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Recent Social Media Campaigns by Circus Social


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Circus Social is a Singapore-based startup that specializes in building Social Software for Marketers across the world. We have a unique blend of Creativity, Business and Technical skills, and our troupe is multi-talented, international and great fun to work with - just like a world-class circus!

Over the last 18 months, we've worked on social media campaigns for leading multi-national brands such as Coke, Nestle, Unilever, P&G and more. We've created social media monitoring dashboards, brand dashboards, CRM programs, social media contests - and a host of other things for brands across the planet!

We've created regional campaigns that have run in more than 7 languages, we've built apps that have been integrated with third party services such as Spotify and SoundCloud - heck, we've done it all! If you think you have a campaign in mind that we haven't worked on before, we'll give you a discount! And if it's amazing enough, we might just do it for no charge. ;)

Here's what some media coverage about us has said:

The Next Web: "Circus Social’s selling point is almost certainly its expertise — as the people running it have already carried out marketing campaigns for years." Read the full article here -

Social Media Today: "Circus Social’s unique “hospital medical school” model is a safety net for brands and marketers." Read the full article here

Some more information about us and what we can do for you:

A quick fact sheet
* We are 1.5 years old and have grown to a team of 28 full time people.
* We have offices in Singapore and Bangalore.
* We have delivered dozens of projects for brands like Coke, Unilever, Nestle, SingTel, AIA, KFC and many others.

We offer.
* Custom Solutions : We build social applications across all major social platforms for both web and mobile.
* SaaS (Software as a Solution) offering: Our Plug and Play apps engine allows small brands, entrepreneurs and marketers from around the world to create, launch and manage their own Facebook apps and Campaigns without worrying about coding, hosting and other technical matters. Monthly subscriptions start as low as $10 a month. We launched recently and already have subscribers from 3 different continents.

Handy Links

* Website -
* Facebook Page -
* Twitter Profile -
* You can directly start using our product here. -

We are a WPP partner company.

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Recent Social Media Campaigns by Circus Social

