Effective Use of Technology for Your Events


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At Meet in Cambridge on 17 January 2013, Chris Watson from VenueAV gave a presentation on effective use of technology for your events.

Venue Audio Visual provides professional audio visual solutions and technical support for conferences meetings and events. Specialist services such as interactive live voting, multi language simultaneous translation, live streaming, filming and on demand content creation are just some of the ways we offer our clients opportunities to enhance the impact of their event. Venue Audio Visual also take care of all of the event essentials such as sound, projection, lighting and staging.

Current clients range from universities, research institutions, government departments and local authorities, to multi national corporations and charities.

Follow Chris on Twitter @venueAV www.venue-av.co.uk

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  • Specialise in providing a complete AV service, using in house equipment. When asked if we would like to participate today, bearing in mind we’re happiest back stage, my initial response was to do this . . .
  • But when they said it was only 10 mins I eventually agreed
  • HD is great Stage sets look nice Equality act - formerly disability discrimination act
  • We’re not talking about anything gimmicky, we’re talking about ‘value adding’ tech
  • How many great events have you hosted and wish you’d filmed If one or two aspects of the event sucked, wouldn’t it be great to be able to analyse it to make sure it was avoided next time Amateur filming indicates and amateur event Get the slides edited in, in post production Benefit of having filming done by the AV company is the audio quality
  • Intended to generate interest in the institute and their range of academic courses We do all of the AV
  • 80 seated 40 overspill Very cheap marketing For every person that attends the lecture, 56 watch it online when you consider the very specific subject matter, imagine the scope with a subject matter with a more broad appeal
  • As you have just seen briefly in Luans presentation
  • Presentation slides are usually shown next to the native language slides
  • Example of silent auction
  • Effective Use of Technology for Your Events

    1. 1. Effective Use ofTechnology for Events Chris Watson Director - Venue Audio Visual venue-av.com
    2. 2. The essentials• Good quality sound reinforcement• A microphone for every key speaker• High quality, bright projectors and displays• Suitable lighting• Comply with the Equality Act 2010
    3. 3. Tech to increase theimpact of your event
    4. 4. Film your event • Live streaming • Edit for use online • ‘On-demand’ hosting - (un-published material)But remember . . . • Quality • Turn around time is key • Audio is as important as video (but often forgotten)
    5. 5. Example: Institute of Continuing Education - Madingley Lectures • A series of free public lectures given by leading authorities in their fields • First lecture Jan 2011 • 11 lectures filmed so far • Edited and uploaded to ICE website, YouTube & iTunes U • Turn around time - 1 week maximum
    6. 6. The stats • Seating available in main room 80 • Seating available in overspill room 40 • Total possible number of physical attendees over 11 lectures 1,320 • Total downloads of the 11 lectures 74,000 • For every person attending, 56 people watched onlineStats kindly provided by the Institute of Continuing Education on 14th Jan 2013
    7. 7. Ask the audienceGet an honest response
    8. 8. Voting• Integrates with PowerPoint• Quick and easy to set up• Powerful for feedback, research or for some fun to break the ice• Anonymity means you collect valuable, honest data whilst your delegates remain at ease
    9. 9. Voting"Chris,The voting went very well again.Wevoted on how useful the voting system was andit rated very highly!"Doug SheperdigianAtlantic Customer Solutions
    10. 10. Translation• A large number of international delegates know very little English• Hearing things in your 1st language is always a better experience• Traditional consecutive translation is slow and disrupts the flow
    11. 11. Simultaneous TranslationHow it works... • Interpreters sit in a temporary soundproof booth, usually to the rear of the room • The presenter is translated seamlessly into a different language • The delegates who require translation wear a headset with a wireless receiver to listen to the translated presentation • You can have as many languages as required
    12. 12. Simultaneous Translation
    13. 13. Use of consumer tech in the event world• Tablet computers are now reasonably priced to hire in bulk• An excellent platform for trying something new• Challenge your technical team
    14. 14. Please do get in touchchris@venue-av.comwww.venue-av.com @VenueAV01223 240944