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Sorry that the videos aren't "in" this one, but the links are where they should be.

Also, another apology for the non-catchy title slide... I'm usually ok at these, but wasn't feeling anything for this one.

Can't upgrade to pro, since I'm still in school and money's tight.

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Cyber law present

  1. 1. Week 11:Social MediaUnderstanding Social Media and CyberLaw
  2. 2. Ashley Donnell
  3. 3. Peter “Deuce” Bradshaw
  4. 4. Recommended Reading Social Media & Litigation: Wendy K. Akbar, Evidence That Bytes: E-Discovery in the Age of Hidden Data, Clouds, Facebook, Twitter, and the Digital Family, Journal of Internet Law, July 2011. Kali N. Bracey & Kelly D. Gardner, Two-Faced? Ethical Implications of the Use of Facebook as a Discovery Tool in Litigation, 28 The Computer & Internet Lawyer, December 2011. Jason H. Casell, To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Juror Use of Electronic Communications and Social Net working Tools, Journal of Internet Law, November 2011. Michelle Sherman, The Anatomy of a Trial with Social Media and the Internet, Journal of Internet Law, May 2011. Joshua N. Azriel, Using Social Media as a Weapon to Harm Victims: Recent Court Cases Show a Need to Amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Journal of Internet Law, July 2011. Evan Brown, Internet Law in the Courts, Journal of Internet Law, January 2012. Facebook Settles FTC Charges Regarding Its Privacy Practices, 29 The Computer & Internet Lawyer, February 2012.
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  8. 8. I want tostart with a brief introduction to Twitter...
  9. 9. Twitter began as a“Micro-blogging” site in 2006
  10. 10. It limits usersto 140 Characters to express themselves
  11. 11. Users created alanguage to speak toeach other... Here are three Examples.
  12. 12. #Hashtag Noun or Phrasedesignating the topic of the Conversation
  13. 13. @At-ReplyA public replydirectly to one or more users
  14. 14. Retweet RT AmplificationAnother Person’sTweet, Similar toDirect Quatation
  15. 15. Ok... Now that we’ve got that done...
  16. 16. Use: #CLSeminar or Tweet to Me:@BradshawLawto discuss this topic
  17. 17. What types of Issues Arise in aDiscussion of Social Media and CyberLaw?
  18. 18. Information Branding and Advertising Free Speech Rights OverloadIntellectual Privacy Property SOCIALSocial Media MEDIA Regulation v. Innovation Policies New Media Juries v. Professional Old Media Responsibility
  19. 19. Social Mediaand the Courts
  20. 20. Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, evidence inEvidence a trial must be “Reliable and Relevant”
  21. 21. Judges have to be careful in what they post onThe Courts Social Media and who they’re interacting with
  22. 22. Social Media is particularlyimportant in thecontext of Jurors
  23. 23. In Florida, JurorPanels are typically 6 or 12 members
  24. 24. These jurors must be“fair and impartial”
  25. 25. Social Media canunfairly taint a jurors’ ability to be “fair and impartial”
  26. 26. From the moment a potential juror gets asummons, there are a variety of issues that can arise
  27. 27. Sequestration Non-Disclosure Requests for Help
  28. 28. Does SocialMedia threaten jury trials?
  29. 29. Social Media& ProfessionalResponsibility
  30. 30. Social Media and Professional Responsibility
  31. 31. It’s easy to be over whelmed by thevariety of issues that can (and do) arise
  32. 32. Issues arise notonly for lawyers, but also for the typical user
  33. 33. Copyright
  34. 34. Copyright begins atthe moment an idea is fixed in a tangible medium
  35. 35. That doesn’t changeeven when the medium isn’t quite tangible --rather when it’s digital
  36. 36. Owners have EXCLUSIVE rights to distribute,display and perform their works While the rightsremain the same...
  37. 37. Owners have EXCLUSIVE rights to distribute,display and perform their works While the rightsremain the same...
  38. 38. TheEXPECTATIONSof Internet Users have changed
  39. 39. Showcase InteractDrive Traffic Goods with Buyers
  40. 40. So... this frames afew issues that webrought up earlier...
  41. 41. Regulation v.Innovation
  42. 42. People v.Processes
  43. 43. Branding &Intellectual Property
  44. 44. We’ve talked about users generally, butwhat about companies?
  45. 45. Social Media Policies
  46. 46. What we’rereally talkingabout here is BUSINESS...
  47. 47. ...and how employee (or even employer) behavior on the web affects BUSINESS
  48. 48. There is noone-size fits all SoMe Policy
  49. 49. Next Wave with GaryVideo Vaynerchuk: You Fib, You Fail http:/ - May 04, 2011 - /
  50. 50. SoMe Policieshave a variety of goals
  51. 51. }Embrace Human Values Create Brand Value Engage Users Respect DissentMindful of Company & Consumer Culture
  52. 52. } Protect the Brand Clear Penalties for Misconduct Clear Objectives Control the Conversation Make Money
  53. 53. Pro te c t t h e Br a n d C le a r Pe n a lt ie s f o r C le a r Obje } c t i ve s C o n t ro l t h eC o n ve rs at io n M a k e Mo ne yBalancing Act Em b rac e H u man C re a te Br a n d V a lue Eng age Us e r s Re s p e c t D is se n t Mi ndf ul o f Co mp any
  54. 54. While THE BUSINESS is always the mostimportant aspect, we have to remember that “people do business with people that they like”
  55. 55. Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social MediaVideo Principles to CNN http:/ - May 16, 2009 - /
  56. 56. Behind the Brand--Gary Vaynerchuk:Video Why the people in the middle are in trouble - June 10, 2011 - v=i1pLRSKETaU&feature=related
  57. 57. Behind the Brand-- Gary Vaynerchuk: Why mediaVideo mix matters - June 10, 2011 - http:/ / v=OxmkQiG82z8&feature=related
  58. 58. So, it seems that Social Media hasn’traised NEW issues, but rather it’s become a connecting point for all of these issues
  59. 59. Information Branding and Advertising Free Speech Rights OverloadIntellectual Privacy Property SOCIALSocial Media MEDIA Regulation v. Innovation Policies New Media Juries v. Professional Old Media Responsibility
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