  1. 1. DO MORE with Circus Social 1 Kickass Agency + Nerdy Software Company = Circus Social
  2. 2. 2 OUR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS SOCIAL APPLICATIONS •  Create, Publish, Launch and Manage your own applications •  Publish on Facebook or on your own website / blog •  Pay as you use model •  Ever increasing number of applications •  Secure and Scalable hosting included MANAGED SOLUTIONS PLUG & PLAY SOLUTIONS A hybrid subscription pack that cuts in between Enterprise Solutions and Plug & Play offering: •  Unlimited usage •  Complete White Label •  Publishing & Design support •  Priority Tech Support BRAND DASHBOARDS WEBSITES REWARD PROGRAMS SOCIAL GAMES
  3. 3. Own Delivery Centre Amazing Team Expertise End to End Solutions Quick turnarounds Predictability, efficiency & high quality Mix of tech, marketing and creative skills. 30 people. Design Services We get better EVERYDAY In depth understanding of Social API’s Ability to create social software across web, social platforms, mobile platforms and to seamlessly integrate the same Over 150 custom projects delivered for world’s best brands Admin Panel Secure Hosting & Maintenance 3 MORE WINS MORE MARGINS 360 SOLUTIONS FOCUS
  4. 4. •  Manage all apps from same admin panel •  Complete control over user submissions •  Edit application content •  Social CRM features inbuilt •  Download user data •  Send emails and SMS messages directly from dashboard to participants Secret Sauce: The Circus Social Apps Platform Robust. Powerful. Simple 4 DIY Solutions Exclusive. Cutting- Edge. Limitless. Enterprise Solutions Fast. Custom. Unique.
  5. 5. Enterprise Solutions Exclusive. Cutting-Edge. Limitless Turn the page for sample case studies… Social Games Social Reward Programs Custom Campaigns Brand Dashboards Social Support Desks Social CRM Technology
  6. 6. SOCIAL GAMES Nothing tickles your fans’ fancy (and makes them spend more time on your Facebook page) like a Facebook game! Top it off with an amazing prize for the top winner coupled with a competitive and dynamic leaderboard and you have a winner on your hands! 6
  7. 7. NEA builds an addictive game to encourage Singaporeans to keep Singapore clean! •  Amazingly fun game – built at a crazy budget! •  Users vie with each other to clean various parks, hawker centres and HDB void decks to earn points •  18 different skill levels •  Addictive! •  Works across web and mobile (IOS and Android) •  Unique social aspect 7
  8. 8. SGX introduces investing… with a gaming twist! •  A fun stock game that introduces first-timers to trading within a safe environment •  The twist: give away stocks to your friends in order to grow your portfolio! •  Real time stock price updates •  Various social features built in •  The user with the biggest portfolio wins amazing prizes •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Complete client control from the admin panel 8
  9. 9. NSCS asks you to spot terror threats •  A fun game that invites users to spot terrorism threats in 4 situations •  The user with the fastest timing wins a prize each week •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) 9
  10. 10. SOCIAL REWARD PROGRAMS Reward your fans with goodies and love so that they may spread the word of your brand. Take it one step further and reward your fans’ online activities with physical goodies! See our favourite clients who have crossed the digital divide to create a truly 360° experience. 10
  11. 11. MILO Breakfast Champions redeem MILO items on Facebook •  Users challenged by brand to complete tasks. •  Users earn points for completing challenges and rating other’s challenges. •  Crowdsourced winner emerges •  Every user can redeem points for MILO branded goodies. •  Entire Rewards System managed through the application – including CRM component •  Everything is managed from the admin panel 11
  12. 12. NTUC rewards Singaporeans for doing good •  Encourages Singaporeans to pledge and fulfill good deeds •  Users can pledge existing good deeds or create new one’s •  Upon redemption, users can redeem completed pledges at special redemption mobile vans across Singapore •  All functions work on a website, on Facebook web version and on mobile (Android and iOS) •  Single admin panel to manage all versions 12
  13. 13. 13 •  Febreze users get a physical invite to take part in the ‘Febreze to go’ challenge •  Users are challenged to complete 10 fun activities •  Users earn points that can be redeemed for goodies •  Objective is to communicate various applications of Febreze and drive repurchase •  Works on a microsite and is mobile optimized •  Connects to a user’s FB ID A program for advocates of Febreze
  14. 14. CUSTOM APPLICATIONS We have created over a 100 customized social apps for top brands like Coke, P&G, Unilever and Nestle. We will help you with conceptualization, design and development, management and hosting. We build social apps on your website, Facebook Page, mobile, blog on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Spotify, Google +, YouTube and more! Journey through our recent work!
  15. 15. 15 Tweet and share your vibe to win a Lenovo Vibe phone this football season •  Lenovo launches new Vibe phone via a message sharing contest on a web microsite and mobile •  User declare their vibe by picking sides through unique hashtags •  Contest launched across 9 markets and 6 different languages. •  Global counter to track #hashtag score for competitiveness •  Contest submission details can be downloaded via admin panel.
  16. 16. Coke Move Happy Playlist •  Create a happy playlist for your activities based on your activity, length of time, tempo, and favourite artists! •  Integrated with Spotify’s API •  Works across web and mobile (iOS and Android) 16
