Dhhs child protection lies about dr. carl baum


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Dhhs child protection lies about dr. carl baum

  1. 1. Child Protection Lies about what Dr. BaumFound-----Original Message-----From: Carl Baum, MD <carl.baum@yale.edu>To: Eileen King <kingeil656@aol.com>Cc: Mark.R.Dalton@maine.gov <Mark.R.Dalton@maine.gov>;Mary.Mayhew@maine.gov <Mary.Mayhew@maine.gov>;Micki.Mullen@maine.gov <Micki.Mullen@maine.gov>;Kathy.Veilleux@maine.gov <Kathy.Veilleux@maine.gov>Sent: Tue, Jun 28, 2011 9:47 amSubject: Re: in the interest of Mila MalenkoMr. Dalton:I am writing to confirm Ms. Kings statements, below. Ms.Austin completely misinterpreted my clarification of minordetails in my sworn affidavit. Apparently she has failed tounderstand the simple and central tenets of this affidavit,that NO amount of methamphetamine should appear inthe urine of a child, and that no one has explained thisfinding. I have absolutely not retracted my affidavit, andwould be happy to testify to that effect.As a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect in mystate of Connecticut, I am shocked that DHHS has closedMilas case without a full investigation, and urge theCommissioner to re-open the investigation immediately.Sincerely,Carl Baum
  2. 2. ______________________________________________________Carl Baum, MD, FAAP, FACMT | AssociateProfessor of Pediatrics | T 203.641.TOXI (8694) |http://toxikid.orgYale University School of Medicine | Center forChildrens Environmental Toxicology | Yale-NewHaven Childrens HospitalFrom: Carl Baum <carl.baum@yale.edu>To: Eileen King <kingeil656@aol.com>Cc: judy356@msn.comSent: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 3:46 pmSubject: Re: Handrahan/Malenko case: From Carl Baum, M.D. regarding his Affidavit on NMS LabsToxicology ReportMs. Potter: I am writing to confirm Eileens update, below. I would be happy to provide testimony as theneed arises. Thank you for your attention to this matter./ On Jul 8, 2011, at 3:31 PM, Eileen King wrote:Dear Ms. Potter: Dr. Baum asked me to pass this along to you. He spoke with Gov. LePagesassistant Micki Mullen today and affirmed his affidavit to her.-----Original Message-----From: Eileen King <kingeil656@aol.com>To: Mark.R.Dalton@maine.govCc: Mary.Mayhew@maine.gov; Micki.Mullen@maine.gov; carl.baum@yale.edu;Kathy.Veilleux@maine.govSent: Tue, Jun 28, 2011 8:05 amSubject: in the interest of Mila MalenkoJune 28, 2011Re: In the Interest of Mila Malenko, DOB 11/29/2006Dear Mr. Dalton,I am taking the liberty of writing to express my astonishment that the DHHS investigation regarding MilaMalenkos undisputed exposure to l-methamphetamines has been closed without a finding. As you know,the toxicology report from NMS Laboratories found 56ng per mL of l-methamphetamines in MilaMalenkos urine sample, a reportable level.In May 2011, I asked Carl Baum, M.D., an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Center forChildrens Environmental Toxicology at Yale-New Haven Childrens Hospital to read the NMS Toxicologyreport and prepare an affidavit setting forth his observations and concerns (if any), which he did. Dr.Baums Affidavit, dated May 26, 2011, is attached and he has been ccd on this email.
