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  1. 1. 09.08 CURRICULUM VITAE Leslie M. Drozd, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist; Marriage and Family Therapist 1001 Dove Street, Suite 140 (as of 09.19.08=Suite 110); Newport Beach, CA 92660 phone: (949) 786-7263; e-fax: 949.209.2574; e-mail: lesliedrozd@gmail.com Educational History Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, 1986; licensed as clinical psychologist, 1988. California license, PSY10317. Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, 1984; licensed as Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, 1984; California license MFC19633. Secondary teaching credential, University of California, Los Angeles, 1971; licensed in the State of California, 1971. Bachelors Degree in Political Science and History, with Honors, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1970. Job History Clinical Job History Forensic Job History • Therapist, Private Practice, Licensed Clinical Psychologist • Expert Witness and 730 Custody Evaluation Appointee, (since 1988) Orange County Family Law Court, 1989-present. • Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist (since 1984) - • Forensic Expert: Family Violence, Relocation, Substance Family, individual, and group therapy. Specializing in child Abuse, and Chemical Dependency, Attachment, local & custody, family violence, chemical dependency, families with out of state civil & criminal courts. high conflict or abuse – including post divorce work. Professional Certificates, Awards, Outstanding Achievements, Noteworthy Publications on Domestic Violence, Alienation, Substance Abuse, Child CustodyProfessional Certificates, Awards, Outstanding Achievements Publications• Editor, Journal of Child Custody, published by Haworth Press, international peer- • The Missing Piece: Solving the Puzzle of Self, co-author with reviewed professional journal. Claudia Black, Ph.D., book published by Random House/ Ballantine, 1995.• APA/ABA Working Group: Issues of Alleged Abuse, Neglect, & Endangerment, 1 of 6 psychologists in the country appointed to be on this group that is a joint • Psychological Testing in Child Custody Cases, co-editor with working Jay Flens, Psy.D., ABPP, Haworth Press, 2005. group formed by the APA and ABA Group on Children, Family, Divorce & Custody • Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Child Custody Cases, co-• Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Task Force, 1 of 10 mental health editor with Kathryn Kuehnle, Ph.D., Haworth Press, 2006. professionals, attorneys who worked on revision of Child Custody Model Standards, May 2006. • Relocation Issues in Child Custody, co-editor with Philip Stahl, Ph.D., Haworth Press, 2007.• Co-author/Consultant, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, September 2003, February & May 2004: advisory committee/consultant and co- • Abuse and Alienation, book chapter: Scientific Approach to author (Dalton, Drozd, Wong) Bench Book for Family and Juvenile Court Judges on Child Custody, Wiley Press, in press. Navigating Domestic & Violence in Child Custody Cases (2006). • Assessing Domestic Violence, book chapter: Innovations in• Orange County Psychological Association, Orange Psi Award, 1995, for outstanding Child Custody Cases, Association of Family & Conciliation leadership and distinguished contribution to the profession of psychology. Courts, in press.• Certificate of Appreciation, O.C. Family Violence Council, development & teaching • Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases, American Bar of curriculum for teaching child custody evaluators about domestic violence, first Association & American Psychological Association, publication piloted in Orange County, 1995 & now in all of California. for the APA/ABAInvited Addresses• APA/ABA 2008 Joint National Conference: Invited Address: Child Custody Cases • Is It Abuse, Alienation, and/or Estrangement? co-author: Nancy with Allegations of Domestic Violence; Chicago, May 1, 2008. Olesen, Ph.D., Journal of Child Custody, 1(3), 2004.• Invited Speaker, Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, Regional Training, Baltimore, Md. & Dallas, TX, December 2007 & February 2008, Is Abuse, • Relocation in High Conflict Cases (2006), co-presenter/author Alienation, &/or Estrangement? with William Austin, AFCC-Tampa + article, in press.• Invited Speaker, 12-hour Child Custody Update, Psycho-Legal Associates, training of custody evaluators in 2008 throughout California. • A Sense Of Self Model for Treatment of Children of• California Office of the Courts, Is it Abuse, Alienation &/or Estrangement, ½ day Alcoholics, December, 1994, International Journal of training of Court Mediators and Investigators, Los Angeles & Riverside, October Addictions, co-author: Constance J. Dalenberg, Ph.D. 25-26, 2007.• Keynote Speaker, Treatment in Cases of Alienation, Massachusetts Guardians ad • Domestic Violence: True or False, Association of Family and Litem, November 1-2, 2006. Conciliation Courts, 2003.• Plenary, DV/Alienation in Child Custody, Santa Clara, CA, March 2006.• Custody Evaluation and Parent Coordination Conference for Judges, Jacksonville, Fla.: • Safety Comes First: What to Do with Children When Domestic Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Custody Decision, National Council Juvenile & family Violence is Found; co-author with Lenore Walker and Kathy Court Judges, June 30-July 1, 2005. Kuehnle, Journal of Child Custody 1(2), 2004.• Harvard University, Domestic Violence in Child Custody, January 2004.• AFCC-CA, Keynote speaker: Attachment in Child Custody Evals, 02.04 & AFCC- • “Sand Tray Play Children of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Clinical National: Domestic Violence in Child Custody Evals, Attachment in Children of Divorce; and Legal Considerations,” co-author Suzanne Long, ed. Lenore Decision Tree: Abuse, Alienation, and/or Estrangement, October 2005. Walker, Ed.D., ABPP, Handbook on Sexual Abuse of Children:• AFCC-Arizona, Plenary: Child Abuse in Child Custody Cases (children exposed to DV, Assessment, Treatment, & Legal Issues, 2004. and/or substance abuse, physical, sexual emotional abuse of children), February 2006. • Domestic Violence and Custody for American Psychological Association, Division 42 publication, 1999.
