Value of a Social Influencer for AFP


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Exclusive presentation for AFP members to help understand the value of social influencers.

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  • Value of a Social Influencer for AFP

    1. 1. WHAT IS A SOCIAL INFLUENCER REALLY WORTH? Mark Davis, Blackbaud Casey Golden, Small Act Director of Product Marketing CEO @mcdavis7 @smallactguyThe audio for this webinar will be broadcast through your computer. Once you join thepresentation, a small audio broadcast box will appear on your screen and you will hear the host Follow along atthrough your computer speakers. #BlackbaudSocialTo join an Audio broadcast in WebEx, click on the Communicate menu in your WebEx screen andselect Join Audio Broadcast. If you are having problems connecting with the audio broadcastserver you can still join using the teleconference. If you are unable to listen to the audio throughyour computer and wish to dial into the conference line, please use the information below:Teleconference information:Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-4106539 (US)Call-in number: 1-660-4225471 (US)Conference Code: 843 654 3232 6/26/2012 1
    2. 2. WHY ARE INFLUENCERS IMPORTANT? with VS. Or... benefiting… &6/26/2012 2 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    3. 3. REVIEW OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKING BENCHMARK REPORT6/26/2012 3 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    4. 4. 6/26/2012 4 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark #BBSocial Report [INFOGRAPHIC], Blackbaud
    5. 5. 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report [INFOGRAPHIC], Blackbaud6/26/2012 5 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    6. 6. 6/26/2012 6 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report #BBSocial [INFOGRAPHIC], Blackbaud
    7. 7. 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report [INFOGRAPHIC], Blackbaud 20126/26/2012 7 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    8. 8. Sources:* 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report, Blackbaud** 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report , Blackbaud, NTEN, Common Knowledge*** 2012 donorCentrics Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmarking Insights, Blackbaud 6/26/2012 8 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    9. 9. The Power of Social Fundraising and Friends Asking Friends [INFOGRAPHIC], Blackbaud 20116/26/2012 9 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    10. 10. U N D E R S TA N D I N G Y O U R I N F L U E N C E R S A N D T H E I R VA L U E6/26/2012 10 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    11. 11. • 90 percent trust recommendations by friends more than traditional advertising* • 63 percent of users choose consumer ratings as their preferred source of information about products and services** Sources * Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, 2009 ** Neilson and NM Incite, State of the Media: The Social Media Report, Q3 20116/26/2012 11 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    12. 12. T H E F O U R S O C I A L I N F L U E N C E R R AT I N G S 4 - Key 3 - Engager Influencers 1% 5% 45%2 - Multichannel 1 - Standard 49% Consumer Consumer = 1% 6/26/2012 12 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    13. 13. 4 = KEY INFLUENCER CHARACTERISTICS • Definition • Exist on all three major networks • Generate significant discussions & thoughts and guide decisions • Key Attributes • High call-to-action ratio • Longer influence propagation • Value • Rapid Campaign acceleration • Crisis Management • P2P Fundraising • What to do with them • Identify and cultivate through socialNetwork Individual media channels Value Value • Give them the voice to spread your message 6/26/2012 13 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    14. 14. 3 = ENGAGER CHARACTERISTICS • Definition • Exists on all three major networks • Generates unique posts, shares, & comments • Attributes • 5% or less of overall users • Drive 80% of all the content and conversations. • Value • Significant influence on the donations and actions of others • Collaborate, share information and contribute significantly to the viral spread of messages and ideasNetwork Individual Value Value 6/26/2012 14 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    15. 15. 2 = MULTICHANNEL CONSUMER CHARACTERISTICS • Definition • These users have known active presences on at least two major networks. • Attributes • Usually ~45-50% of social audience • informed through social media and may participate on occasion. • Social media is an important intake • Do not as often influence others socially • Value • High potential to engage in specific campaigns that resonate with them • Very significant source of offline donationsNetwork Individual • Critical for advocacy and other calls to Value Value action. 6/26/2012 15 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    16. 16. 