  3. 3. Last week, Dr. Baum advised me that Rebecca Austin, the DHHS case worker assigned to theinvestigation, had sent him a letter and asked to speak with him in order to clarify some points in his May26 Affidavit. They spoke on June 22nd and afterwards Dr. Baum wrote to me that"[Rebecca] now understands that I cannot rule OUT the possibility of meth lab exposure, and that I cannotrule IN an inhaler as the explanation."Dr. Baum and I also spoke about this in a phone conversation that day and he repeated this statement tome.Today I was told that DHHS has closed the investigation without a finding, based on the allegedrepresentation by DHHS that Dr. Baum has stepped back from, repudiated, softened or otherwiseweakened the opinion he expressed in his sworn Affidavit as an expert in childrens toxicology andexposure to illegal drugs.I immediately called Dr. Baum to verify whether this was true, since todays news was in completecontradiction with our telephone conversations and email exchanges on June 22.Dr. Baum confirmed my understanding of his Affidavit and our conversations: he has _not_ retreated orbacked down or weakened his opinion of the troubling questions raised by the NMS Toxicology Report. He said emphatically that no young child should have that amount of l-meth in his or her urine. And herestated what he told Rebecca Austin: "I cannot rule OUT the possibility of meth lab exposure, and Icannot rule IN an inhaler as the explanation."Either Rebecca Austin did not understand what Dr. Baum was at pains to explain to her or she hasmischaracterized and/or distorted it.Mr. Dalton, I expect that you will want to know for yourself what Dr. Baum actually said and thinks aboutthe high levels of l-meth in Mila Malenkos urine. I urge you to contact him immediately. His cell phone is203-641-8694. It is unconscionable that a child in need of protection would be subjected to this poorquality of investigation in which facts are either misunderstood or misrepresented. This child deservesbetter.We have a child: • who has had high levels of l-meth in her urine with no plausible explanation for how it got there. • whose father has plead guilty to shoplifting childrens cough syrup. • whose father wrote in an email that he never, ever uses over the counter inhalers on his daughter and forbids the mother to ever do so, either. • whose father has removed Mila from school and appears to be holding her hostage in their home. • about whom the reputable agency, Spurwink, had concerns regarding sexual abuse, recommending supervised visitation for her protection: a recommendation rejected without explanation by DHHS. • who told her mother that her father had hit her in the forehead with a metal pan, and the bruise documented by an ER visit. Her recantation was obviously compelled. • whose father has forbidden her to see and spend time with her mother (who has joint legal custody and court ordered parenting time) in direct violation of the current court order. • whose father and his representative have told this childs mother that DHHS now requires her visits to be supervised and who have produced an "official" letter purportedly on DHHS letterhead and using your name, Mr. Dalton, as the authority. This
  4. 4. "official letter from DHHS" was shown to police officers who wrote your name on a piece of paper and gave it to Dr. Handrahan. Based on this purported "official letter from DHHS" the officers refused to enforce the current court order that gives the child time with her mother.As I understand, DHHS at no time has written any such letter. I am surprised that DHHS doesnot have a problem with individuals forging an "official" dispositional letter in DHHS name andshowing it to police officers in order to keep a child from her mother who has the lawful right tosee and parent her daughter.It is abundantly clear that Mila Malenko needs immediate protection. Domestic violence lethalityrisk scales and the wealth of information that we (and I assume DHHS) have on domesticviolence indicate that any sort of hostage taking is a high risk indicator for lethality. Moreover,this is emotionally abusive to Mila and no doubt has caused psychological harm to her. She hasnot seen her mother in over a month. How can a small child who loves her mother make senseof this? What is she being told?Neither DHHS nor Mr. Malenko have given a plausible reason for Mila to have 56ng per mL of l-meth in her urine. No child should have this amount in their urine and typical over the counterinhaler use does not explain this high level.The fraudulent production of an "official DHHS" dispositional letter that has been shown to thepolice must be investigated and prosecuted.The record of email exchanges, meetings and other exchanges between Mr. Waxman and any personnelat DHHS need to be preserved and kept in the case files. Dr. Handrahan should be given access to thecase files as is her right as a parent with shared legal custody.My organization has been approached by the BBC for a television production about child abuse inAmerica and how children are being failed by the very systems mandated to protect them. This caseunfortunately is a good example of how child protection services, through influence and apathy and poorinvestigative practices, has left a child in a home where she obviously at risk.I look forward to your reply.Sincerely yours,Eileen KingRegional DirectorJustice For Children - DC1875 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 710Washington, DC 20009202-462-4688 voice815-301-5516 faxwww.justiceforchildren.org