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  1. 1. Business Entity: Metrocinct & the Vincentian Subsequent to our initial meeting: October 5 th 2011 Present: Ms Richards, Mrs Elliott, Mr Daniel Subject: ICT, e business, Newspapers, & National e-content Competition ( Response to: Vincentian Newspaper site: Impact of on-line media Author: Rudi Daniel consulting technologist
  2. 2. News Industry & the Information Society “ A local news organization should acknowledge the passions running within its community. It sends a bad message by ignoring things.”
  3. 3. A 2007 survey Of American newspapers: Key findings Increase in the use of RSS feeds But no embedded ads in the RSS feeds used Video content increased: Mixture of Original content:AP streams:Local news outlet video At least one reporter blog with comments enabled 1/3 offered comments on articles Registration required for full access: 29% of newspapers: mostly unpaid 44% introduced bookmarking capability 49% offered pod casts Increase in User Generated content: Circulation data
  4. 4. Advertising Paul Ginocchio, a Deutsche Bank analyst: Print reader is worth $350/yr to a newspaper but only 10 to 15% of that as an online reader Therefore the task is to increase the Traffic to news sites, and lengthen the time spent on the site Another strategy is to cooperate with Google and Yahoo, By using these search engines' paid search and graphics based technology or purchasing keywords much like The Times of London does. Keyword mapping decides which URL shows up in the search results for certain keywords. Ex: OECS news The need is to improve newspaper ads to distinguish them from the free counterparts 264 USA newspapers have an agreement with Yahoo in selling advertisements Washington Post: 11% of the paper’s revenue comes from its website, near double the 2006 average of 6%, and 25 % of its readers use both the print and online versions on a regular basis
  5. 5. CITIZEN Journalists : In May 2007 alone, “there were 1,180 stories, 523 photographs, and 864 events submitted through GetPublished by 1,604 users. A local news organization should acknowledge the passions running within its community. It sends a bad message by ignoring things. REF: Steve Outing, “How Citizen Stringers Can Help you Hyper-Localize”,, July 2, 2007,
  6. 10. Wonkette , Gawker , and Endgadget , are beginning to give their readers the option of viewing RSS feeds in partial text with no ads or in full text with ads embedded. This is a great idea because the website wins in both circumstances
  7. 11. Shows the BBC 's site redesign to reflect the use of tablets and touchscreen devices. The Wall Street Journal's social News App which is currently free: courtesy of launch sponsor DELL. NEW YORK – Internet ad revenues rose 23.2 percent — to a record $14.9 billion — in the first half of 2011, according to figures released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC US). The rate of growth more than doubled year-over-year, as last year’s first-half ad revenues of $12.1 billion had represented an 11.3 percent increase over 2009. On The Horizon
  8. 12. Web-based circulars, similar to the ad inserts included in newspapers introduced by Google. Murdoch's Tablet Newspaper Experiment Shows Some Promise (October 3, 2011) All 21 Time Inc. Magazines To Have Tablet Editions By Year-End (August 3, 2011) You could consider jumping onto the Tablet revolution. On The Horizon cont'd Flipboard CEO: The future of the web will look more like print!
  9. 13. Mobile Access Patterns USA & UK
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  11. 15. Content and data Information society Knowledge Society Data>>Information>>Knowledge>>Wisdom .....Thank you