  2. 2. page 2 of 4 Leslie M. Drozd, Ph.D. VitaeFaculty, Presenter, Speaker, Invited or Plenary Challenging Issues in Child Custody: Domestic• Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Annual Violence, Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, and Convention, The Effects of Trauma on Memory, May 2007. Alienation; Domestic Violence: True or False.• Argosy University, Adjunct Faculty, Developmental Psychology, • Presenter, Family Violence and Sexual Assault Summer 2006. Institute, Batterers, Substance Abuse and• University of California, Irvine, Counseling & Health Centers, Domestic Violence, 2001,2002. Missing Piece in the Clinical Picture: Substance Abuse, March 2006. • Presenter, Association of Family and Conciliation• AFCC 2-day trainer, Loyola Law School: Special Issues in DV cases. Courts, International Conferences and Child• CA Domestic Violence Trainings: original training + yearly 4 hr. Custody Conferences, Domestic Violence, updates: yearly for CA, LAC, & OC Psych Associations, AFCC-CA, Estrangement, and/or Alienation? Domestic & AFCC-National. Violence Training for Custody Evaluators,• Is it Abuse, Alienation, and/or Estrangement: Decision Tree; Invited Domestic Violence: What is It and What is It Not? Speaker, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, National Domestic Violence Treatment, Domestic Violence: Conference, San Antonio, October 15, 2004. True or False? Attachment in Divorcing Families;• Attachment in Children of Divorce: Problems and Solutions, Full Day November 2000, May 2001, May 2002, Institute, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, National November 2002, May 2003, May 2004. Conference, San Antonio, May 12, 2004. • Keynote Speaker, Children of Domestic Violence:• Plenary Invited Speaker, Association of Family and Conciliation From Forgotten to High Risk (Conference for 350 Courts, CA, Attachment in Divorce: Problems and Solutions, teachers in South Orange County; lead by The February 21, 2004 Honorable Pamela Isles).• Invited Speaker, Harvard University, Domestic Violence in Child • Keynote speaker International Conference on Custody Cases, January 9, 12, 2004. Family Violence: Domestic Violence and Custody;• Speaker, Domestic Violence in Custody Cases, 1996, 1997, 1998, Is it Abuse, Alienation, and/or Estrangement; 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 American Psychological Association national Double Jeopardy: Domestic Violence and conventions. Substance Abuse; Custody Issues: Assisting• Invited Speaker, Family Violence and Child Custody: Los Angeles Protective Moms; Anger in Battered Women, Bar Association Child Custody Colloquium, Los Angeles County 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. Psychological Association, Orange County Psychological Association, • Videotape, Coaches at Risk, Substance Abuse in California Psychological Association (2004), and Relationship Schools, September, 1998. Institute: Domestic Violence Update, Domestic Violence in Child • Expert, National Television, NBC, October, 1996, Custody Cases; Substance Abuse in Domestic Violence Cases; 2000, January, 1997, Leeza Show: Effects of Domestic 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse in Violence on Children. Custody Cases; A Resiliency Perspective on Children of Alcoholics, JOB HISTORY Clinical Job History and Training, continued Other Jobs Held. Co-Founder, Faculty, Behavioral Legal Interface (a psycholegal research and training institute), January, 1997-1998, with Drs. Martha Rogers, Veronica Thomas, and Laura Brodie. Psychological Assistant, Frances K. Latimore, Ph.D., private practice, 1985-1988. Co-therapy, individual, & family therapy, psychological assessment, & custody evaluations. Supervisor, Concern Counseling, 1985-1990. Clinical supervision of Masters level psychology interns who work with latency age children. Consultant, Adult Childrens Center, 1984-1987. Director: Louis Stoetzer, LCSW. Group, individual, & family therapy, psychological assessment of children of alcoholics. Intern, Inpatient Hospital Unit, Kaiser Permanente, 1985-1986. Supervisors: David A. Cater, Ph.D. and Kate M. Bell, M.D. Short-term inpatient, individual & group therapy, case management, long term inpatient individual treatment of chronically mentally ill patients, mental status & 5150 evaluations, and psychological assessments. Psychological Assistant, Ruth A. Stafford, Ph.D., Amethyst Program College Hospital, 1984. Psychological testing , individual and group counseling for women alcoholics, program development. Interviewer, California School of Professional Psychology, 1984. Selection committee, 1984. Evaluation, interviewing and selection of incoming graduate students. Orientation Group Leader, California School of Professional Psychology, 1984. Group facilitation for new students to doctoral program. Intern, Orange County Mental Health, West Region Children and Youth Services, 1983-1984. Supervisors: Ken Gonzales, M.F.C.C. and Mark Gunderson, Ph.D. Individual and family therapy with pre-latency and latency-aged children, adolescents and their families; psychological testing and diagnostic evaluations; 5150 evaluations; crisis intervention; hypnotherapy.