  17. 17. KFC Mongolia shows users how to keep warm! •  A fun photo contest where users can drag and drop stickers onto their uploaded images •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Complete client control from the admin panel •  Client can download images off the admin panel •  Client can email each individual user from the admin panel 17
  18. 18. You gotta sing it to win it with Holiday Inn Express! •  A songwriting competition app •  Upload songs from your computer or Soundcloud •  Leaderboard to show users’ ranks •  Vote for your favourite song! 18
  19. 19. Say yes to stains with OMO Play Recipe! •  Find a play recipe for your kids and set up a play date with other mum’s kids •  Track your play recipe activities on your calendar •  Submit your own play recipe or find one that suits your preferences •  Work across both web and mobile (Android and iPhone) 19
  20. 20. 20 •  Sofitel’s launches brand new hotel with Instagram + Vine contest •  Allows users to upload photo and video by just using a #hashtag •  The simple mechanic allows easy participation •  Photos and videos can be moderated via customized backend admin panel •  Crowd source function allow easy access to all submission across platforms on one singular gallery Win One Night @ Sofitel with just one simple #hashtag
  21. 21. 21 Give the world a better smile with Operation Smile •  An app that get users to share their best smile photo to help children born with cleft lips •  Smile counter to track amount of photos collected •  App crowd source photos from Facebook, Instagram and a roving photo boot! •  Users can share their photos on Facebook •  All photos submission can be downloaded with one click for post PR activations.
  22. 22. Expedia highlights digital traveller trends in interactive infographic •  A beautiful infographic that is both interactive, informative and integrated with Facebook’s API •  Fans can participate in Expedia’s survey and see their quiz answers appear alongside Expedia’s researched dataset •  Available on Expedia’s website, Facebook page, and mobile 22
  23. 23. SMU lets your Facebook profile tell you what you should study •  App predicts a Facebook user’s personality based on their Social Graph data •  Additional inputs from their friends’ surveys complete the picture •  Results delivered in real time •  Unique downloadable personality Info graphic created for every participant •  User’s friends recommend which courses will be best for user 23
  24. 24. Guinness Singapore counts down to Arthur’s Day! •  Users participate in a photo contest and a weekly quiz in order to stand chances to win tickets to see The Fray! •  Users vie with each other on a Leaderboard based on points received from their activities •  Works across web and mobile (iOS and Android) 24
  25. 25. Lenovo launches the stylish K900 smartphone globally •  Crowd sourced photo contest where users upload images from PC, Facebook or Mobile! •  Images appear within Lenovo frame •  Launched in 8 different countries and 6 different languages •  Extreme ‘anti-hacking’ features built in •  Built to work across web and mobile (iOS and Android) seamlessly •  Complete control from admin panel 25
  26. 26. Build your customized Navy Open House itinerary •  An automated itinerary generator for visitors to the Singapore Navy’s Open House •  Users share their interests and time available and an itinerary is automatically created for them •  Users can download their itinerary in PDF format and email it to their friends right from Facebook •  Their personalized itinerary is also emailed to them 26
  27. 27. Rinso moms create custom interactive animations of their kids under a minute! •  Moms upload kid’s picture •  Interactive animation •  App instantly creates 4 fun animated adventures using the child’s photo •  The interactive adventure educates moms that cleaning with liquid is better than powder •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Moms can share their creations with friends on FB •  Complete control from admin panel 27
  28. 28. RINSO Indonesia does it again… on Mobile! •  After the runaway success with Cerita di balik Noda 1, Rinso Indonesia decided to run it a second time, this time across mobile devices! •  Mothers can upload photos of their children, with a caption explaining the ‘story behind the stain’ on their t-shirts •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Moms can share their creations with friends on FB 28
  29. 29. AIA encourages Singaporeans to treasure everyday moments •  Photo Contest with unique ‘Engagement Index’ •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Ability to submit and rate entries from both web and mobile •  Manage both mobile and web app versions from admin panel 29
  30. 30. Refresh your Facebook Profile with Coca-Cola! •  Users are encouraged to post pictures on Instagram using selected hashtags •  All images are automatically pulled into the application •  User can also create their custom cover photo using various branded Coca-Cola Cover Photo Themes •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Fully integrated with Instagram 30
  31. 31. Sofitel SO hotel hires on Facebook •  Sofitel’s solution to filling up vacancies fast •  Allows friends to recommend jobs •  Highly discreet •  Allows Sofitel HR to browse through submissions from admin panel. •  Confirmations and invites for interviews sent from the system •  Ability to add, edit and manage jobs and download applications from the admin panel 31
  32. 32. 32 •  Targeted at Audi fans and enthusiast. •  Players can share contest and challenge friends to top their scores. •  Log in via Facebook to play. •  Available on Mobile. •  Link to product page Audi launches sleek A8 with the ultimate quiz
  33. 33. 33 Locate the Guinness pub nearest to you! •  An app that lists and locates bars that stock up on Guinness •  Monthly challenge available for users to attend to and win prizes. •  Users upload photos from Facebook or PC/Mobile photo album •  All submitted photos can be downloaded from the admin panel
