub 1GHz RF ICsSFeatures! Modulation schemes: 2-FSK,GFSK, MSK, GMSK, OOK, & ASK! Air data rate from 1 to 500 kbps! Very low power consumption (9 mARX and 21 mA TX at +11 dBm)! Programmable channel spacing(12.5 kHz min.)! Excellent performance of receiversensitivity (-118 dBm), selectivity,and blocking! Programmable output power up to+16 dBm! Integrated temperature sensor! Automatic acknowledgment,retransmission, and timeoutprotocol engine! AES 128-bit encryption co-processor! Automatic clear channelassessment (CCA) beforetransmitting (for listen-before-talksystems). Embedded CSMA/CAprotocolcontact :Mark CoxenMark.Coxen@avnet.euDeltas PMT-12V35W1AA PanelMount Power SupplyHighlights Features/! 2 years warranty! Reliable design, with expected lifeof 10 years! RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant! MTBF > 200,000 hrs. as perTelcordia SR-332! Using 105°C AL cap for higherreliability! Universal AC input range from 90to 264Vac without power de-rating! Overload / Overcurrent / OverTemperature ProtectionsPowerPowerPowercontact :Robin ScholesRobin.Scholes@avnet.eucontact :Michael
  3. 3. Diodes AP65200 SynchronousDC/DC Converter from BoostsLight Load EfficiencyDesigned to help meet energyefficiency standards under light loadand standby conditions, the AP65200synchronous DC-DC buck converterachieves efficiency as high as 96% fora light load of 200mA and maintainsefficiency above 70% down to 20mA.Its high level of integration andminimal external component countsuits distributed power architectures inconsumer electronics products,including TVs, monitors and set-topboxes.Offering an input voltage range from4.75V to 18V, the AP65200 provides asingle device solution for both 5V and12V bus systems, and delivers up to2A continuous output current with a 3Apeak. Using a simple external resistordivider, the converter output voltagecan be set from as low as 0.925V upto a maximum of 16V.With its integrated low on-resistancehigh- and low-side MOSFETs, the SO-8 packaged AP65200 helps reduceboard space and optimizes tracelayouts. In addition, externallyprogrammable soft-start and on-chipover-current and thermal shutdownprotection features ensure systemstability and long-term reliability.PowerPowerPowerADI’s AD8479 : Very HighCommon-Mode Voltage PrecisionDifference AmplifierThe AD8479 is a difference amplifierwith a very high input common-modevoltage range. The AD8479 is aprecision device that allows the userto accurately measure differentialsignals in the presence of highcommon-mode voltages up to ±600V. The AD8479 can replace costlyisolation amplifiers in applications thatdo not require galvanic isolation. Thedevice operates over a ±600 Vcommon-mode voltage range and hasinputs that are protected fromcommon-mode or differential modetransients up to ±600 V.Features & Benefits! ±600 V common-mode voltagerange! Rail-to-rail output! Fixed gain of 1! Wide power supply range of±2.5 V to ±18 V! 550 μA typical power supplycurrent! Excellent ac specifications- 90 dB min CMRR- 130 kHz bandwidth! High accuracy dc performance- 5 ppm max gain nonlinearity- 10 μV/°C max offset voltage drift- 5 ppm/°C max gain driftAnalogAnalogAnalogcontact :Erich NastErich.Nast@avnet.euKingstate KPEG139-1 PiezosBuzzerPiezo buzzer KPEG139-1, apply to thesmoke alarm, industrial equipment,etc. Sound pressure is large, theadvantages of high stability.! Size: 40 x 11 mm! Driver: 12Vo-p output! Sound Pressure: Min.100dB! Response frequency: 3250 Hz, testdistance: 10cmcontact :Yolandi de BeerrYolandi.deBee @avnet.euPassivesPassivesPassivesTEs Z32 & Z50 LED Holder forSharp Mini / Mega ZenigataInterconnectInterconnectInterconnectcontact :Michael NelMichael.Nel@avnet.euNationals LPV521 - WorldsLowest Supply Current Op AmpFeatures! Supply current at V = 0.3 V: 400CMnA (max)! Op voltage range: 1.6 V to 5.5 V! Low TCVOS μ: 3.5 V/°C (max)! VOS: 1 mV (max)! Input bias current: 40 fA! PSRR: 109 dB! CMRR :102 dB! Open loop gain: 132 dB! Gain bandwidth product: 6.2 kHz! Slew rate: 2.4 V/ms! Input voltage noise at f = 100 Hz:255 nV/ Hz√! Temperature range: -40...125°C! Package: 5-pin SC-70AnalogAnalogAnalogcontact :Erich NastErich.Nast@avnet.euAVX Introduces Low-Profile 0805MLO™ Diplexer SeriesBased on its patented multilayerorganic high density interconnecttechnology, AVXs new MLO diplexersincorporate high dielectric constantand low loss materials to realize highQ printed passive elements, such asinductors and capacitors in multilayerstack ups. Featuring low insertionlosses, low parasitics, a low profile(<0.6mm), and excellent solderability,the new 0805 Series diplexers supportseveral wireless standards, includingWCDMA, CDMA, WLAN, and GSM,and are ideally suited for bandswitching in dual and multibandsystems.PassivesPassivesPassivescontact :Yolandi de BeerYolandi.deBeer@avnet.eucontact :Michael
