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Inferno quiz

  1. 1. Inferno Sports Quiz 2013
  2. 2. Made by: • Alumni Association • The Dashman
  3. 3. Rules and General Ideas • Jeopardy Format:- • Grid of 8 topics and 6 questions each with Infinite pounce • Can only ask for a question of a certain level if the team has answered a question from the immediately previous and/or the current level or if all other questions in previous levels have been exhausted • Level 1 & 2: +10/-5 on the pounce • Level 3 & 4: +20/-10 on the pounce • Level 5 & 6: +30/-15 on the pounce • All bounce answers fetch the same number of points if answered correctly as they would have on the pounce and no negatives on bounce answers • Order reversal after 24 questions
  4. 4. • 1 2 3 4 5 6Commonwealth • 1 2 3 4 5 6Catgut • 1 2 3 4 5 6Cleopatras • 1 2 3 4 5 6Off the Field • 1 2 3 4 5 6Old School • 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tapes and Chequers • 1 2 3 4 5 69G6S11B • 1 2 3 4 5 6 Play-offs and Overtimes
  5. 5. Dummy Slide
  6. 6. 1• The kit has gone through many different combinations over the years (Current format being shown in the adj. pic) • Its current form takes its shape among all the different arrangements to avoid clashes with the strips of its major opponents • Incorporates a colour from each of its elements • Only ‘home-game’ ended in a draw. Id.
  7. 7. Answer • British and Irish Lions • Grid
  8. 8. 2• First played officially in 1927 after some ‘unofficial’ tournaments before the start of the British opens, the tournament soon tilted in favour of one of the competing nations after World War II • However, after the emergence and triumphs at the world cups of Seve Ballesteros, Manuel Pinero and Antonio Garrido, a decision was taken to ‘change’ the competing teams for this tournament • Id. The tournament and what changes
  9. 9. Answer • The Ryder Cup, instead of just Great Britain and Ireland, golfers from entire Europe began to compete against the US teams • Grid
  10. 10. 3. • X, also called the “Black Bradman”, has an impressive batting average, 3rd highest ever after Don Bradman and Graeme Pollock • Was the first black player to captain WI in a test match, although never for a full series • Son played tests for WI and grandson represented England in a few as well • Id.
  11. 11. Answer • George Headley • Grid
  12. 12. 4. • Ze Germans !!! • Id. The occasion
  13. 13. Answer • Britain’s Olympic Field Hockey Gold at 1988 Seoul • Grid
  14. 14. 5. • The team was founded by senior members of the FA to build a squad capable of challenging the Scottish national team who were beating the English consistently in the 1880s • Dedicated to only play friendly games and tied to amateur ethics, it never competed in the Football League or the FA cup until much later • Contributed many talented players to the England national team including a certain C.B Fry • It is said that Madrid initially wore white shirts and black shorts influenced by this team and the team have also inflicted the heaviest defeat on United in its history • Id. The club
  15. 15. Answer • Corinthians FC • Grid
  16. 16. 6. • X played only 6 tests in his full career and the only reason to remember him is debut performance against England with figures of 16/137, which was bettered by Narendra Hirwani 16 years later • However, after this heroic performance in the ‘72 series, he only played two more tests against Pakistan and retired afterwards
  17. 17. Answer • Bob Massie • Grid
  18. 18. 1. • Apart from a contrast of styles with X’s baseline play and Y’s serve- and-volley game, there was also the contrast in both of their characters • The fourth-set tiebreak went to 34 points. Though X closed the game out, he claimed later that there was a point when he felt he could lose and that prompted him to consider retirement a few years later
  19. 19. Answer • Borg-Mcenroe : 1980 Wimbledon Final • Grid
  20. 20. 2. • Year 1977, the 100th Championships: Queen Elizabeth in attendance. • Y stepped up to the occasion and completed a remarkable win after having already beaten Chris Evert in the semis and received the trophy from the Queen • What and how has this event been overlooked in recent times ?
  21. 21. Answer • Virginia Wade, last British player to win Wimbledon before Murray. Often overlooked as people refer to Fred Perry • Grid
  22. 22. 3.
