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6. Specific Questionnaire Cosmin Sandu


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6. Specific Questionnaire Cosmin Sandu

  1. 1. Specific Questionnaire 1. Taking into account the current situation of Romania as a country, please describe your strategy to achieve AIESEC Romania’s budget. The situation of Romania as a country has been, for a few years now, governed by an economical crisis. This doesn’t necessarily imply the fact that companies no longer invest in projects and ideas, but that they have become more selective with their investments, thus challenging organizations such as ours to increase the quality of our products and direct our attention towards the needs of the market. This can be transposed in the idea that AIESEC as an organization is not selling, it is doing external relations, in the sense that the companies are not our customers, but our partners. A partnership means a win-win collaboration that puts both entities in gain. Thus, the strategies that I propose for next year, strategies that ensure the relevancy of AIESEC in the corporate market and can ensure the sustainability of AIESEC Romania’s budget are: 1. Products customized on market needs. This means implementing the processes of market assessment and segmentation qualitatively, in order to attract the right partners and create products that are relevant for the market. "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” - Bill Gates I would add to this quote the fact that all of our customers are the greatest source of learning, so a simple action step towards this strategy is involving BOA Corporate & BOA Alumni in the product development of the projects that we have and the ones that we are thinking of implementing, in order to get an external opinion and perspective of the market. 2. Account management for current partners. How people generally perceive account management is only as a process of calling them on special events or sending greeting cards and they see delivering on promises as a different process, when in fact, delivering on promises is the first thing we should think about. For me personally, the word “friendship” best represents the idea of account management. What our partners want from us is what a friend would want from us: being true to our promises, honesty, involvement. 2. Present your strategic projects for the next year with description, timeline, objectives, concrete activities to support their development. Description Timeline Objectives Activities Romania Youth July - 26.000 Product development Leadership Forum November Euros Creating sales portfolio 2013 Account management with current partners Contacting former partners
  2. 2. Description Timeline Objectives Activities Leaders Of November 20.000 Product development Tomorrow + Youth – May 2014 Euros Creating sales portfolio to Business (open Account management with current partners for externals) Contacting former partners AIESEC Academy November 5.000 Euros Product development – March Creating sales portfolio 2014 Account management with current partners Contacting former partners3. What improvements do you foresee in terms of AIESEC products, market/sector focus,pricing and delivery models? Please also mention 2 new products that you would propose foryour term with a brief description and concrete steps of implementation. Strategies Bottlenecks Solutions AIESEC For national products, only the brand is Alignment of national products Products aligned, but the projects are completely Products designed on country needs different, being difficult to sign national partnerships for all LCs. (Example: BRD investing in only 3 LCs for AIESEC Academy, because the rest of them do not have the same structure and target group). Market The LCs do not know what is the suitable Defining the market. For example, LCs focus solution (HR, CSR or Employer Branding that have multinationals present in Solutions) for their local market. their market can come up with CR products that offer CSR & Employer Branding Solutions, while LCs that have SME sector more developed should focus on HR solutions. Pricing There is no delimitation between project Creating standard criteria for each LC partners and long-term partnerships, thus for LGPs and for MC (NGPs) LCs and MC usually fall into one extreme. Delivery The quality of the delivery is very different Setting national standards for delivery models from LC to LC. Tracking on national projects
  3. 3. Product Description StepsRomania Customizing the AI initiative (putting together Customizing the AIESECYouth 2 leaders of the society, companies’ International brandBusiness representatives and students in an event filled Fixing the locations for each with speeches, workshops, networking spaces event and participating LCs with the following topics: CSR Innovation & Establishing the pricing policies Entrepreneurship) that is implemented in the Contacting companies & whole AIESEC network, especially in Europe, we speakers will develop regional Y2Bs around the big cities National promotion of the of Romania, in order to reach a bigger market events than just the one in Bucharest and involve LCs in Implementation & follow-up. selling. Timeline: October-November 2013.Leaders of Customizing the current LOT conference, by Creating the brand of theTomorrow adding one day of Y2B and by opening it towards event people from other NGOs in H4TF. Fixing the location for the Timeline: May 2014 event Contacting companies & speakers Contacting other NGOs National promotion of the event Implementation & follow-up.4. Imagine you are in front of the national accounts. Please present why our currentpartners should reinvest in AIESEC. Also find 3 more partners for the NGP and presentwhy they should invest in AIESEC. The benefits that AIESEC is offering to the corporate market should be the same, whetherwe talk about current partners that should reinvest in our organization, or about companies suchas FORD Romania, Oracle or pwc that have the potential to become partners in the future. To anyof them, the message should be the following one: “In a country where after 23 years things are still moving slowly, AIESEC, together with theirpartners, has brought the concept of youth leadership in Romania, a concept that haswidened the views of both youth and business sector, because what youth leadershipdevelopment refers to is the fact that AIESEC provides young people with both entrepreneurialskills and a strong sense of mission. Across generations, AIESEC has empowered students from allover the country to be the voice of their generation. We can say that what our organization isdeveloping is an attitude which is later on translated in the careers of its members, as theybecome leaders of the society, of their own companies and teams that they work in. Thus, on along run, why AIESEC invites you to invest in the organization is because whether you are lookingfor HR solutions, Employer Branding solutions, CSR solutions or Youth Engagement andInnovation, together with AIESEC, the act of co-creation for a better society can happen.“
  4. 4. 5. Please describe how will you collaborate with the LCs and how will you assure thequality of the delivery that the MC and LCs are making for the national partners? The idea of quality of the delivery for national partners and collaboration with the LCs aretightly connected, in the sense that the best way to ensure quality for our stakeholders, weneed to educate our members on how to deliver quality. In terms of preparation, the main strategies would be: - Implementing the Sales Education Cycle (which exists in some LCs) together with MC VPCorporate Development, that should include Sales School (for members and VPs), saleseducation integrated in national conferences (especially RockMe and SprinCo) and webinarsand skype meetings with VPs and members on specific needs. - Creating an R&R system for sellers and showcasing the top performers on sales in front of the national plenary, to encourage members to perform at their best. - Collaboration and accountability system on national projects, to make sure that they are aligned at LC level, that the delivery for partners is equally qualitative from all LCs and to easily bring national partners that the local committees can also benefit from. - Creating national standards for partners, to ensure the quality of the sales and account management process in the entire country. Since I entered AIESEC, I’ve been through these things, I recommend them and I see themas the main strategies that need to be implemented in order to develop the sales culture andbring higher results.