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History of essential oils


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Here is a brief history of the use of essential oils dating back to over 4500 BCE. You can learn more about essential oils at Young Living. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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History of essential oils

  1. 1. History Of Essential Oils
  2. 2. Evidence has shown that ancient Egyptians used aromatic oils as early as 4500 BCE. These oils were used by the pharaohs and royalty for special ceremonies. Oils were viewed as being necessary to be at one with the gods.
  3. 3. The use of aromatic oils in China goes as far back as 2700 or 2600 BCE. Huang Ti, also known as the Yellow Emperor, created a book called, “The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” where he outlines several uses of aromatic oils, which is still used by practitioners of eastern medicine today.
  4. 4. The use of essential oils in holistic Indian medicine goes back to around 1000 BCE. Literature based on these Indian medicines list over 700 substances and oils that can be used for healing practices.
  5. 5. Uses of essential oils is well documented in ancient Greece. Soldiers would carry different essential oils with them so after battles they could recover faster and prevent infections. The Greek physician Hypocrites, who is commonly known as “The Father of Medicine”, kept extensive documentation on different plants used for medical practices.
  6. 6. The Roman Empire was a frequent purveyor of Egyptian knowledge, and continued the ancient practice of essential oils. The Romans introduced oils into other aspects of life including perfume, massages, and part of the burial ritual.
  7. 7. Ali-lbn Sana was a physician who lived in Persia growing up. As a child prodigy he became a well known and renowned physician who started using and distilling essential oils. His methods are still in use today.
  8. 8. Oils were used extensively throughout Europe from trade with the Middle East. They were used in medical procedures, ceremonies, and rituals, sometimes to ward off evil spirits. Nicholas Culpeper wrote a book in 1653 called, “The Complete Herbal” which is still used in essential oil circles.
  9. 9. Essential oils acceptance and practices continued to grow as use of them became more widespread. French Chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse penned a book called “Aromatherapie” in 1928 which he details the impact of essential oils in medical healing and medicinal practices. This book was influential in advancing medicinal practices in France and surrounding communities.
  10. 10. A return to holistic medicine has allowed people to remember the powerful impact of essential oils. Historical research has shown the effectiveness in treating ailments and relieving discomfort for millions of people. Ancient methods of distilling essential oils from plants have been updated to more modern techniques which all for purer forms of oil to be distilled. These purer forms of oils have greater impact on the body for healing and recovery.