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ConnectSense App Walk-Through


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The ConnectSense app provides a premium Apple HomeKit experience. This aggregator app can control and monitor the ConnectSense Smart Outlet as well as any other HomeKit device. From creating and activating everything from Scenes to Rules, this app is a one-stop-shop for all of your home automation needs.

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ConnectSense App Walk-Through

  1. 1. App Walk-Through Premium HomeKit Experience
  2. 2. Devices Screen See quick status of your devices and simple on/off control of Smart Outlets.
  3. 3. Home Management Easily manage your Homes, Rooms, Zones and Service Groups.
  4. 4. Home Management Homes allow you to have more then one home. Only your primary home responds to Siri commands.
  5. 5. Room Management Rooms allow you to create rooms in your home and group HomeKit accessories together that are located in that room.
  6. 6. Zones Zones allow you to group together rooms in logical groups. These zones can then be addressed by Siri and commanded together.
  7. 7. Service Groups Service groups allow you to classify services (Lights, Outlets, Locks, etc) into smaller subsets so they can be commanded by Siri.
  8. 8. Scenes Scenes allow you to command multiple devices at once. Scenes can be commanded by Siri using their name. The four scenes featured to the right are included by default for every user.
  9. 9. Scenes When setting up a scene, you can set the state of all your HomeKit devices to the desired state when this scene is activated.
  10. 10. Rules Rules allow your home to truly automate itself. There are two types of rules, Timer and Event-based rules.
  11. 11. Timer Rules Timers allow you to set a schedule for a Scene to activate. These can be repeated Daily, Hourly, Weekly or Monthly.
  12. 12. Event Rules Event-based rules allow you to set up "If-Then"-type rules based on the state of the devices in your home. In this example, we setting a trigger for when our Smart Lock is Unlocked.
  13. 13. Event Rules We then set a scene to run when this event is triggered. This is selected in the “Then” section.
  14. 14. Event Rules Additionally we can add “When” constraints to only fire this rule at certain times or other devices are in a certain state.
  15. 15. Event Rules In this case, we have added a Solar Event as our "When" constraint. Here, the rule will only fire After Sunset.
  16. 16. Event Rules Now, this rule will automatically run the “I’m Home” Scene when we unlock our Smart Lock after Sunset.
  17. 17. Users Within the settings menu, you can invite other Users to share your home. This is as simple as adding a family member's iCloud ID to invite them to your home. Once accepted, they can access and control all your HomeKit accessories.
  18. 18. Tips Siri voice control is one of the killer features of HomeKit. Within the Tips section we have included some phrases you can use to control your Smart Outlets and other devices.