  23. 23. Answer • George Thomas, Betty Uber, Sudirman • Davis, Wrightman – Wright Man Cup was the inspiration for Fed Cup and Hopman • Grid
  24. 24. 4. • Icon player of Mumbai Masters team, he is currently ranked world number one. As a singles player, X was ranked first worldwide for 199 consecutive weeks from 21 August 2008 to 14 June 2012. However, over this period he has failed to win Olympics, Asian Games and World Championship singles titles losing out to his nemesis Lin Dan finishing up with 5 silver medals in these events put together. • Id
  25. 25. Answer • Lee Chong Wei • Grid
  26. 26. 5. • One of the main weapons to have to get out of literally tight corners in squash is the ___ shot • Involves hitting the side wall or the back wall first and then taking the play from a difficult and tricky angle to a relatively safer zone for the player • The name of the shot comes from how the shot was played in the initial days, when normally players would hit the front wall. However, some might have soon got ______(adj.) or cheeky and tried this shot, which led to this shot being called the _____
  27. 27. Answer • The Boast • Grid
  28. 28. 6. • Slim and tall, he had a commanding serve and was the first player to use a backhand shot to attack • Growing up in California, he had difficulty in adapting his game to the grass courts after playing all his life at the hard courts • Was the first person to win the Grand Slam in ‘38, a feat somewhat overlooked now • However, his most famous victory came against nazi Germany’s Gottfried von Cramm in the Davis Cup
  29. 29. Answer • Don Budge • Grid
  30. 30. 1. • She has a height of 6’ 1” and her feet are 13 size. A ‘teen sensation’, she has broken the WRs of 200m backstroke and the 4X100 m medley • Winner of 4 Gold medals at the London games and 6 at the recently concluded World Chamiponships
  31. 31. Answer • Missy Franklin • Grid
  32. 32. 2. • Since both athletes are from the same country, one can explain how the two played each other 80 times, way more than any other rivalries in the Open Era • Although, the final tally is 43-37, the figures for grand slam wins is much different and stands at 10-4 • The two remain great friends even today. Id the famous female rivals
  33. 33. Answer • Navratilllova-Evert • Grid
  34. 34. 3. • Casey Thomas Jennings (born July 10, 1975) is an American beach volleyball player. • Matthew Aaron Treanor (born March 3, 1976) is an American professional baseball catcher. He played for the Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. • Though not famous themselves, these two lend their names to one of the most famous sports pair of 21st century. Which pair?
  35. 35. Answer • Three times Olympics gold medal winning team of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings • Grid
  36. 36. 4. • X is an American World Cup alpine ski racer who competed with the United States Ski Team. She has won four overall World Cup championships – one of only two female skiers to do so, along with Annemarie Moser-Pröll. She won the gold medal in downhill at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the first ever in the event for an American woman. • X received the Laureus World Sports Awards Sportswoman of the Year for 2010. • She shot to international media attention this March for a non-sporting reason. • Id her and what was the off the field reason for grabbing media attention
  37. 37. Answer • Lindsey Vonn, dating Tiger Woods • Grid
  38. 38. 5.• Only one of 3 swimmers to win their individual events in 3 successive olympics- in her case the 100m freestyle at the ‘56, ’60 and the ‘64 games • During the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, X angered swimming team sponsors and the Australian Swimming Union (ASU) by marching in the opening ceremony against their wishes, and wearing an older swimming costume in competition because it was more comfortable than the one supplied by the sponsors. She was accused of stealing an Olympic flag from a flagpole outside Emperor Hirohito's palace from the Kōkyo. She was arrested but released without charge. In the end she was given the flag as a souvenir
  39. 39. Answer • Dawn Marie • Grid
  40. 40. 6. • Among men, this has been done by Bobby Jones in 1930, Ben Hogan in 1953 and Tiger Woods in 2000. Among women, this had been achieved by Babe Zaharias in 1950, Mickey Wright in 1961 and Pat Bradley in 1986. South Korean national, Inbee Park accomplished this feat this year. What are we talking about ?
  41. 41. Answer • Winning 3 Majors in a year • Grid
  42. 42. 1. • Carmine "Mino" Raiola is the agent of Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Italian striker Mario Balotelli and his accountancy firm’s name X Tax and Legal has been inspired by pop culture. Id X.
  43. 43. Answer • Maguire from Jerry Maguire • Grid
  44. 44. 2. • Connect.
