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DataXDay - Deep learning for vision into the wild


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Beyond the AI hype, significant new possibilities in the world of computer vision have arisen in the last few years. However, deploying computer vision solutions still requires expert vision knowledge, business understanding, solid engineering and smart processes. I’ll expose the challenges of computer vision applied to a vertical domain such as fashion, and how we solved them at Heuritech.

Charles Ollion - Heuritech

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DataXDay - Deep learning for vision into the wild

  1. 1. @DataXDay Deep Vision - into the Wild 17/05/2018 Charles Ollion, CoFounder at Heuritech
  2. 2. @DataXDay Background: Télécom, PhD in Machine Learning At Université Pierre et Marie Curie Today: Lecturer in Deep Learning at Master Datascience Ecole Polytecnnique, EPITA WHO AM I? @charlesollion Co-Founder of Heuritech, Head of Research
  3. 3. @DataXDay HEURITECH 28 people 3 Devops Engineers Deep Learning based company, Text & image recognition Focus: Trends spotting and analysis for Fashion and Beauty 4 backend Engineers 7 PhDs + 1 PhD Candidate 9 People in R&D Team
  4. 4. @DataXDay GENERIC API FROM SCRATCH Let’s build an AI vision system...
  5. 5. @DataXDay Let’s build an AI vision system...
  6. 6. @DataXDay DEEP LEARNING FOR IMAGE CLASSIFICATION Simonyan, K., and Zisserman A. "Very deep convolutional networks for large-scale image recognition." 2014
  12. 12. TRANSFERRING KNOWLEDGE New Layers Transfer task New Classes New Layers Localisation / Segmentation Bounding boxes / Masks @DataXDay
  13. 13. Mask R-CNN, K He, G Gkioxari, P Dollár, R Girshick, ICCV 2017 Image Class Bounding box INPUT OUTPUTS Segmentation masks SEGMENTATION OF OBJECTS @DataXDay
  14. 14. Mask R-CNN, K He, G Gkioxari, P Dollár, R Girshick, ICCV 2017 SEGMENTATION OF OBJECTS @DataXDay
  15. 15. @DataXDay GENERIC API FROM SCRATCH Let’s build an AI vision system...
  16. 16. @DataXDay QUIZ: WHICH ONE IS HARD? In: Traffic Sign dataset Out: > 40 classes In: Retina Images Out: 2 classes In: Instagram Out: Bag detection In: Shoe Photo Out: shoe model (~500)
  17. 17. @DataXDay DEEP LEARNING IN THE WILD ● Very broad diversity of images ● Plenty of classes ● Broad definition of each class ● Very different scales, shapes
  18. 18. @DataXDay GENERIC API FROM SCRATCH SPECIFIC SERVICE Let’s build an AI vision system...
  19. 19. @DataXDay FASHION: VERY DIVERSE IMAGES Source: Tamara L. Berg
  20. 20. @DataXDay HEURITECH IMAGE PIPELINE Color Identification Classification Clothes Detection Stripes, Floral... Style Attributes Patterns Context Identification Segmentation Handbag, Luggage by Céline Zip, Pocket... Casual, Party... Beige Black... Human, Street...
  21. 21. @DataXDay Our AI technology, well-trained by experts, has reached brand new levels of performance, precise enough to grasp the details of fashion & luxury products IMAGE ANALYSIS AT HEURITECH
  22. 22. Thanks to our sponsors Stay tuned by following @DataXDay charlesollion