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TDM Profile

  1. 1. Solutions OverviewTrans Data Management
  2. 2. Who we are Ascom was well known for the original London Underground Passenger Help Point Systems installed back in 1990 TDM Ltd. was established in the UK in 2000, as a distributor for Ascom’s Infrastructure Operators Division In 2012 TDM Ltd. acquired Ascom’s InOps Division and TDM AG was formed. It is a private owned company with shareholders from UK and Switzerland TDM Group and Partners include: - TDM Ltd United Kingdom - TDM AG Switzerland - TDM LLC Abu Dhabi - Stimela Infrastructure Management Services South Africa - Integrated Wireless Australia
  3. 3. Business Introduction PUBLIC TRANSPORT ROAD Operational Telecom Station Management Emergency callGSM-RTETRAAnalogue
  4. 4. Customer Overview (1/2) SYSTEM NIS RAIL SYSTEM NIS ROAD
  6. 6. Product Platform NIS (communication voice / data)
  7. 7. Operational Telecom
  8. 8. Trackside Telecom
  9. 9. Station Telecom
  10. 10. Road Emergency Call Control of Connection to WAN/LAN CCTV-systems outside world Monitoring of Operator PSTN Emergency Exits Terminals (I/O contacts) Local telephone Monitoring of In technical room · Fire extinguisher · Fuses Management (via I/O contacts) Emergency Stationary callpoints callpoints · Autonomous (Solar panel) (VoIP) · Fibre Optic or · Copper cable · Remote power supplyTemporary or Stationarycallpoints· Autonomous (Solar panel)· Wireless (GSM) M GS 03 April 2013 Distributor Training - TDM AG 10
  11. 11. NIS Platform
  12. 12. NIS / FTS (Fixed Terminal Sub-System)
  13. 13. FTS for GSM-R FTS NSS EIRFixed-Terminals (Dispatcher) HLR VLR MSC FTS-Core IN BSC PABX TD BTS BTS BTSOther Telephony TD BSSSystem (Train-Describer)
  14. 14. NIS FTS NIS from TDM is a fully IP based FTS solution - FRS 7.3 and SRS 15.3 EIRENE compliant - MSC connection over ISDN E1 or *SIP (ETSI TS 103 389) Integration of different Sub-Systems - Support of Short Message Service for Railways (SMPP) - FTS-IN Service (interface to IN) to present the registered FN’s on the FTS / FN - FTS-TD-Service (interface to Train Control System); gives detailed train position to route incoming call more precisely (eLDA) -> integration of project specific adapters
  15. 15. FTS General Features Voice Call SMS Monitoring Call History Phonebook Listen Again Speed dialling for ISDN and FN Fully Meshed Network Configuration of the GUI via drag and drop
  16. 16. Technical Overview Eurotunnel (FR / UK)
  17. 17. Analogue/Digital Radio Gateway The MGV 4000 Gateway supports the following Radio-/ 4-Wire wire Interfaces and can be fitted with different type of interface cards ( up to 4 front-end boards) The Gateway can be configured flexibly and thus it enables the connection of most differing radio / 4-Wire systems with their particular protocols - 4-Wire E&M: Type I / Type II / Type III / Type / Type IV / Type V - TETRA PEI-Interface-Card; TMO (trunked mode) / DMO (direct mode)
  18. 18. MGC-204 (4-Wire E&M) 4-Wire E&M Interface - Supported E&M Interfaces: Type I / Type II / Type III / Type IV / Type V Special Types: FNI BS770 Type 12 / FNI BS770 Type 13 - Mixed operation: all interfaces are independent and can run in with different configuration - Isolated against ground: 1kV - Frequency: 50Hz – 7000 Hz - Level (emission / reception): 0 dB - Linearity: +/- .5 dB - Impedance (emission / reception): 600 Ω - Internal self testStatus available on: LED (per Interface)/SNMP / WEB-GUI
  19. 19. Public Address The interface between NIS and the PA Amps is based on audio WAN/LAN NIS ComNode signal and Zone selection VoIP VoIP Output. Announcement- The I/O Output allow to select Gateway N2 N19 N25 N2 N19 N25 State State the desired zones for each U- Interface U- Interface OUTPUT OUTPUT 0-100V/AC 0-100V/AC RS-232 RS-232 LAN LAN announcement coming from OAA MFP-IP OFA98-T1 OAA MFP-IP OFA98-T1 NIS. Zone selection Zone selection (IO-Output) (IO-Output) An announcement can be made Audio Signal Zone 1 to 3 Audio Zone 4 to 5 on several announcement Signal gateways simultaneously. Each LEGEND announcement gateway half PA-System rd 3 party can handle 2 announcements (Amps). WAN / LAN at a time. Zones 1 to 3 Zones 4 to 5
  20. 20. Telecontrol (I/O)The telecontrol functionality of the NISsupports the railway operator tomanage the Station infrastructure. Inputand output contacts (also referred to asI/O’s) can be controlled with NIS. Input contacts can be monitored and output contacts controlled. The controlled I/O’s can be displayed in graphical user interface of the SBG (system operating terminal) Different inputs and outputs can be defined with configured conditions as a I/O Object (e.g. door gate, elevator, etc.) NIS I’O Gateway or each SPS/Module 3rd party product with Modbus Interface can be used as I/O Interface device
