Ludology presentation propaganda


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Ludology presentation propaganda

  1. 1. Propaganda!
  2. 2. Propaganda• A board game based on the 2011 Irish presidential campaign.• 2-6 players can play, each player playing as one of the 6 candidates.• Micheal D Higgins, Sean Gallagher, Martin Mc Guinness, Gay Mitchell, David Norris, Dana.• Requirements- board, dice, propaganda cards, player avatars, players.
  3. 3. Rules• The game is an amalgamation of monopoly, snakes and ladders as well as a general knowledge quiz.• 100 squares on the board. Every square has a question with a difficulty of 1-3 stars.• 1- easy 2-medium 3-hard• A vote is awarded for every star earned.• The winner is the first person to reach the 100th square, Aras an Uachtarain with the most votes.
  4. 4. Brief explanation• Most squares offer a question.• Some offer ‘propaganda’ cards. These cards are based on real life types of propaganda.• Some are press squares. Depending on either getting good or bad press you can go further or behind your current place.
  5. 5. Propaganda cards• 1-Ad Hominem- choose a player to lose votes, roll to decide the number of votes lost.• 2-Ad Nauseum-the card picker chooses a category, e.g “American states” all layers except the card picker must name an american state going clockwise in the game circle. The first to not be able to choose one loses 3 votes.• 3-Bandwagon-choose yourself and one other person to recieve 2 points each• 4-Black and White fallacy-“ all or nothing” pick another player to roll the dice against. Whoever gets the lower roll must forfeit all his/her votes to the winner of the roll.
  6. 6. Propaganda Cards• 6-Scapegoat- the holde keeps the scapegoat card ( a la a get out of jail free card) and chooses to defer a loss of votes to another player at a given time.• 7-Transfer- pick any two players to swap points.• 8-Straw Man- others players are told either a lie or truth about the number of votes the card picker has from the card picker. If the card picker lies successfully he wins 5 votes.• 9-Quotes out of context- a card has a quote with blanks, if the player can fill in the correct words he wins 5 votes.
  7. 7. 1 star questions• Where in Ireland is Dublin city? a) On the South Coast. B ) On the East Coast. c) On the West Coast . d) On the North Coast.• 2) The main street in Dublin city is called ; a) Connolly Street. B) OConnell Street.C) Spire Street.• 3) The Dublin Millennium Spire was built in ...a) 2000b) 2001 c) 2002d) 2003• 4) The Daniel OConnell monument has four of these.a) Lamps.b) Lions.c) Angels.• 5) Nelsons Pillar monument - which the Dublin Spire replaced, was blown up in what year?a) 1916 b) 1922c) 1960d) 1966• 6) Which beer is Dublin famous for?a) Heinekenb) Murphysc) Guinness
  8. 8. 3 star questions• 7) Three of these people were born in Dublin, Which is the odd one out?a) U2s Bonob) The Duke of Wellington c) Bram Stoker d) Patrick Kavenagh• 8) The author of Gullivers Travels, Jonathan Swift, was Dean of this Dublin Cathedral.a) Christchurch Cathedralb) Saint Patricks Cathedral.• 9) The memorial bust of Michael Collins, the Irish politician & War of Independence leader, is in which Dublin park?a) The Garden of Rememberance.b) MerrionSquare.c) National War Memorial Gardens.• 10) The motto on Dublin Citys antique coat of arms says; Happy is the City ...a) Where Taxes are Paid!b) Where Citizens Obey!c) Where Industry Thrives!• 11) A new bridge over the River liffey was opened in December 2009, named after a famous Irish author is it the a) James Joyce Bridge. b) Samuel Beckett bridge. c) William B. Yates bridge.d) Patrick Kavenagh Bridge .