  3. 3. page 3 of 4Leslie M. Drozd, Ph.D.VitaeIntern, Orange County Child Guidance, Saddleback, 1983. Supervisor: Mark S. Reade, Ph.D. Individual, collateral,and family therapy with latency-aged children and adolescents and their families; evaluations.Counselor, Youth Service Program, 1982. Supervisor: Steven Alkus Ph.D. diversion and family counseling of latency-aged children and adolescents and their families; crisis intervention.Intern, Santa Ana Police Department,1981-1982. Supervisor: Mary Hubbard, Ph.D. Crisis intervention; individual andfamily therapy with officers, employees, and their families; psychological testing.Intern, Santa Ana Youth Services, 1979-1981. Supervisor Gail G. Metzger, M.F.C.C. Crisis intervention; individual andfamily therapy with latency-aged children, adolescents, and their families.Certificate held.Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, August 1996. Teaching Job History (continued from page 2)Professor, Adjunct Faculty, Argosy University, Orange County campus, Summer 2006, Family and Couples Therapy.Professor, Adjunct Faculty, California School Of Professional Psychology, San Diego;1987-1992, approximately.Courses taught: Developmental Psychology; Personality Theory; Alcoholism: Dynamics and Treatment; ClinicalSupervision of Doctoral Students.Professor, University of California, Irvine Extension; 1984-2004 Courses taught: Chemical Dependency TreatmentStrategies; Alcohol and Chemical Dependency: Implications for the Individual; Chemical Dependency Training forProfessionals; Treatment of the Chemically Dependent/Addictive Family; Finding the Missing Piece:Chemical Dependency and Eating Disorders; Finding A Home Within: Healing the Wounds from Childhood SexualAbuse; Anger in Recovery in the Chemically Dependent Family; Journey into Wholeness: Healing Sense of Self; TheVictim Vehicle: How to Get Out of Being a Victim, Everything You Wanted to Know About Divorce, Women’sOpportunity Center.Faculty, Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases, Training for Child Custody Evaluators: Family Violence Council,Orange County Superior Court, July, 1996; January, 1997; after May, 1997 (videotape presentations).Keynote Speaker, Orange County Superior Court, The Honorable Pamela Isles, Children Witnessing Violence,September 1999.Faculty, California Psychological Association Annual Convention, March 2000, San Jose, CA.: Domestic Violence andSubstance Abuse in Custody Cases; A New Perspective: Resiliency in the Alcoholic Family.Faculty, Domestic Violence Conference: Domestic Violence in Custody Cases and the Interface: Domestic Violenceand Substance Abuse, Pueblo, Colorado, April, 1997.Substance Abuse Training for Professionals: Re-Building Therapy Center, 1998-2004 approx., professional trainings;California State Psychological Association, March, 1996; March, 1998; Orange County Psychological Association,February, 1996; October, 1996; September, 1998; San Diego Psychological Association, November, 1995; October,1996; Santa Barbara Psychological Association, December, 1995; Atascadero State Hospital/San Luis Obispo CountyPsychological Association, April, 1996.Examiner, Board of Psychology, Licensing Exam Orals, 1994-2001. Examine psychologists for licensure in the State ofCalifornia as clinical psychologists.Faculty, National Conference on Obesity in America, June, 1998, Las Vegas Nevada, “Psychological Interventions inthe Treatment of Obesity.Invited Professor, October, 1994. California State University, Long Beach, Women’s Studies Program, “RepressedMemory Controversy.”Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz Extension, Healing Sense of Self: Finding The Missing Peace, June,1992.Professor, University of California Medical Center, Irvine, November,1986; September, 1987, January, 1991. Trainingof residents and staff in working with children of alcoholics.Professor, University of California, San Diego Extension. Children of Alcoholics, Spring 1985 - 1991.Professor, California State University, Fullerton, Spring 1988.Chemical Dependency: Drug and Alcohol Abuse.Faculty, Academic Review, National Clinical Psychology Licensing Exam Preparation Courses: Ethics and the Law;Oral Examination;1988 - 1992.Faculty, National Association for Children of Alcoholics/National Sexual Abuse, Association National Convention.Course taught: Finding the Missing Piece: Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse. August, 1989.Faculty, U.S. Journal National Convention for Children of Alcoholics; February, 1988, 1989; course taught: "Sense ofSelf: The Missing Piece for Children of Alcoholics;" "More Missing Pieces: Alcoholism and Family Violence."Faculty, U.S. Journal Western Conference: Alcoholism and the Family; June, 1987. Course taught: "Sense of Self:The Missing Piece ACoAs"; "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O--A Research Based Clinical Treatment Model".In Service Training: South Orange County teacher, “Children of Domestic Violence”; Human Options: DomesticViolence and Custody; Orange County Sexual Abuse Network: The Interaction Between Chemical Abuse and FamilyViolence; Healing From Childhood Abuse; Jewish Family Services, Healing From Childhood Abuse; The Recovered