  45. 45. Answer • Streaking Incident when a male streaker came onto the courts at Wimbledon 2000 having the same line written on his chest • Grid
  46. 46. 3. • On June 10th, 2005, the Spanish government approved Royal Decree 687/2005 implementing the Personal Income Tax regulations in relation to article 9.5 of the Spanish PIT Law. The law regulates the procedure that applies to the new Spanish tax regime for expatriates in force since January 1, 2004. • The change of legislation allows an individual who has relocated from another country to Spain the choice of being taxed as a Spanish resident or as a non-Spanish resident. The choice applies in the year of arrival in Spain and continues for the following five years. By electing to be non resident, an individual can limit their liabilities to Spanish taxation to apply to Spanish income and assets only and hence exclude their worldwide income and assets. Thus under the Spanish Non-Resident Income Tax rules they may avoid tax on their worldwide income for a period of up to six tax years provided certain conditions are met. • After footballer X became one of the first persons to take advantage of it, it has been popularly known as X law. Id X.
  47. 47. Answer • David Beckham • Grid
  48. 48. 4. • This is the Australian Sports Minister Kate Lundy rowing 1km along the Dorney Lake, 2012 London Olympics venue. Give funda behind the event.
  49. 49. Answer • She had a wager with her British counterpart that Australia would finish higher than Britain on 2012 Olympics medal tally • Grid
  50. 50. 5. • From 1928 till 1945, this club was forced to change its name and merge with another club since its ideas of creation conflicted with the ideologies of the ruling regime • Hence, during this period the distinctive colours of the club were replaced by a white kit with a red cross on the shirts • Explain. Which club and why all this jhamela
  51. 51. Answer • Inter and Fascism • Grid
  52. 52. 6. • Bob Anderson represented Great Britain at the Helsinki 1952 Summer Olympic Games, and the World Championships in 1950 and 1953 in the sabre event. He finished tied for fifth in the team sabre event at Helsinki in 1952. • ______ won the British heavyweight weightlifting championship in 1962 and the following two years. He represented England in the weightlifting event at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Perth, Western Australia. • Which movie character connects these two sportsmen?
  53. 53. Answer • Darth Vader. Prowse played the role of Darth Vader and Anderson appeared as a body double for Darth Vader’s light Sabre battles. • Grid
  54. 54. 1. • The term ‘Wimbledon Effect’ has been applied to the success of the London Stock Exchange, which is full of foreign companies • Also applied to the world of sumo wrestling, its an allusion to something strange and distinct about all these cases • Especially in the world of Sumo, since after 1998, no ____ has ever been made ______ • Fill blanks, funda would do
  55. 55. Answer • No Japanese have been made a Yokozuna • Grid
  56. 56. 2. Last Man standing • Massing, who played professionally for, among others, France's US Créteil-Lusitanos (1987– 91), was picked up for Cameroon's squad for the 1990 FIFA World Cup • Picked up his first yellow there when he fouled Maradona • However, we best know him for something that happened later in the same match
  57. 57. Answer • Sent off for the tackle against Claudio Caniggia, who had avoided two earlier rash tackles in the same run • Grid
  58. 58. 3. • Both wrestling and fencing have various forms which can be distinguished based on similar rules • For eg. Greco Roman and Free-style differ in much the same way as Sabre and Epee fencing (respectively) • What ?
  59. 59. Answer • Hitting only above (GR and Sabre) and also below the waist (Free and Epee) • Grid
  60. 60. 4.• James D. Norris was a wealthy businessman and an influential sports promoter in the 40s • Head of the International Boxing Club of New York, he owned stakes of the Madison Square Garden • Here he is pictured with Billy Fox and something happened between Billy Fox and Y in 1947, which put doubts on the credibility of the IBC and got it banned • What ?
