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Innovator cx brochure


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Innovator cx brochure

  1. 1. Innovator CXSolid State Transmitter
  2. 2. Innovator® CX Solid State Transmitter This advanced transmitter line uses our frequency agile exciter and LDMOS transistors for broadband operation across the entire operating band. This allows multi-station owners and networks to minimize spare parts stock, and also enables simple and inexpensive channel changes. The Innovator CX is available as a transmitter, translator/ transposer or low-delay echo-canceling gap-filler/repeater.Axcera’s Innovator CX series is a line of The platform supports most any current digital standard, including ATSC, ATSC Mobile DTV, DVB-T/T2/H/SH, feature rich, economical and compact ISDB-T/Tb, DAB, T-DMB, CMMB (STiMi), MediaFLO™ and VHF & UHF television transmitters and more. Remote monitoring and control is easily achieved through the available Web browser or SNMP interface. gap fillers that offer a high level of Like all Axcera products, the Innovator CX is manufactured performance and reliability. and supported by our world-class organization under strict ISO9001:2000 quality control.The Innovator CX is fully contained in a Flexible Design and Broad Power Range All aspects of the Innovator CX design, from frequency single 3RU chassis for power levels range to multi-standard compatibility, reflect Axcera’s long-term commitment to broadcasters worldwide. Theup to 125W UHF and 200W VHF, and can Innovator CX offers a wide range of modulator and receiverachieve up to 1800W ATSC, 1600W DVB options and power levels, making the Innovator CX perfect for use as a main transmitter, as a gap filler or translator, or and 3900W analog with additional for building very efficient single frequency networks (SFNs) using a common transmitter platform. The Innovator CX compact, higher-power amplifiers. allows broadcasters to lower both acquisition and operating costs, especially for multi-transmitter operators. To maximize reliability, the control system, exciter and low power amplifiers are completely contained in a single 3RU rack-mount chassis for most configurations. All high power amplifier stages use parallel transistors to ensure excellent availability. This simple design enhances reliability by reducing component parts count and minimizing harnessing and single point paths, resulting in high MTBF performance. At the same time, the simplicity of the design ensures easy installation and maintenance. For outdoor installations, the Innovator CX can be integrated into a self-contained, climate-controlled outdoor enclosure, including network management systems, satellite and synchronization receive equipment, IP input for interface
  3. 3. with landline backbone distribution, power conditioning, proven analog circuitry avoids the possibility of digitalbattery backup systems and security systems. artifacts in the picture and provides extremely reliable operation with unequaled stability, performance andExciter/Driver Chassis signal correction capability. The modulator processes and corrects the video input signal to ensure proper DC level, and then converts the video and audio signals to a combined, modulated IF output. Non-linear precorrection is applied to ensure excellent intermodulation performance, while linearThe Innovator CX exciter/driver chassis houses the predistortion corrects for frequency response and groupmodulator or receiver (configuration dependent), low-noise delay errors, resulting in an excellent output signal.upconverter, RF driver amplifier and system controller, allin a compact, 3RU rack-mount package. This allows the Boosters and Translators/Transposerssystem to be configured for analog or digital operation Analog and Digital Solutionsand as a transmitter, translator/transposer or gap-filler. For Multiple receiver options allow the Innovator CX to operatefull redundancy, a dual exciter option provides a second as an analog or digital translator or a digital on-channelexciter/driver/controller chassis with automatic switching repeater.that selects the backup exciter in the unlikely event of amain exciter failure. Digital receivers require a much lower signal-to-noise than analog, and most have the ability to recognize and rejectDigital Modulator multi-path interference. This allows the use of on-channelCompliant with Worldwide Standards boosters to fill coverage gaps and even to extend coverage.This versatile platform is available for most any broadcast The Innovator CX can be fitted with a very low delay echo-standard, including DVB-T/H, DVB-SH, CMMB (STiMi), cancelling (LDEC) receiver that simplifies digital boosterDAB, T-DMB, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC and ATSC Mobile DTV. implementation by canceling system feedback betweenIt can also be configured to support multiple standards, the transmit and receive antennas. This can reduce theallowing the user to select the desired waveform through isolation requirements of the booster system by as much asthe transmitter interface. 20dB in some cases. The LDEC repeater also applies non- linear precorrection to compensate for system distortions,Both linear and nonlinear precorrection is available to ensuring the best possible system performance.ensure optimal system performance. Optional adaptiveprecorrection is also available for most standards. For digital translator/transposer applications, the Innovator CX can be configured with a receiver-demodulator input.For single frequency network (SFN) operation, the SFN This receives the off-air UHF or VHF signal and demodulatesSupport option adds an SFN decoder to detect and it to a baseband bit stream. The bit stream then feeds theprocess the necessary synchronization and compensation Axcera digital modulator/exciter, providing a perfectlyinformation. All digital settings are stored in non-volatile regenerated and precorrected digital signal on the desiredmemory, ensuring that the system will return to normal output channel.operation following a power loss. For analog operation, the receiver accepts the off-air UHFAnalog Exciter-Modulator or VHF signal and downconverts it to the appropriateTime-Proven Reliability visual and aural IF for the given analog system. A surfaceFor analog operation, Axcera’s industry-standard analog acoustic wave (SAW) filter rejects adjacent channels andmodulator supports worldwide analog TV standards shapes the signal. Precorrection is applied and the signal isincluding systems M, B, G, D, K and more. The use of time- upconverted to the desired output channel frequency.
