New approaches to managing complex applications


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The proliferation of multi-platform, web-enabled, cloud-based applications within an increasingly complex IT infrastructure creates a host of new management challenges. As your transactions move between new distributed systems and legacy mainframes components your existing approach to application monitoring might be missing important performance issues.

In this informative presentation, we discuss:

- Strategies for managing these increasingly complex applications
- New approaches to managing service levels - from the browser to the mainframe
- Innovative ways to gain complete visibility into end-to-end user experience and eliminate all application performance blind-spots

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New approaches to managing complex applications

  1. 1. New Approaches to ManagingComplex Applications: EliminatingYour Performance Blind SpotsOctober 6, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda1. Background2. APM research3. Performance blindspots4. Q&A
  4. 4. Housekeeping• Presentation will last 30 minutes• Submit questions via the chat window• Slides will be made available tomorrow
  5. 5. Featured Speakers Ed Hallock Sr. Director Product Management ASG Software Solutions Dan Juengst VP, Solutions Engineering Correlsense
  7. 7. Which products are most “core” toyour application support strategy? Application management suite/platform 19% products User experience- focused transaction 15% management Data center- focused transaction management 13% Correlation and analytics tools that 11% consolidating metrics Transaction management spanning data 11% center and end user experience Network tools 9% Change and Configuration management 9% products Silo/vertical tools, such as server or database 8% management products Application discovery and dependency 5% mapping products 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% Column % Source: Enterprise Management Associates: End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud Computing
  8. 8. Which products are most essentialfor day-to-day application support? Change and/or Configuration Management… 35% Tiered, distributed application monitoring 29% End User Experience monitoring 29% Application Management Platform (Tivoli… 29% Silo tools, such as network, server, or… 27% Transaction Management (transaction path… 27% Appliance-based Application/Transaction… 23% Correlation and analytics tools that… 20% SaaS-based management solutions 18% Cloud-ready SaaS-monitoring 17% “Real” or “Synthetic” Transaction… 17% Cloud-ready transaction monitoring capable… 15% Application discovery and dependency… 15% Other (Please specify) 1% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Source: Enterprise Management Associates: Cases (Mentions / Valid Cases) % Valid End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud Computing
  9. 9. Organizations continue spending in hope of success Forrester: The IT Management Software Market By Categories, 2005 To 2010•Demand for end-to-endapplication performancemanagement is critical•The growth is linked to complexityand size of new applications Source: Forrester Research “Market Update: IT Management Software”
  10. 10. How does IT find out aboutapplication issues? Calls from employee users 43% Application or transaction management tools 25% Calls from line of business stakeholders 13% Customer complaints 12% Silo tools 7% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%Enterprise Management Associates: End-to-End Application Management Column %in the Age of Cloud Computing
  11. 11. Which of the following transactiontypes does your organization host? Tiered, distributed transactions/applications that execute across both Java (J2EE, etc.) and 61% .NET Tiered, distributed transactions/applications that span both mainframe & non-mainframe 54% servers Tiered, distributed transactions/applications 50% that do not access a mainframe Tiered, distributed transactions/applications that execute across both on-premise and 49% Cloud/SaaS Integrations between multiple SaaS services (such as NetSuite and SugarCRM, for 35% example) Other (Please specify) 1% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Enterprise Management Associates: (Mentions / Valid Cases) % Valid Cases End-to-End Application Managementin the Age of Cloud Computing
  12. 12. Why are IT Organizations Failing ToFind Problems Before Users?• Increasing complexity of application environments • Web servers, DB servers, app servers, identity servers… • UNIX, Linux, Windows, J2EE, and .NET… • Systems, apps, storage, switches, accelerators, optimizers… • LAN, WAN, VLAN, internal, external…• Results vary by time, day, function, and location• Organizations have multiple tools – few are integrated or provide real end-user insight• More complex integrations: users, customers, partners, suppliers, international
  14. 14. But What Does it Really Take? How do you really manage these crazy, dynamic, and complex applications? Be Paranoid Be Smart Be Lazy You have to be three things at once…
  15. 15. 1. Be Paranoid = Watch Every Transaction from Every User
  16. 16. Watch Every Transaction from Every User SERVER WEB APP SVR PROXY MQ/ESB LDAP CORBA DCOM Web Services Datacenter
  17. 17. 2. Be smart = understand what is happening across the space-time continuum
  18. 18. Look Across Time
  19. 19. Look Across Space
  20. 20. Understand the Needs of the Many
  21. 21. …or the One
  22. 22. 3. Be Lazy = set SLAs. Get an SMS when there is a problem. No matter how complex.
  23. 23. Enforce SLAs on End-User Experience %SLA tells you how many individual invocations violated the response time SLA
  24. 24. From distributed to mainframe… SERVER WEB APP SVR PROXY MQ/ESB LDAP CORBA DCOM Web Services Datacenter
  25. 25. …to the Cloud and SaaS SERVER WEB APP SVR PROXY MQ/ESB Private Cloud LDAP CORBA DCOM Public Cloud Datacenter
  26. 26. Know the experience of your end users… no matter where they are
  28. 28. Horizontal View of Applications andTransactions With “Deep Dive” CMDB Event Management Real-Time Alerting & Dependency Mapping Notifications (Software + Hardware) ENTERPRISE WIDE BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS Partner Web Cloud App Services Partner App App Servers Virtual Web Server s Wire Xfer Wire Xfer Firewall Msg. Broker <$100K >$100K Load DB Balancer App MF Analysis Proxy Servers Virtual Web Mainframe Network Directory Firewall Server Server JVM Deep Dive Analysis Real & Synthetic Server / VM Database End-User Analysis Deep Dive Network Deep Deep Dive Analysis Dive Analysis Analysis
  29. 29. ASG + SharePath = Complete APM Solution ASG- metaManager and EAMS Horizontal Monitoring - Spinal Cord Auto-Detection of Transaction Path, Maintain Business Context ASG-SharePath RUM ASG-SharePath Data Center Partner Web Cloud App Services Partner App App Servers Virtual Web Servers Wire Xfer Wire Xfer Firewall Msg. Broker <$100K >$100K Load Balancer DB App Proxy Servers Virtual Network Web Directory Mainframe Firewall Servers Server
  30. 30. EAMS Manages Infrastructures, Applications, and Global IT Environment Refined layer of IT Services & Infrastructure  Virtualization KPI’s at  Enterprise Application KPI’s at  Corp. Portal Level Enterprise  Help Desk Level  Unified Threat Mgmt  Mainframe  Automation  End User ExperienceBusiness 1 - Real-time view of 2 – Detection and repair 3 – Business Transactions  Network, Internet, Value Business Services times dramatically reduced becomes visible with FTP… ASG-SharePath
  31. 31. QuestionsMore Get your free SharePath RUM today!