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Robo-advisory as a Service [Teaser]


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A teaser presentation on the Robo-advisory solution for B2B developed by AdviseOnly.

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Robo-advisory as a Service [Teaser]

  1. 1. Robo-advisory as a service: the AdviseOnly solution
  2. 2. What AdviseOnly is and does AdviseOnly is not a traditional robo-advisor, it is an investment advice hub for investors of any level of expertise and wealth. Born in 2011 as a B2C service, it has then extend its activities to B2B2C
  3. 3. The heart of AdviseOnly is a proprietary financial engine that imports raw data from data providers like Morningstar, and produces three main outputs: Investment portfolios, investment tools and risk estimates. The outputs of our financial engine are supplied to financial institutions through a layer of APIs and to the savers public through our website AdviseOnly financial engine: structure
  4. 4. A robust financial engine is key: the “dark” side of robo- advisors Many robo-advisors determine their “optimal investments mix “ solving the efficient frontier, using the Mean-Variance Optimization, foundation of the "Modern Portfolio Theory" by Markowitz. The efficient frontier model needs to estimate too many parameters with respect to the real disposable data, resulting in and indefinite (and not very helpful) output. Elaborazioni AdviseOnly
  5. 5. Robo-advisory : the AdviseOnly solution AdviseOnly has designed a modular solution for financial institutions . The soluution can be supplied either in white-labeling either with our brand on it. The principal characteristics of the AdviseOnly solution are: • Flexibility in the choice of portfolios according to the commercial target • Portfolios can be designed by the AdviseOnly Financial team or by the client. • The user interface can be highly personalized in terms of the risk measures and key indicators. • Low impact on the technological structure and minimal involvment of the IT department of the client • The possibility to choose between a «generic advisory» approach and a full Mifid one with investors profiling.
  6. 6. Robo-advisory :1) Portfolio choice AdviseOnly can create many type of portfolio models: • Target portfolios (designed according to the mental accounts theory), defining life goals for the users • temathic (es. secular trends); • “Best ideas” (according to the client research and strategy outlook); • Equal risk contribution portfolios.
  7. 7. Robo-advisory: 2) Risk indicators and metrics In addition to the usual ex-post risk measures, AdviseOnly can provide many innovative indicators: • Risk estimates (es. MaxDrawDown, VaR, Expected Shortfall, component VaR, ecc), • Measures of portfolio structure and liquidity (diversification/concentration, current yield) • Risk graphics like Ibbotson cones.
  8. 8. AdviseOnly can provide clear and complete data sheets for portfolios and financial products Robo-advisory: 3) Interface and reporting
  9. 9. Why partnering up with AdviseOnly • AdviseOnly has a track-record in online financial advisory services, either direct either for third parts. • A proprietary financial engine that is the state-of-the-art in risk management • Capability to minimize the negative impact of IT legacy for the client, with minimum impact on its IT dept and delivery as SaaS (APIs or similar) • Operational flexibility and skills in developing interfaces for online wealth management services • Possibility to work directly on complex projects either in partnership with the internal IT of the client and with different software houses.