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2. Biography Cosmin Sandu


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2. Biography Cosmin Sandu

  1. 1. COSMIN SANDUA few months ago, Cosmin graduated with an International Relations and European Studies fromthe Faculty of Social Sciences at University from Craiova. Looking back at the past 3 years you caneasily observe that 100% of his development comes not from his studies, but from AIESEC.Looking three years back, Cosmin was just a first year student at the University of Craiova, whenhe found, in October 2009 an interesting opportunity with an international organization calledAIESEC. Shortly after joining AIESEC Craiova he realized that investing time, passion and trust in anorganization such as this one will be more rewarding and helpful than wasting time at FacultyClasses.Soon he realized that what he loves to do most in AIESEC, besides interacting with internationalsand finding out their stories, is meeting valuable, experienced people from companies andlearning more about the society we live in. So he started doing External Relations, selling himselfand his AIESEC experience and bringing an added value to the organization, not only throughpartnerships that supported its activities, but also through brining people with knowledge,experience and external perspective closer to AIESEC.What mostly inspired Cosmin to work harder for AIESEC, were the people around him, people thathad stories to share, people with a drive, with a vision, people that achieved something and werepart of something greater than themselves. Motivated by such people, he took on the nextchallenge, and ran for Vice-President External Relations of AIESEC in Craiova in the term 2011-2012 and his ambition, passion and outstanding results got him that position. Further on, heworked for one entire year to achieve higher results and create a sales culture. As an ExecutiveBoard member he brought a realistic, analytical perspective and he was a team player.After his term as a Vice-President, he realized AIESEC is so much more than just one area and herealized that he has so much more to offer to the organization, so he ran for Local CommitteePresident with a great vision and a powerful drive and he achieved to lead, for one year, anExecutive Board team and a Local Committee, in the best way he knew.Today, three years later, he wants to take it even higher, giving his contribution to AIESEC inRomania, as MC Vice-President Sales.