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Stage Three Services for Jobseekers


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Stage Three is a service I offer my clientele who are simply not able to get through the technology or digital jungle for applying their resumes to resume databases online, or simply don't have the time or incentive to plow through all the different job boards for which they are unfamiliar. I take the work off their shoulders, upload their newly rewritten resume to no less than 10 USA-based job boards and post the resumes to LinkedIn, their own WordPress website, push the resumes out to multiple headhunters, and other vital job search tasks - so they don't have to...

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Stage Three Services for Jobseekers

  1. 1. What is STAGE THREE? For Job & New Career SeekersResume Writing, Coaching,and Career Search Services D. Boyer Consulting Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D.(ABD)
  2. 2. STAGE THREE (continued) Stage three helps job seekers who: aren’t computer or Internet savvy have difficulty uploading resumes, submitting applications, or getting data plugged in, or  just can’t complete applications fast enough due to a slow computer, typing skills, or even spotty Internet access
  3. 3. STAGE THREE (continued) Stage three helps a job seeker that needs to find a new job quickly (contract is coming to a close) or have recently lost their job (source of income is vital). Stage three performs the multiple steps to get a speedy start to the job search process.The GOAL: To get your resume in front of hundreds of eyeballs quickly, especially within a specific or unique industry
  4. 4. STAGE THREE (continued) Stage three helps a job seeker get up to speed on LinkedIn with profile enrichment Stage three gets a LinkedIn profile as close to 100% as possible – and exponentially increases visibility to recruiters who start their search in LinkedIn…
  5. 5. STAGE THREE (continued) Stage three creates website presence for a job seeker’s resume for recruiter’s Open Web Boolean searches for key skill words Performing a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search using specific key words, terms, or phrases will exponentially increase the ‘capture’ of YOUR resume in the query results
  6. 6. STAGE THREE (continued) Create a Gmail address specifically for recruiters to contact vs. personal email account to reduce spam to personal email Build and/or enhance LinkedIn profile using new resume; enriching SEO key words/terms, link groups to profile, ensure profile at 100% completion, including skills sets for endorsements Create Twitter account (linked to LinkedIn account)
  7. 7. STAGE THREE (continued) Build and/or enhance a ‘Resume Blog’ for visibility and SEO key words for Internet Boolean queries from recruiters Adds the resume to D. Boyer Consulting website as a ‘resume du jour’ for recruiters to review and consider (increased SEO) Push resume directly to 5-100+ recruiters / headhunters targeting specific key skills sets and job seekers (consultant’s business associates)
  8. 8. STAGE THREE (continued) Posts resume to and, plus eight (8) other maximum exposure websites (no less than 10 total; but could up to as many as 13-20) Create QR (2) codes for business cards for job search – one for WordPress Resume Blog and one for your LinkedIn account Add resume to Pinterest bulletin board for additional (SEO) key word recognition
  9. 9. STAGE THREE (continued)INVESTMENT RESULTS: Cheat Sheet for the job searcher – including up to 50 major job boards, social media websites to consider adding to network, which includes established User Names (and/or aliases) and Passwords for targeted social media platforms Massive exposure to national and international recruiters with licenses to search the biggest job search engines in the world (Monster / CareerBuilder / Indeed)
  10. 10. STAGE THREE (continued)INVESTMENT RESULTS: Increased SEO exposure on the Internet for recruiters and headhunters using Boolean searches in general queries Increased exposure to recruiters using the 2nd and 3rd tier resume boards, as well as search capability for recruiters using LinkedIn as their primary recruiting tool Tech-based tools to increase visibility for those with mobile devices (QR codes)
  11. 11. STAGE THREE (continued)This enables you, the job seeker, to get a leg up on the competition – ‘other job seekers’ who want that job for which you are the best-qualified candidate.
  13. 13. STAGE THREE (continued) You only pay for each Stage as you can afford. You can:1) Pay via PayPal for the stage(s) you wish (account is email address: Mail a check (made out to ‘Dawn Boyer’) via the US Post Office for the stage(s) you wish to purchase to Office Address is: 5428 Whitehurst Arch, Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5337THEN3) Email me your resume: Im looking for the long version so I can get a better feel for your past employment, history of achievements, etc. On average: Stage 1 is completed within 1-3 days, Stage 2 within 2 - 5 days, and Stage 3 can take up to a week and a half. These are average time ranges, but the number of customers in the queue can push the completion time back a few hours or a day or so. You can move up to the top of the queue if you wish to pay a extra for 24-hour turnaround (an additional $70.00 each for Stage I or II; or an additional $200 for Stage III).