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DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS Macca masjid<br />MANADAL: Bahadurpura-II                Date:18-9-2010<br />ACTIVITY: st...
Yousuf    5th class
Sohail     5th class
Nayeem 5th class
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Ind eng-184-doc

  1. 1. DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS Macca masjid<br />MANADAL: Bahadurpura-II Date:18-9-2010<br />ACTIVITY: stop child labour<br />AREA: Charminar<br />Designed by: The children in GPS Macca masjid.<br /><ul><li>Ateeqe 5th class
  2. 2. Yousuf 5th class
  3. 3. Sohail 5th class
  4. 4. Nayeem 5th class
  5. 5. Md Khan 5th class</li></ul>FEEL: The children in Gps Macca Masjid felt child labour is a huge problem it should be stop child labour and bring back to them in school. In the child hood childrren must be in school. It is there in right to education every child who has the age of (6-14) years must be in school. But few parents beacuse of their finanacial problem they send their children for different work and some parents are greedy. Children who work they can not concentrate on study as they spent most of the time in work they are very sad because they are very scolded and cruly treated in these age they want to live in freedom. But they are bounded.<br />IMAGINE:- They decided to conduct railies and bring the working children back to school.<br />DO:- The children of Gps Macca Masjid conducted railies they write slogans on banners. They went to those places where the children are working and motivated them for coming to school. They talk with working children about the impotance of education. Education is light and illitracy is darkness. So they bring working children back to school. Working children felt very happy.<br />SHARE:- They shared with other children and community to stop child labour and they requested community not to send their children for work and also requested to shop owners. They discuss with commnity that today’s child is tomorrow’s good citizen. They felt very happy after sharing all these.<br /> <br /> DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS MACCA MASJID<br />MANADAL: Bahadurpura-II Date:15-09-2010<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Half in school and half in work<br /> <br /> Children conducting raillies.<br /> <br />Here is coming who is work in shop.<br /> <br /> Sharing with community and children.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />