4. Endorsements Cosmin Sandu


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4. Endorsements Cosmin Sandu

  1. 1. To whom it may concern,I have had the chance to work with Cosmin Sandu in the Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova in theterm 2011-2012 and the experience that I had gives me the ability to strongly and trustfully endorsehim for the position of MC Vice-President Sales of AIESEC in Romania for the term 2013-2014.From the experience that I have had as Vice-President Talent Management, working with Cosmin inthe Executive Board, I can say that he is one of the persons who are capable of seeing AIESEC as whatit truly stands for, a person that has the courage to challenge the status quo, a person that is notafraid of taking risks in order to find the best ways to achieve the purpose of AIESEC. As a member of External Relations and later on as a Vice-President, Cosmin managed to push thelocal committee further, through his own example, being out in the corporate market every day andfinding new partners for AIESEC Craiova. As a VP, he managed to bring partners from companies withthe same mission and vision of our organization, partners that gave us not only financial support, butalso knowledge and perspectives, partners that he involved in the life of our organization.As an EB member, Cosmin has always been the realistic character, keeping us on track and analyzingour ideas and strategies from all the perspectives. He was the one coming up with initiatives tosupport our organizational issues, initiatives that would increase our progress and help us grow evenmore, as a local committee. Furthermore, he was able to identify bottlenecks in terms of ourperformance not only on his area, but problems of the local committee in general.For me, personally, throughout my entire AIESEC experience and especially throughout the EB term,Cosmin has been a real support, bringing an outside perspective and helping me find the properdirection and focus of my job. I could add here that through his own actions, he inspired me to workharder, to push my limits and stop finding obstacles.As a Local Committee President, he managed to drive the LC further, to create a team out of hisExecutive Board and to bring a more international perspective in AIESEC Craiova, by bringing backideas and mindsets from EuroCo and International Congress.Taking everything into consideration, I truly believe that the qualities that he possesses, his visionand mindset and the commitment towards AIESEC’s sense of purpose make Cosmin the perfectcandidate for the position of MC Vice-President Sales of AIESEC in Romania and I trust that you willgive him the chance to demonstrate that.Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at:alexandra.coanda@gmail.com or at +389 78 915 682.Sincerely,Alexandra CoandăMC Vice-President Talent Management & LC DevelopmentAIESEC in The Republic of Macedonia 2012-2013