  21. 21. CCTV Integration NIS is capable of controlling an external video system. Analogue and IP based video matrix and servers can be integrated Manual activation of cameras on monitors Controlling CCTV tracking cameras Monitoring sequences (define / start / stop) Automatic switching of the CCTV video image for a call 3rd party product Recording and merging video and voice
  22. 22. CTI InterfaceCSTA CTI integration “third-party interface” Management System controls communication over CTI Interface, incl. NIS I/O and alarm status For Voice communication the NIS CTI Application routes the calls to the defined standard telephone Operator Terminal EBG VoIP (voice / Management- data) System Ethernet CTI-Interface CSTA (XML)
  23. 23. SCADA IntegrationNIS systems can be coupled to higher level control systems using an OPCinterface. The data points to be transmitted are roughly summarised asfollows: System status Operator workstation states Call status Management- Customer-specific data points System (with OPC-Client) OPC-DA Optional: OPC-UA ComNode (1) NIS LAN/ WAN OPC-Server ComNode (2) XML NIS
  24. 24. Help Points / Trackside Telephones
  25. 25. Technologies RemotePowering (2-wire) Remote Powering (PoE) or local SolarPowering Solar or Local Powering or local
  26. 26. Family VICOS /DRANOS VICOS DRANOS VICOS CSL VICOS CSA VICOS CSS DRANOS DRANOS (Call Station Local) (Call Station (Call Station GSM GSM-R Autonomous) SHDSL) (WAM-GSX) (WAM-GSX)1 to 4 target buttons     Number of digital Inputs / Outputs 3/3 3/3 3/3 2/2 2/2Power Supply Local 48 VDC Local 48 VDC, Locale 48 VDC , Local 12-48 Local 12-48 PoE or solar Remote power VDC, VDC, panel supply or solar panel or solar panelConnection fiber optic   - n.a. n.a.Connection Ethernet RJ45    n.a. n.a.Connection 2-wire copper (SHDSL) - -  n.a. n.a.Integrated Switch IP  (with PoE PSE)  n.a. n.a.Network star topology    n.a. n.a.Repeater functionality (cascading) and ring   n.a. n.a.topologyOption VICOS CS (call point secondary as slave)    - -
  27. 27. GSM Electronic Power Options: Solar / PSU Dual SIM for redundancy Auxiliary inputs and outputs for external Alarms Periodic self- or remote diagnostic of components Remote configuration via SMS Reassurance messages (up to 12 languages) Tamper alarm Station announcements via enhanced loudspeaker output Induction Loop system References:- Various UK Rail Operators- Swiss Federal Road AuthorityWeb-based Monitoring Suite available
  28. 28. GSM-R ElectronicGSM-R EIRENE and ASCI Features eMLPP VGCS (CT50) VBS (CT51) Functional Numbers REC References:- Deutsche Bahn- Nederlandse Spoorwegen- Network Rail
  29. 29. Optical / Eth. /2-Wire Electronic Power Options: Solar / PSU Auxiliary inputs and outputs for external Alarms Periodic self- or remote diagnostic of components Remote configuration and software download Reassurance messages (up to 12 languages) Station announcements via enhanced loudspeaker output Induction Loop system Int. 2 layer switch (for connection of other HP or Cam etc.) Support DNS / DHCP Support of secondary call station Configuration via local WEB Server or over NIS Management System Using standard protocol: SIP/ http / SNMP / FTP References:- Railcorp- Deutsche Bahn
  30. 30. MECHANICAL DESIGN (PASSENGER CALL POINTS) Standard help point for UK market Standard call points Emergency Enhanced call point call points for roadsMultimedia / Interactive help point for UK market
  31. 31. MECHANICAL DESIGN(TRACKSIDE PHONES) Customised design Call point with with handset handsfree solar panel aluminium alloy die-cast body Phones with or without dial-pad
  32. 32. Reference Projects
  33. 33. Case StudiesCustomer Country Products/SystemsS-Bahn Hamburg Germany Station Management & CCTV Control(suburban train)AlpTransit Gotthard Tunnel Switzerland Voice Communication &Emergency Call & Public(longest railway tunnel worldwide, 57km) Address*BLS AG Switzerland Station Management & Passenger Information &(National Railway Operator) Operational Telecom with GSM-R*Federal Roads Authority (FEDRO) Switzerland Many Emergency Call projects (open road and tunnels)(Responsible for road infrastructure)Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel, 50km) France & UK Operational Telecom with GSM-R*SYTRAL (Métro Lyon) France Station Management in MetroSouthern Railway UK Station Management & CCTV Control(Local Train Operator)London Underground (tub) UK Passenger Help Point & CCTV Control(Underground railway / subway)ISR (Israel Railway) Israel Operational Telecom & Passenger Information(National Raiway Operator)) * Construction ongoing
  34. 34. Thank you for your timeDewald PretoriusSales Manager+ 44 (0) 7760 161 Data Management AGFreiburgstrasse 251,3018 Bern,