  4. 4. PI’s Best dimming performancefor LED track lighting withLYTSwitch LED-driver referencedesignDER-353 describes a 9.5 W, isolatedflyback, TRIAC-dimmable, powerfactor corrected (>0.96) LED driver forLED track lighting. DER-353 drives anominal LED string voltage of 21 V at530 mA from an input voltage range of90 VAC to 132 VAC.DER-353 utilizes the LYT4314E fromthe LYTSwitch™ family of ICs.LYTSwitch conversion ICs aredesigned to provide excellentdimming performance; shimmer-freeoperation and widest possible dim-range as well as fast turn on-evenwhen deeply dimmed. Pop-on anddead travel are also eliminated.Summary and Features! High efficiency, 81% at 120 VAC≥! PF >0.96 easily meeting EN61000-3-2 Class D (C)! THD <15%! Great TRIAC dimming and a smallform-factor! Flicker-free, fast monotonic start-up(<200 ms) – no perceptible delay! No pop-on or dead travel! Broad dimmer compatibilityIn addition to providing great dimmingand power factor correction, theLYTSwitch family of ICs delivers verytight output regulation. Less than ±5%CC variation across production andtemperature spread means thatoverdesign is greatly reduced leadingto lower cost, more compact lightingdesigns.PowerPowerPowerPanasonics ZA Series (TypeV) - Conductive Polymer HybridAluminium Electrolytic CapacitorsFeatures! Endurance : 5,000 hr @ 105°C! Low ESR and high ripple current(70% over, lower ESR than currentV0FP)! Low LC (0.01 CV or 3 μA)! Equivalent to conductive polymertype Aluminium ElectrolyticCapacitorPassivesPassivesPassivescontact :Yolandi de BeerYolandi.deBeer@avnet.euAre you Blocked ?Telit’s Jupiter JN3! Size: 16 x 12,2 x 2,4 mm! Accuracy: <2.5 m! Tracking 163 dBm! Full Power Tracking: 32mA! Supply: 2.85 - 3.6 VDC! Integrated LNA! Competitive footprint! Cold Start <35s, Hot Start 1scontact :Mark®ModulesModulesModulesMaxims MAX14850 - 6-ChannelDigital IsolatorIndustrys First Monolithic 600VRMSDigital IsolatorThe MAX14850 is a 6-channel digitalisolator utilizing Maxims proprietaryprocess technology, whose monolithicdesign provides a compact and low-cost transfer of digital signals betweencircuits with different power domains.The technology enables low powerconsumption and stable high-temperature performance.The 4 unidirectional channels are eachcapable of DC to 50Mbps, with 2 ofthe 4 channels passing data acrossthe isolation barrier in each direction.The 2 bidirectional channels are opendrain and each is capable of datarates from DC to 2Mbps.Features! Protection from High-VoltageEnvironments! 600V Isolation for 60 SecondsRMS! Short-Circuit Protection onUnidirectional Outputs! Complete Digital Isolation Solution! Four Unidirectional Signal Paths: 2-In/2-Out! Two Bidirectional Open-DrainSignal Paths! 50Mbp Unidirectional Data Rates! 2Mbps Bidirectional Data Rate! Compatible with Many InterfaceStandards! I²C With Clock Stretching! SPI! RS-232, RS-422/RS-485! SMBus, PMBus InterfacesAnalogAnalogAnalogcontact :Erich NastErich.Nast@avnet.euDigi’s ConnectCore® i.MX53 /Wi-i.MX53 : High-End CoreModules with Wired and WirelessNetwork ConnectivityFeatures and Benefits! High-performance 32-bit System-on-Module! Long-term product availabilitysolution! Single and dual 10/100 MbitEthernet networking! Pre-certified 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fiinterface! High-performance 2D/3D GraphicsProcessing Unit! Hardware video processing with1080p decoding! Low-emission design with FCCClass B compliance! ZigBee, cellular and satelliteconnectivity options! Industrial operating temperaturesupport®contact :Petrus BooyensPetrus.Booyens@avnet.eucontact :The Microchip TeamMicrochipTeam@avnet.euMicrochips DV164133 : XLP16-bit Energy HarvestingDevelopment KitThe XLP 16-bit Energy HarvestingDevelopment Kit is a truedevelopment platform for realizingenergy-harvesting applications. It isbased on Microchips PIC® MCUs withXLP Technology and Cymbets EVAL-08 Solar Energy Harvester. This kitcomes complete with the PICkit 3Programmer/Debugger, XLP 16-bitDevelopment Board, cabling, andEnergy Harvester. Energy-awaresoftware communicates the state ofcharge for the kit via a PC, easing thetask of Energy balancing, a keyelement to Energy Harvesting. The kitcan be deployed in the intendedenvironment and its :Michael