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Robo Advisor 2.0 - The next generation


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The next generation of Robo Advisor moving from pure allocation to portfolio construction making Equity Institutional Investment Tool available to everyone

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Robo Advisor 2.0 - The next generation

  1. 1. CuβicAlphα Robo Advisor 2.0 June 2016
  2. 2. Allowing the wider public to use state-of-art investment platform supported by algo decision making to build thier personal optimal equity portfolio Summary 2 CuβicAlphα
  3. 3.  First generation of Robo Advisors don’t go any further than replacing the actual human Financial Advisor  They actually just perform asset allocation  They don’t tell you which individual securities to buy  They just suggest which asset class to buy Problem 3
  4. 4.  We have developed a Robo Advisor that goes beyond simple asset allocation; ours concentrates on equity allocation  While Robo Advisor have democratized investment by taking contractual power away from financial advisors we will democratize investment by taking contractual power away from the mutual funds industry  We allow everyone to build their customized equity portfolio based upon their needs and their objectives…  …by offering an automatic, a step by step, investment Robo platform combining all the skills required to built an efficient optimized portfolio allowing people to trade cash equity using a broker account of their choice  Our Robo Advisor is using an investment process with cutting edge technology that is so far only available to institutional investor and hedge funds; it incorporates auto company research, amongst other features Solution 4
  5. 5. 5 Solution Personalised Equity Portfolio Sector Allocation
  6. 6. From Final User Input to Portfolio Generation Portfolio Creation Cash Flow & Trade Management Client Specific Security Inclusion & Exclusion 6 Optimal Portfolio
  7. 7.  We are entering a space where there is really zero competition  Current Robo Advisors are authomated investment solutions which provide authomated portfolio rebalancing using trading algorithms based based on passive investments  We will offer a service which will explicitly tell you which equity to buy, which combination, which weighting, moving from the passive to the active investment style  We are likely to be the first of our kind and we potentially see competition entering our market segment by playing catch up Unique Offering complementing other system 7 LOW Automation HIGH Automation PASSIVEInvestmentACTIVEInvestment CuβicAlphα
  8. 8. Contacs 8 For more information email: CuβicAlphα Allowing the wider public to use a state of art investment platform supported by algo decision making to build your personal optimal equity portfolio
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