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What does Agile/Lean look like at The Economist

A case study of how The Economist product team applied agile/lean methodology to develop one of their key products. Presented by Danny Setiawan, Senior User Experience Designer at MeetUp event in NYC on Nov 11th, 2014

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What does Agile/Lean look like at The Economist

  1. 1. What does Lean/Agile look like at The Economist Danny Setiawan, Senior UX Designer 11 November 2014
  2. 2. Introduction Photo by Chris Glass on Flickr
  3. 3. CASE STUDY Mobile web site
  4. 4. Background • 2012: Significant rise in mobile traffic • Customer feedback : bad experience, hurting conversion (bounce rate close to 100%) • Subscribers couldn’t access paid content
  5. 5. What we knew • Editorial workflow and CMS would not change • Only for smartphones • Project start date (less than a month from workshop date)
  6. 6. What we did not know • Everything else • Content scope • Monetization • Features • More… Photo by Merlijn Hoek on Flickr How we felt
  7. 7. Design studio workshop • Locations: In London and NY, connected with video conference • Length: 2 consecutive days, 4 hours each • Facilitation: Led by UX team and Scrum Master • Participants : Representatives from stakeholders ( Product, Editorial, Commercial, Dev and UX 1/2
  8. 8. Design studio workshop • Scope: 12 design challenges based on core user scenarios • Format: Sketch (5m), present (3m), critique (2m) ; individually then collectively as a team • Outcome: • Sketches with decisions from key stakeholders baked-in, • Outline for product backlog, • Potential technical challenges to investigate 2/2
  10. 10. Consolidate solutions
  11. 11. Prototype To play around with it yourself on your phone
  12. 12. RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation) study • 8 participants • At London office • Facilitated by UX • Iterate on prototypes between sessions • Goal: Uncover major usability issues • Outcome: No major issue • Video recordings were made available for entire team Screenshot from one of the recordings
  13. 13. Implementation Photo by Curtis Pennell on Flickr
  14. 14. Lessons learned • Collaboration is key • UX is NOT a step in product development process • Free breakfast encourages people to come early
  15. 15. Thank you @dsetia_1 "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything n- Aelbwer.t "Einstein Photo by Juhan Sonin on Flickr