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Dinis Cruz (CV) - CISO and Transformation Agent v1.2


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Here is my CV (this format is much easier to consume than documents)

You can reach me on LinkedIn ( , twitter ( or email (

Created on 30 Oct 2019

Published in: Technology
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Dinis Cruz (CV) - CISO and Transformation Agent v1.2

  1. 1. @DinisCruz Dinis Cruz CISO and Transformation Agent 2019 CISO of the Year V1.2 - Nov 2019
  2. 2. @DinisCruz Rare combination of management experience with deep technical skills CISO Board Member Dir. Advanced Tech Project leader and main developer CTO Can code in: Python, C#, Coffeescript, Javascript, Bash, Java, Groovy, Go, C++, PHP, Ruby, Swift, SQL, Perl, Clipper, Assembly (m68k and x86), Delphi, Pascal and Basic
  3. 3. @DinisCruz Respected by peers and team members
  4. 4. @DinisCruz Innovate and Transform
  5. 5. @DinisCruz Mentor talent and Created diverse teams
  6. 6. @DinisCruz Strategy Risk Dashboards Create strong team Graph everything Modern CISO Services Driven
  7. 7. @DinisCruz Created OWASP Summit* event. Motivated 100+ Security professionals to collaborate together, and release knowledge/code under Open Source (or Creative Commons) * now called Open Security Summit
  8. 8. @DinisCruz Published Books
  9. 9. @DinisCruz Technical and strategic presentations
  10. 10. @DinisCruz Thinks in Graphs and Maps
  11. 11. @DinisCruz -identify-communicate-and-resolve-cyber-security-risks/ Video interviews and presentations
  12. 12. @DinisCruz LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Blog, Email