Essential Strategies for Oracle Forms 11 Modernization and Performance Management


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What are the best practices for migrating your legacy Forms environment to 11? How will you meet end user performance expectations? How will you ensure application performance before, during and after modernization?

Join PITSS and Correlsense for an online seminar where we will illustrate how to reduce cost and risk while accelerating Oracle Forms modernization efforts. We will discuss:

-Benefits of upgrading to Forms 11 and how to migrate successfully
-Strategies for modernizing and integrating SOA, middleware and other infrastructure
-Best practices for monitoring your Forms end user experience

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/26/12 08:56) -----10g no longer supported12c is on its way
  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/26/12 08:56) -----change/replace only one layer does not reduce your overall risk
  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/26/12 09:50) -----If you migrate then embrace the new software architecture - do not try to rebuild the old Forms architecture.
  • History of the tools. Why we started the company. The transactional approach. Giving the example of SSO and Apache. Another example of the MF. The focus on Ops.
  • behavior learning and predictive analysis doesn’t work for dynamic environments. Products can’t “learn” enough in order to understand the patterns, as things change all the time. Gartner say so as well. our way of doing that is sensing that something is wrong by being able to see %SLA start to decrease and immediately point the problem even if only a very small fraction of transactions are slow. Quote from FIBI: “We use SharePath to sense that something is about to go wrong and be proactive about it”
  • Essential Strategies for Oracle Forms 11 Modernization and Performance Management