  4. 4. page 4 of 4Leslie M. Drozd, Ph.D.VitaeMemory Controversy, California State University, Long Beach; University of California Counseling Center Training ofA.P.A. Interns; United States International University; Turning Point Diversion Program; Community ServiceProgram; Child Guidance, Saddleback; Saddleback; Mariposa Women’s Center; Center for SpiritualDevelopment,1984. Training of interns and staff in working with chemical dependency and with those raised in analcoholic family or one where there is or has been emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse.Teaching Assistant, Dynamics and Treatment of Alcoholism, California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego,1984-1986. Professor: Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D. Planning and development of course curriculum; test design andgrading; class instruction.Facilitator, Workshops on Children of Alcoholics, 1984-1985. Employer: Claudia Black, Ph.D., Jack Fahey,Alcoholism, Therapy, Children, Inc. 8 week structured workshops for adults raised in an alcoholic family.Teacher, Junior High School, Glendale Unified School, 1971-1974. Teacher: history civics, laws of youth, cities andtheir problems, 7th, 8th, 9th grade.Research/Publications (continued from page 1)Dissertation: A Sense of Self Model for Treatment of Children of Alcoholics, 1986. Author.Manuscript: The Victim Vehicle: The Way Out of Being a Victim (co-authored with Barbara Farran).Professional Publications/Articles, continued. “Survivor Therapy for Women Who Have Been Abused”January/February, 1997, Orange County Psychologist, Orange County Psychological Association.“Is There A Missing Piece in Your Treatment of Alcoholics?” November, 1994-January, 1995, Orange CountyPsychologist, Orange County Psychological Association.Measure: Co-Developer, Sense of Self Measure, with Constance J. Dalenberg, Ph.D., California School ofProfessional Psychology, San Diego: development of computerized measure of sense of self; reliability and validitystudies conducted at CSPP, San Diego. Program DevelopmentShortstop Program, Orange County Bar Association and Orange County Juvenile Court, 1979-1980. Development &administration of diversion program for first time juvenile offenders and their families.Legal Education Program, Orange County Board of Education and Orange County Bar Association, 1979-1980.Program development for law-related classes for grades K-12; lessons are currently used throughout California inpublic and private schools.Chairperson, Law Day, 1979. UCI Women’s Opportunity Center, Lawyers’ Wives of Orange County. Development ofand coordination of panels presenting on various women’s issues to 350 women.Curriculum Developer, Laws for Youth, Cities and Their Problems, Glendale Unified School District, 1972-1974.Steering Committee, National Association of Women Psychologists, National Convention, February, 1992.Steering Committee, Program Developer, Trainer, Orange County Superior Court, Family Law Division, , DomesticViolence Task Force, 1995 training program for mental health professionals working with custody cases with domesticviolence. This Orange County course has become the basis of a statewide requirement for all California custodyevaluators to go through. Leadership Positions and Professional MembershipsLeadership Positions.President, Orange County Psychological Association,1997.Chair, Orange County Psychological Association Forensic Committee, 1995.Member, Board of Directors, Orange County Psychological Association, 1999-2001.Secretary, Member of Executive Board, Board of Directors, Forensic, Ethics, and Continuing Education Committees,1993-1996.Co-Chair, Government Affairs, O. C. Psychological Association, 1995-1996.MembershipsOrange County Psychological AssociationCalifornia State Psychological Association.American Psychological Association, Div. 35 (Women’s Studies), 40 (Clinical), 41 (Forensic),43 (Family), 52(Addictions).Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Post-Graduate Courses Taken (available upon request)Dr. Drozd has met all of the requirements set forth in Family Code Sections 1815, 1816, and 3111 and CA Rules of Court 5.225 and5.230.