  61. 61. Answer • Rigged match between Billy fox and Jake LaMotta • Grid
  62. 62. Answer • Suplex • Grid
  63. 63. 6. • X won the light welterweight at the 1976 Montreal Games after winning all his preliminary and knockout matches by 5-0 margins • Having won the gold, he decided to retire from the sport and attend college • However, he changed his mind and turned professional after his girlfriend’s pregnancy and the loss of his parents • He would later make 2 more retirements in his professional career but would make comebacks again after a 2-3 yrs gap • Developed a great personal rivalry with Roberto Duran of Panama
  64. 64. Answer • Sugar Ray Leonard • Grid
  65. 65. 1. • The pre-race favourites, the French were anchored by the world record holder for 100m Alain Bernard • When asked about the ___ team, Bernard answered “ The ______ ? We’re going to Smash them. That’s what we came here for” • However, what unfolded was a dream performance by the veteran anchor Jason Lezak, who beat the previous record for the fastest 100m split by six tenths of a second • What did this lead to
  66. 66. Answer • Kept Phelps’s hopes of winning 8 gold medals alive in an event where he had previously not won gold at Athens • Grid
  67. 67. 2. Sequence of pics show events from the Stage 11 of the 2012 Tour Id. The two riders and explain what’s happening , which has led to some friction between the two
  68. 68. Answer • Rivalry between Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins. • So close to the end of the stage, Froome wanted to go for the win but was called back by the team to help Wiggins, since he was the designated leader of the team then • This year, however, it was rumored before Wiggins pulled out of injury that Froome would be the leader for a crucial Mountain stage, which may have been a reason for Wiggins’s withdrawal • Grid
  69. 69. 3. • Located in the Eifel mountains, this complex has many circuits. Apart from the current one in use, the most famous is the one which is called Northern Loop. • This earlier circuit was called by Jackie Stewart as the ‘Green Hell’ and has claimed more lives than any other racing track in the world • Currently, it’s the site of ____ grand prix in alternate years
  70. 70. Answer • Nurburgring • Grid
  71. 71. 4. 1993 European Grand Prix. Who ? And what is this a list of ? • First Lap at Donington Park • 0:00 -> Start • 0:18 -> Schumacher • 0:25 -> Wendlinger • 0:40 -> Hill • 1:18 -> __________ • 1:36 -> Finish
  72. 72. Answer • Senna _/_ • He overtook the top 4 in the first lap itself • Blank is Prost • Grid
  73. 73. 5. • X qualified for the US team for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. In his first international meet, X won the gold medal and set a world record of 47.63 seconds. • After breaking his own world record the following year, X lost to West Germany's Harald Schmid on 26 August 1977 in Berlin, his fourth defeat in the 400 m hurdles. Beginning the next week, when he beat Schmid by 15 meters in Düsseldorf, X did not lose another race for nine years, nine months and nine days. • By the time American Danny Harris beat X in Madrid on June 4, 1987, X had won 122 consecutive races, set the world record two more times, won three World Cup titles, a World Championship gold, and earned his second Olympic gold medal in Los Angeles, where he was selected to take the Olympic Oath
  74. 74. Answer • Ed Moses • Grid
  75. 75. 6.• Winner of the Triple Crown in 1973 ( Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes • Voted as 35th on the list of Espn’s 100 greatest athletes of the 20th century • Pic is from the Belmont Stakes, which he won by 31 lengths, still a record • Id.
  76. 76. Answer • Secretariat • Grid
  77. 77. 1. What is this a list of? ID X. • Richey Reneberg • Nicolás Pereira • Thomas Enqvist • Renzo Furlan • X • Fernando Meligeni
  78. 78. Answer • Leander Paes’ opponents on his way to Bronze at Atlanta Olympics • X is Andre Agassi • Grid
  79. 79. 2. • X is credited with many firsts. The first Asian- born athlete to win an Olympic medal, the first Olympian to act in Hollywood, the first to score a hat-trick on Indian soil in an official football tournament. He appeared in 28 movies with the last being ‘Tonight at Twelve’ in 1929. He also served as the Secretary of Indian Football Association – the nodal body of football in India prior to independence – for two years.
  80. 80. Answer • Norman Pritchard • Grid
  81. 81. 3. What is this an exhaustive list of? • Jeremy Bujakowski • Gul Dev • Kishore Rahtna Rai • Shailaja Kumar • Nanak Chand • Lal Chuni • Shiva Keshavan • Neha Ahuja • Hira Lal • Bahadur Gupta • Jamyang Namgial • Tashi Lundup
  82. 82. Answer • People who have represented India in Winter Olympics • Grid
  83. 83. 4. • This is a screenshot of the list of people awarded the Ati Vishist Seva Medal in 2013. ID the blanked out name,.