  4. 4. Dual-Cast Functionality configurations, allowing it to be used as a final amplifierAnalog to Digital at the Touch of a Button or as a linear driver for higher power amplifiers. The 3RUWith Axcera’s exclusive Dual-Cast option, the Innovator CX rackmount package serves as a complete transmitter foris configured with both digital and analog modulators, output powers up to 125W UHF or 200W VHF. As a linearalong with an integral switcher. This allows the input to driver, the amplifier module is configured to provide enoughbe switched between analog and digital operation at power to drive up to four Innovator CX higher powerthe touch of a button, both locally and by remote amplifier chassis.control. As a backup transmitter, Dual-Cast allows a singleInnovator CX broadband transmitter to simultaneously In all configurations, a dual-transistor LDMOS amplifierback up both a main analog and a main digital transmitter, provides excellent linearity, efficiency and reliability, whileeliminating the need for separate analog and digital providing a soft-failure mode to maximize on-air availability.standby transmitters. Dual-Cast allows the Innovator CX An automatic gain control (AGC) loop is also used to ensure a stable output signal “flash-cut” between analog and digital operation ondemand, at the touch of a button. Power Amplifier Chassis Efficient LDMOS TechnologyUpconverterLow Noise and Frequency AgileThe frequency-agile upconverter accepts the standard IFoutput of the analog or digital modulator and produceson-carrier RF for any UHF TV channel. The very lowphase noise synthesized oscillator is fully compliantwith international AC106 VALIDATE, as well as ATSC The Innovator CX is available with up to four high-recommendations. The proven frequency-agile dual- efficiency LDMOS power amplifier chassis for higher powerconversion technology requires no fixed channel filter in requirements. Each amplifier includes parallel RF pathsits signal path. This allows any channel to be selected and parallel power supplies for excellent on-air reliability.directly from the front panel display with no tuning or Thanks to high-density heat sinks and efficient air-cooling,hardware changes required, enabling a single broadband each PA chassis is capable of output powers reachingtransmitter to back up multiple channels. 1000W analog and 500W digital output power for VHF and UHF. Multiple power amplifier chassis can be combined forMultiple bandwidths are supported, ranging from 5 to power levels up to 3900W analog/1800W digital for UHF,8 MHz, depending upon the requirements of the selected with up to 3000W analog/digital for VHF.television standard. The system can be locked to an external10MHz reference for synchronization or precise frequencyoffset control. Non-volatile operation is achieved throughflash-RAM, which instantaneously stores all digital settingsfor the entire exciter-modulator system.Stability is enhanced with an automatic level control(ALC) loop, maintaining consistent performance overenvironmental variations. All high power amplifier stages use parallel transistors to ensure excellent availability. This simple design enhancesDriver Amplifier reliability by reducing component parts count andParallel Transistors minimizing harnessing and single point paths, resulting inThe power amplifier section of the exciter/driver is available high MTBF performance. At the same time, the simplicitywith several different LDMOS amplifier and power supply of the design eases installation and maintenance.
