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My motion to court on march 2010


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My motion to court on march 2010

  1. 1. March 13, 2010Maine District Court205 Newbury Street-PO Box 412Portland ME 04112Attn: Carol Sarantakas Asst. ClerkDear Assistant Clerk Carol Saratakas;Please accept this letter and attached police reports as my request for Judicial Notice for JudgeBradley.I hope that when Judge Bradley is considering, via Judicial Notice, the Final Divorce Judgmentwritten by Judge Moskowitz, particularly the sections where Judge Moskowitz finds Mr.Malenko to be credible and me not to be, Judge Bradley will consider this against this recentPolice Report by the South Portland Police, where Mr. Malenko lies and lies, even in the face ofthe Police Officer telling Mr. Malenko they have him shoplifting, with Mila our three year olddaughter, on video tape.Sincerely,Lori HandrahanSorrento Maine