  84. 84. Answer • Vijay Kumar • Grid
  85. 85. 5. Details of which match
  86. 86. Answer • Football bronze medal playoff between India and Bulgaria in 1956 Olympics • Grid
  87. 87. 6. • X, born in Mithapur, Punjab came into the limlight with his match-saving 4 goals in the last 6 minutes to draw against the Dutch in Perth in 1985 • Captain of the Indian Olympic squads for the 92 and 96 Games, Id. This former defender, who’s now a politician with the SAD
  88. 88. Answer • Pargat Singh • Grid
  89. 89. 1. • Daryl Dawkins was the first one to slam and achieve this, though it had been common in college basketball before • 2 or 3 seasons after Dawkins’s exploits, the NBA introduced breakable rims, college basketball’s solution • 92-93: Enter Shaq: Ferocious rookie dunker came and though thankfully though the outcome wasn’t the same as above, it still led to strengthening of the steel and the post • What ?
  90. 90. Answer • Backboard Shattering • Grid
  91. 91. 2. • In 2011-12 season, X made the playoffs for the third consecutive season, needing a win in the final game to secure the eighth seed. X also became the second team to eliminate the #1, #2 and #3 seeds from the playoffs in the same postseason (after the 2003–04 Calgary Flames). They then defeated the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals, becoming the first #8 seed in North American professional sports history to win a championship. They are also one of the few teams to win a championship after never even once having home-venue advantage.
  92. 92. Answer • Los Angeles Kings • Grid
  93. 93. 3. • The term was originally coined in 1918 by a sportswriter to describe the pre-Babe Ruth Yankee lineup of 1918. A 1918 newspaper article described it: "New York fans have come to know a section of the Yankees' batting order as ‘X’. It is composed of the first six players in the batting order— Gilhooley, Peckinpaugh, Baker, Pratt, Pipp, and Bodie. This sextet has been hammering the offerings of all comers.“ • The term was eternally associated with the beginning of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Yankee teams in the mid-1920s, and is commonly recognized to refer specifically to the core of the 1927 Yankee hitting lineup. • Owner Jacob Ruppert is the man most often credited with building the team, although general manager Ed Barrow may have had as much to do with it. In a game of a July series against the Washington Senators, the Yankees beat their opponents 21–1, and prompted Senators’ first baseman Joe Judge to say, “Those fellows not only beat you but they tear your heart out. I wish the season was over.”
  94. 94. Answer • Murderers’ Row • Grid
  95. 95. 4. • Born in Nigeria, X moved to America to develop his game further at the University of Houston • With his towering presence in defence as well as his signature offence move, the “Dream shake” and an array of hesitation moves, he was one of the impressive batch of youngsters who joined NBA in the 1984 draft. • If I had to pick a center [for an all-time best team], I would take X. That leaves out Shaq, Patrick Ewing. It leaves out Wilt Chamberlain. It leaves out a lot of people. And the reason I would take X is very simple: he is so versatile because of what he can give you from that position. It's not just his scoring, not just his rebounding or not just his blocked shots. People don't realize he was in the top seven in steals. He always made great decisions on the court. For all facets of the game, I have to give it to him. —Michael Jordan
  96. 96. Answer • Hakeem Olajowun • Grid
  97. 97. 5. • X was the head coach of the Y from 1950 to 1966 leading them to an unprecedented 9 rings in that period • With an emphasis on fast-breaks and team-play; he had Bill Russell leading his defence. A perennial rebounding champion, Russell usually passed to Cousy, the legendary fast break distributor • Who is this coach and which team am I talking about ?
  98. 98. Answer • Boston Celtics and Red Auerbach • Grid
  99. 99. 6. • X was the first man to break ten seconds for the 100 metres, albeit with a 5.3 m/s wind assistance in the semi-finals of the 1964 Olympics. He followed it up with gold medal in 100m and 4x100m breaking world record in both the events. • He was drafted by Dallas Cowboys in 1964 where he played as a wide receiver. He went on to win Super Bowl ring in 1972 and was inducted in Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.
  100. 100. Answer • Bob Hayes • Grid
  101. 101. Dummy Slide