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Interview webinar


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Created for this webinar includes guest speaker Laurie Huspen of Valuable Resources Company. We discussed the how-to's of being successful during interviews including the Top 10 Questions to Answer and Top 10 Questions to Ask. To see the recording go to

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Interview webinar

  1. 1. InterviewsYour resume made it through, now its your turn!
  2. 2. Interview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews2Your GuidesNatasha Telger Chelsea Jones DeTonia Gooden Lacey PollockDee ReinhardtPresident of Time2Mrkt Inc. - A socialmedia strategist, Dee helpssolopreneurs and small businessoptimize their digital presence.Dee Reinhardt began her marketing andsocial media journey with a local workforceagency. In 2011, she began her consultingbusiness, and has been teaching,coaching, implementing and maintainingever since.Always looking for new ways to advance anorganizations marketing efforts, whensocial media came into the arena, Deejumped on the challenge of learning all ofthe aspects and became certified in 2010.www.illinoisworknet.comwww.time2mrkt.comLaurie HuspenPresident - Valuable Resources, Co.A successful entrepreneur, author of “Unveiled”, speaker, universityinstructor, and board member for Stroke Survivors Empowering EachOther (SSEEO).Laurie holds a Masters degree in HR Management and trained in SixSigma. Being personally affected by adverse HR policies, shebecame an advocate of companies and employee rights andestablished VRC in 2003 and published, “Unveiled” in 2010.She has over 15 years of experience in human resources, withexpertise in employee retention, strategic planning and execution ofthe HR foundation for growing businesses. Her specialty is workingon-site with clients. It allows full understanding of their needs to helpinfluence strategies to increase a return on their investment.
  3. 3. Interviews 2013 vs. 2003Interview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews3
  4. 4. Types• Behavioral• Subjective• ObjectiveInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews4
  5. 5. Venues• Phone• Video• Face-to-face• Group• PresentationInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews5
  6. 6. PhoneInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews6
  7. 7. VideoInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews7
  8. 8. Face-to-FaceInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews8
  9. 9. GroupInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews9
  10. 10. Top 10 to AnswerInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews10
  11. 11. Top 10 to AskInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews11
  12. 12. Don’t Even Think of AskingInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews12
  13. 13. Key Take-Aways• K• K• U• CInterview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews13
  14. 14. Thank You for Attending• Watch for the post of this webinar on••• Watch for information on our upcoming webinarson our social media links:Interview Webinar - Join us on Twitter at #ILworkNet or#interviews14