    1. 1. The Oracle Forms and Reports Modernization ExpertsEssential Strategies to Oracle Forms 11Modernization and Performance ManagementNovember 15, 2012Oren Elias CorrelsenseMartin Disterheft, PITSS America LLC
    2. 2. Agenda • Risks of Oracle Forms modernization • Keys to a successful migration • Performance management of Oracle Forms • Summary/QA2 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    3. 3. Housekeeping • Presentation will last 45 minutes • Submit questions via the chat window • Slides will be made available tomorrow3 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    4. 4. Risks of Oracle Forms Modernization4 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    5. 5. Oracle Forms Support Timeline Oracle is still supporting and developing Oracle Forms Source : Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    6. 6. De-Support Risks How much longer will your application continue to run?  Application Software  Operating Software  Hardware“IT organizations assume considerable risk with unsupported deployments of OracleForms solutions, and risks grows as technology ages.”Mark Driver – Gartner - 20116 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    7. 7. New Rollouts Are Challenging • Oracle Forms complex architecture • Need strategic approach to modernization • How do you monitor performance post deployment? Desktop IAS or WLS Apache Oracle Server DB or OHS Internet IAS or WLS Apache Oracle Server DB or OHS7 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    8. 8. Strategies for a Successful Migration8 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    9. 9. Continued Support Into The Future Oracle Statement of Direction – Key Statements on Support: • Oracle Forms Support:  No plans to discontinue Forms  Future releases of Forms will be aimed at smooth version-to-version upgrades and Fusion Middleware Integration • Oracle Reports Support:  Reports will continue to be supported into release 12c but BI Publisher is the Statement of Direction for Reporting  Recommended that customers begin planning a migration to BI Publisher • Oracle Designer Support:  Reports Oracle Designer was not released as a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, nor is it planned for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c  Oracle continues to offer sustaining level Support for Oracle Designer 10g - Oracle, March 2012 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    10. 10. Oracle’s Recommendation to Customers Protect, Extend and Evolve “Oracle has outlined a strategy which allows customers to protect the considerable investment they have in traditional technologies while allowing new tools and technologies to be adopted for evolving or new development initiatives.”* Unsupported Protect Supported Upgrade Oracle Extend Future Architecture Forms/ Reports 2.3, 3.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6i, 9i, Oracle Forms/ Reports 11g 10g Start Leveraging WebLogic Evolve Technologies *- Oracle, March 2012 Oracle ADF, APEX, … SOA Continue Leveraging WebLogic archive/2010/toolssod-3-129969.pdf10 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    11. 11. Common Performance Issues with Oracle Forms • Most performance issues arise from change from Client-Server to Web-Architecture  Forms-Build-Ins cause unexpected network-traffic (Synchronize, repeating timers,…)  Change from C to Java runtime processes  Java processes certain operations slower than the C programs in 6i (e.g. Block with many records) – Code properties need to be adjusted • Browser Performance  Loading of large images, tabbed canvases with many objects,… • DB related issues due to DB upgrade (changed index processing) • Missing Patches: resolves bugs with DB-locking, Alert issues (Forms Screen freezes),...11 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    12. 12. Modernization Alternatives/Cost comparison Manual re-write in e.g. .NET , Java … Cost Migration to ADF, APEX, … with tool based preparation 1:1 Migration-Tools without Forms Preparation Automated Upgrade to 11g Time Conversion project completion Code Maintenance after conversion Recommended Upgrade/Migration Approach “…we believe that modernization and migration efforts that embrace differences, and re- architect and build to the "sweet spots" of their target technology are most successful …” – Gartner 201112 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    13. 13. What makes a successful Migration ? (1/2) Staged Migration – via the Hybrid Approach “A staged (that is, phased) migration effort enables Oracle Forms applications ADF, SOA,… to be migrated over time. This lengthens the period during which Oracle Forms remains an architectural element, Forms t but reduces the overall migration risk Time during that time period.” Gartner - 2011 “Migrate at your own pace based on the available skills and project priorities.” *Source: (March 2012)13 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    14. 14. What makes a successful Migration ? (2/2) Migration = Software Re-Engineering / Re-Architecting Grant Ronald, Oracle Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle Application Development Tools Writing in the ODTUG Journal “Any attempt to [re-write] a Forms application to [ADF, Apex …] without taking into consideration the difference in architecture is in effect an effort at re-implementing the 20- year-old Forms runtime” tools/forms/documentation/formsmigration-133693.pdf14 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    15. 15. PITSS Modernization Process Forms 11g Oracle Forms Upgrade Ready for SOA Documentations Null Objects Specifications Redundant Objects DA-Layer Not used Objects Dependencies Redundant Source BL-Layer Not Triggered Comparisons DBLA Not Tech. RelevantForms 2, 3, … Java/ADF WEBService Business-Logic Analysis Dead Code Redundancy Protection APEX Quality Assurance Documentation Iteration Co-Existence of Technologies/ Partial Projects15 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    16. 16. Complexity – Analysis  Complexity Analysis – Enabling a successful Migration16 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    17. 17. Unused Object Removal On average, 30% of Forms objects are unused or redundant Who dares to touch a running system? Example: 45% less lines of code in a real-life, 600-FMB Designer application  delete unused objects  group similar code in libraries  move data management to DB17 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    18. 18. PITSS.CON: Life Cycle Management for Oracle Forms Maintain/Develop Maintenance - DB Handling, Module Handling, Module Compiling, and Form Consistency checking. Development - Search, Replace, View, and Edit all PL/SQL Code objects. Visual Design - Search, Replace, View, and Edit Forms Objects Properties (Fonts, Sizes, Overlapping, etc). Application Analysis - See what is affected when a Form or DB Object is changed. Multi-Language - Make any form display in multiple language without creating multiple forms. Source Control - Archive forms as you make changes. Modernize Migration APEX - Guided automated transfer of forms to APEX. Migration ADF - Guided automated transfer of forms to ADF. Migration - Upgrade any legacy version of Oracle Forms/Reports to 10g or 11g. Reengineer Application Engineering - Identifies/removes obsolete code. Extracts Data Access Layer (DAL) and Business Logic (BL) from your Forms and place in the DB (SOA Enables). Source Code Analytics – Source Code Statistics18 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    19. 19. Live Demo Live Demo19 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    20. 20. PITSS Benefit - Return on Invest Utilizing PITSS.CON Software  Reduces Project duration  Free up Project Budget  Ensures a higher Quality compared to traditional (manual) approaches Production Definition Planning Implementation Preparation Traditional / Manual Re-Development Re-write without .NET Oracle Fusion Java Technology (PITSS) Modernization ADF (PITSS) with Oracle Fusion Technology Forms 11g (PITSS) Savings by using PITSS.CON compared to manual approach t20 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    21. 21. PITSS Product & Service OfferingsPre 10g Upgrade to 11g: 10g Upgrade to 11g:- FREE Proof of Concept Workshop - Fixed Price Conversion Offer 3-5 Days PITSS.CON workshop  3-5 Days onsite or remote Upgrade entire application to 11g  Upgrade entire application to 11g PITSS.CON modules pilot  Decision with confidence Decision with confidence Migration to ADF - Pilot Project or Forms to ADF-Days  Analysis Report  Migrate 1-2 Forms modules  Be confronted with all future project challenges  Make accurate estimations  Decision based on FACTS21 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    22. 22. Performance Management of Oracle Forms22 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    23. 23. If it Ain’t Broke Why Fix It? • “It was better with the old system” • Cost of failure high  Roll back applications  Retesting  Migrate data backThe combination of older code, lack of documentation,and application size and complexity all contribute tovery high barriers to migration for many Oracle Formsdeployments… many Oracle Forms developers haveavoided upgrading to newer versions of the toolset,never mind the larger challenge of migrating fromOracle Forms altogether.-Gartner 201023 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    24. 24. The End-to-End Challenge with Oracle Forms No Issues Not in my !? “It’s with single code! It’s SLOW!!” sign on SLOW!! It’s not the network (again) “It’s Database is fine SLOW!!” webservers up and Webservices ?? customers runnin’ data center operations24 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    25. 25. Proactive Management- Know Before the Users Topology map isolates the infrastructure components involved. application team SLA Analysis Ticket is escalated to drills down into points to the right team. Forms bottleneck area. Identifies faulty method App team provides shows the workaround / fix. locations that are Change impact analysis proves the Forms issue affected and user has been resolved in Oracle apps - detects degradation in Ticket closed SLA - Opens ticket25 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    26. 26. Production Optimization • Monitor Forms apps end-to-end • Manage user experience • Understand how components interact26 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    27. 27. Track All Requests Through All Hops • Track all user requests through all components (not just Java and .Net) • Track and meter single end user across entire stack • Apache, OC4J, Forms Runtime and Oracle Database Applet Apache Forms OC4J Runtime Specific SQLs27 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    28. 28. Manage User Experience with Meaningful Transaction Names28 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    29. 29. Understand How Components Interact • Auto-detected • Real-time • Without manual modeling29 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    30. 30. SharePath for Oracle Forms/EBS • Goes beyond Java/.Net with Forms runtime coverage  Broadest coverage: rich clients, Forms applet, C++, ESBs …  Supports the most complex, heterogeneous architectures • Dashboards for operations, support, and engineering • No application code changes necessary • Auto-detects transaction paths30 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    31. 31. Summary • Forms environment has many performance challenges • Optimize Oracle Forms in production  For users  On Backend  Monitor Forms end-to-end • SharePath is the only APM offering for Forms based/EBS31 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC
    32. 32. Questions?PITSS - USA Correlsense:Sales contact: Jason Marra Email: info@pitssamerica.comPhone: 248.740.0935 #1132 Copyright 2012 PITSS America LLC