1 = STANDARD CONSUMER CHARACTERISTICS • Definition • These users consume information from one known network. • Attributes • Simply consume information (read updates, click links to read content) • Do not actively post new content or comments. • Use social media to staying connected to what‟s going on with friends/family and current events • Value • Strong target audience for both online and offline calls to action and campaigns.Network Individual • Very influenced by friends, family & Value Value peers and will likely take action if asked6/26/2012 16 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    17. 17. ARE OUR MAJOR GIFT PROSPECTS SOCIAL?6/26/2012 17 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    18. 18. H O W A R E N P O S U S I N G S O C I A L D ATA6/26/2012 18 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    19. 19. SO, WHAT DO THE CUSTOMERS SAY? “With social data there is much more power to target then measure the results...and to then make improvements, measure again and so on. It allows you to continue advancing the results and efficacy of what you do in ways that before were either not possible or were very difficult and expensive to do.” Guy Fischer National Chief Development Officer American Cancer Society6/26/2012 19 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    20. 20. EVENTS: IMPROVE TARGETING & ACQUISITIONThe Situation: For new DetermiNation event series, how to target the rightaudienceThe Goal: Increase success of targeted Direct Mail campaignThe Strategy: Find those individuals who are interested in this type of event andwill be able to raise sufficient fundsThe Tactics: Optimize Direct Mail by: (a) Targeting Engagers and Key Influencers, who (b) Have existing athletic behavior and participation (marathoners, triathletes, cyclists, exercise buffs, etc.) 6/26/2012 20 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    21. 21. SO, WHAT DO THE CUSTOMERS SAY? “ We are interested in utilizing social data to better engage our constituents across multiple facets of our organization; major gifts, advocacy, special events and direct response. We believe this added intelligence would allow us to better steward our donors and our participants in a more thoughtful way lending to increased retention and acquisition.” Kate Giblin Rooper Vice President, Campaign Development American Diabetes Association6/26/2012 21 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    22. 22. EVENTS: IMPROVING RETENTIONThe Situation: Huge loss of participants every year. If the team captainleaves, the whole team vanishes.The Goal: Increase retention of participants by 10%+The Strategy: Identify those individuals who are (a) on a team and (b) havestrong social influence as back ups for the team captain position next year andcultivate them.The Tactics: Use Social Influencer rating to identify key participants. Providespecial cultivation opportunities pre, during and post event.6/26/2012 22 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    23. 23. SO, WHAT DO THE CUSTOMERS SAY? “When we learn where the highest return opportunities and low hanging fruit exists, I expect the positive impact will have ripple effects throughout the organization.” Jaime Matyas Executive VP and COO National Wildlife Federation6/26/2012 23 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    24. 24. SUSTAINER GROWTH: IMPROVE MONTHLY GIVINGThe Situation: Not knowing who to target with specific sustainer asks and programsThe Goal: Increase Sustainer program to boost annual and lifetime giving value ofdonorsThe Strategy: Identify and target those individuals who (a) have given more thanonce, and (b) are a Multichannel Consumer of aboveThe Tactics: To this specific target segment, (a) increase presence of monthly giving opportunities in all campaigns (b) send exclusive monthly giving campaigns (c) promote monthly giving opportunities online (at time of donation) 6/26/2012 24 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    25. 25. WHERE DO GO FROM HERE6/26/2012 25 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    26. 26. HOW CAN SOCIAL SCORE HELP? • Events - How can I better identify who will be successful p2p fundraisers? - How can I achieve better year over year donor retention? • Direct Marketing/Email - How do I increase the „ask‟ amount for the right segment of our file? - How can I increase the success rate of my mail drop? • • Sustainer Program - How do I identify the best prospects for this program? • Advocacy - How do I maximize our efforts and get viral spread of our message?6/26/2012 26 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    27. 27. SOCIAL SCORE OFFERING OVERVIEW Social Media Impact Social Influencer Impact• Access publically - Key influencers can and available data from: are promoting client messaging - Facebook 900M users - New social data enable - LinkedIn 150M users added dimension to - Twitter 100M+ users existing fundraising strategies - Other networks Social data enables organizations to identify, profile and target high-value relationships in social media 6/26/2012 27 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial
    28. 28. WA N T M O R E ? Download presentation: Download report: Follow us: www.netwitsthinktank.com6/26/2012 28 Call in: 1-866-4106539 8436543232# #BBSocial