  5. 5. Reliability and availability are also the focus of the PA cooling For remote monitoring and control, any Innovator CXsystem design. Each PA uses two cooling fans, configured can be configured with a Web browser and SNMPto draw air from the front of the amplifier and “push” it communications through an Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface.through the heatsink. This maximizes fan life by ensuring The Web browser option allows real-time remote controlthat the fans remain in the cold-air path and operate at of the transmitter system from any Internet connection anda much lower temperature, compared with systems that a standard PC with a Web browser, such as Microsoft®“pull” heated air through the heatsink and through the fans. Internet Explorer. For continuous monitoring or accessThis also allows the fans to be easily and quickly replaced through a network operation center, the optional SNMPfrom the front of the amplifier while the unit is on the air. client provides the ability to communicate with higher-level network management systems that support simple networkControl & Monitoring management protocol (Get, Set and SNMP traps).Extensive Local and Remote System Diagnostics System Protection High Reliability To ensure that the Innovator CX Series products will provide reliable service in challenging environments, a high degree of protection is incorporated throughout the system. Overdrive, reflected/VSWR and over- temperature protection are all included within each power amplifier module, and RF shielded circuit enclosures help these products to operate free of interference, even in high RF environments.All transmitter control and monitoring functions areavailable at the exciter through front panel controls, LEDstatus indicators and an informational LCD display. The Reflected power is also handled at the system level withAxcera-designed in-circuit programmable system controller Axcera’s Intelligent VSWR Protection™ (IVP). IVP actuallyprovides a detailed look into the operation of the transmitter recognizes the cause of VSWR and reacts appropriatelysystem through a soft-key interface. Parameters such as in order to protect the entire transmission system whileforward and reflected power, transistor currents, power ensuring minimal loss of signal coverage. This uniquesupply voltages, module temperatures, system mode and feature determines whether the high VSWR is caused by amuch more can be viewed directly from the front of the catastrophic problem like a transmission line arc, or if it isexciter/driver. the result of a temporary problem such as antenna icing. Innovator CX Transmitter System Block Diagram
  6. 6. In the catastrophic case, a typical transmitter may continue to Universal Digital Modulatorproduce power, resulting in expensive antenna, transmission For worldwide digital standards, Axcera’s universalline or RF system repairs. But with Axcera’s IVP, the system COFDM modulator platform offers digital linear andis designed to quickly remove drive to the final amplifiers, nonlinear precorrection with optional adaptive mode for aavoiding further damage to the system components. For a high quality output signal. Supported standards includetemporary VSWR condition like antenna icing, the system DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-H, DVB-SH, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB,will remain on the air at a reduced power level, ensuring T-DMB, CMMB (STiMi), and more.minimal coverage loss during the VSWR condition. ±1kHz Frequency Stability StandardFeatures & Benefits No options are necessary for operation with a channelAgile Exciter & Broadband LDMOS Amplifier Modules offset, and the exciter can be locked to a precision sourceThe frequency agile exciter and broadband solid-state for precise frequency applications.amplifiers cover the entire operating band, minimizingspare parts stock and simplifying channel changes. Protection Circuitry We have built a high degree of protection into all of ourParallel Amplifiers & Power Supplies transmitters and exciter systems. Features such asPower levels from 500W analog/250W digital and higher Intelligent VSWR Protection™ and overtemperature andare available with parallel amplifier modules and power overdrive circuits protect the system from undesirablesupplies for excellent reliability. conditions. Additionally, RF shielded circuit enclosures help our products to operate free of interference even inATSC Digital Modulator high RF environments.Our fully ATSC compliant 8VSB modulators includeprogrammable digital equalization, with optional adaptive Remote Control Capabilityprecorrection, providing excellent SNR performance. Each Innovator CX includes an easily accessible interfaceSupport for advanced modes including Mobile DTV, designed to work with standard remote control systems, asDistributed Transmission and Bandwidth Enhancement well as available Web browser and SNMP interfaces.Technology is also available. Innovator CX Cabinet Configurations
  7. 7. Manufacturing & SupportThe Innovator CX transmitter is completely designed, built and factory tested in the USA by Axceraunder strict ISO9001:2000 control. This ensures the highest quality manufacturing practices andprovides parts and service availability in a very timely fashion, keeping you on the air.Axcera is serious about our commitment to ”Total Customer Happiness.” When you chooseour products and systems, you will also receive our relentless commitment to your overallsatisfaction. Our extensive RF capabilities and experience enable us to provide designand integration services and ongoing customer service and support that are unparalleledin the broadcast industry.Axcera offers complete RF coverage analysis, system design and integration, installation,project management and support services directly and through our global network of integrationand support partners. Our knowledgeable account managers and systems engineers will workwith you to ensure that you are provided with a solution that is optimal for your needs. Ourworld class integration, installation and support team is well recognized in the industry for itsexceptional customization capabilities and installation craftsmanship.Our industry-leading Customer Support Group is a team of experienced field servicetechnicians available 24/7. Our team is also available to travel to your site to quickly resolveany service issues. They are also available for routine maintenance, equipment installation,proof of performance testing and product training. Our professional support is available by phone 1-800-215-2614 (North America only) or +1 724-873-8100 or email: Axcera, we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to your totalhappiness with our products and services.
  8. 8. Axcera, LLC 1-800-215-2614 (North America) info@axcera.com103 Freedom Drive +1 724-873-8100 (International) www.axcera.comLawrence, Pennsylvania USA 15055 +1 724-873-8105 (Fax)Specifications published here are current as of the date of publication of this document. Because we are continuously improving our products, Axcera reserves the right to changespecifications without prior notice. At any time, you may verify product specifications by contacting our headquarters. Axcera views its patent portfolio as an important corporateasset and vigorously enforces its patents. Products or features contained herein may be covered by one or more U.S. or foreign patents.1003R4 © 2010 AXCERA All Rights Reserved An Equal Opportunity Employer Innovator CX