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7. Blank Paper Challenge Cosmin Sandu


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7. Blank Paper Challenge Cosmin Sandu

  1. 1. The learning process comes 70% from what we do, 20% out of the feedback of what we do and how we do it and 10% comes from educational process such as training – teaching us how to do it. By listening to stories, AIESEC Romania will hear precious words. By seeing examples, AIESEC Romania will have good models to follow. By having members acting, practicing, learning by doing… AIESEC Romania will perform. AIESEC Romania is standing in front of a turning point. Do we practice enough?Going back to childhood parents usually teach children in this way.They dont give a series of lectures to their children to prepare them towalk, talk, climb, run, play a game, or learn how to behave. They just lettheir children do these things. We hand a child a ball to teach him tothrow. If he throws poorly, he simply tries again. It’s been years of building foundations, processes, structures.AIESEC Romania needs action, needs people to get out of the office andstart collecting external perspectives. We need people to understand thatthis year is about being performant, about sellling excelent AIESECexperiences to every stakeholder. Every year we feel the need to define again and again the productthat we offer, but what we offer are experiences and the best way dodefine them is to create them. It’s time to stop talking about what AIESEC is and start showing people what AIESEC is.