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  1. 1. David Wolf
  2. 2. Sophmore at Sandwich High School
  3. 3. Family Brother Andrew (Abe) Sister Lauren Always support my decisions
  4. 4. Friends My friends influence my life Very supportive
  5. 5. Basketball Played almost all my life Love to play Sandwich Rec Basketball Forestdale 7 th Grade Basketball Team Forestdale 8 th Grade School Basketball Team Play for fun with friends
  6. 6. Biking Learned to ride a bike when I was 5 Ride my bike everywhere Relieves Stress
  7. 7. Fishing Been Fishing Since I was 10 Love to go fishing with friends and family Fish in Salt Water and Fresh Water Fun and Relaxing
  8. 8. Music Like all genres Prefer Hip hop, or rock and roll Like going to concerts Want to learn to play guitar
  9. 9. After High School Plan to Attend Four year College Plan to do some traveling Plan to get a good, high paying job
  10. 10. Finance Possible Future Career Strong Math Student Father and grandfather graduated with a finance degree Favorite Subject
  11. 11. Anesthesiology Like the work they do Strong Interest In Medicine
  12. 12. Travel Always Wanted to Travel Plan on traveling after High School Want To visit a lot of Europe Germany Italy France England Australia Russia