  34. 34. 34 Share your best advice with Alliance Bank •  A photo contest app where user shares the best advice received by uploading a picture or posting it on Instagram with a hashtag. •  All entries can be downloaded from the admin panel for post- campaign activation.
  35. 35. 35 Show your support with Arthur Guinness Projects •  This app invites users to pledge to support the women of Cha Cha Cottage •  Every pledge reveal a box on the candle with the user’s name •  For every pledge received, the amount of donation increases by a certain amount. •  Once the app has received the maximum number of pledges, the candle will be ‘lit up’.
  36. 36. KFC Mongolia warms it up again! •  Second phase of KFC Mongolia’s campaign •  All functions work across both web and mobile (Android and iOS) •  Complete client control from the admin panel •  Client can download images off the admin panel •  Client can email each individual user from the admin panel 36
  37. 37. SOCIAL SUPPORT Reach out to your fans and provide them support via social media application. Our apps are customizable to tailor to your brand’s necessity and requirement. 37
  38. 38. Have a question for Prudential? Contact them on Facebook! •  Prudential’s customers may contact Prudential faster via the app rather than making a phone call •  Works across web and mobile (iOS and Android) •  Prudential can easily download a list of users information and their queries from the admin panel at any time 38
  39. 39. AIA turns to Facebook to receive customer’s query faster •  AIA’s customers have an easier way to contact the company’s customer service: via Facebook! •  Works across web and mobile (iOS and Android) •  AIA can easily download a list of users information and their query from the admin panel at any time 39
  40. 40. SINGTEL reduces the pressure on their phone lines… by going to Facebook! •  Singtel customers now have a new and easy way to reach out to customer service… via Facebook! •  Works across web and mobile (iOS and Android) •  Singtel can easily download a list of users information and their query from the admin panel at any time 40
  41. 41. Contact Audi Singapore… via Facebook! •  Contact Us app with 3 different forms for different enquiries •  Enquiries are sent to the respective person in charge •  Ability to change the visuals and email trigger’s recipients from the admin panel 41
  42. 42. BRAND DASHBOARDS: Keep Ahead At A Glance 42
  43. 43. Tracking your brand in a holistic manner across social media, mainline media and across your social platforms is an essential ingredient for effective and inspired decision making (unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years)! Tracking your brand helps you to: ü  Track your competition in real time ü  Make better decisions ü  Collaborate with stakeholders ü  Have your ear to the ground. Always. 43
  44. 44. 44 A Brand Dashboard for SkyScanner •  Multiple Countries •  Multiple Platforms •  Integration with GA and Google Trends •  Share story and photos in 1 click •  Analysis and Insights
  45. 45. 45 •  Financial Data and Social Data in one place •  A tool for top management to track information and be aware of opportunities •  Multiple access levels •  Integration with Ogilvy authentication system A financial + social tracker for Ogilvy’s top 30 clients in Asia
  46. 46. Dashboard Sample: Coca-Cola MY/SG •  Dashboard alerts stakeholders to active conversations on selected topics •  Integrates with Radian 6, Instagram and Twitter API’s •  Admin panel allows creation of new and multiple Twitter and Instagram topics •  Admin users can create and track brand influencers •  Allows sentiment analysis and competitor tracking •  Users can switch between markets with a click 46
  47. 47. Campaign Performance Monitoring Dashboard •  Tracks actual performance against objectives in real time •  Dashboard alerts agency to active conversations on selected topics •  Integrates with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter API’s •  Admin panel allows creation of new and multiple topics •  Allows sentiment analysis and competitor tracking •  Tracks brand’s influencers and social traffic 47
  48. 48. Internal Dashboard for IHG •  iOS mobile native app for IHG communications team in Asia, Middle East, and Africa •  Share story and photos in 1 click •  Call / SMS / e-mail team members through the app •  Works on iPhone and iPad iOS 6 and above 48
  49. 49. A P P E N D I X Campaign Tracker How are your campaigns doing? Tracking of campaigns, keywords and accounts across Instagram and Twitter. Multiple accounts can be tracked. Sentiment analysis is available. Competition / Related brand trackerMainline media newsfeed and social buzz related to competitor or related brands Concerns and Highlights This is a section where any item, flagged in any section by anyone will appear along with the name of the person who has flagged it Feedback Goes straight to the in boxes of the entire brand team on the agency side Idea Exchange This is a mini forum functionality for different stakeholders to have a brainstorm / exchange and build on each others ideas Influencer Tracker What your influencers are saying about you. A combined feed of everything that your influencer is publishing across various platforms. Ability to sort and filter on keywords and sentiment tracker is available Media News Feed What is the media saying about you. News and links from mainline news media where your brand or related topics have been reported / mentioned. Sentiment analysis charts are also available OPR Media monitoring tracker Date wise tracking of media monitoring reports created by OPR. Readily available on click anytime, anywhere. Platform Tracker A snapshot of what is being published by the brand (or group's) own social platfroms. Engagement and sentiment analysis is also available Reports and Documents PDF, deck and reports that the agency and client might want to shre with each other Search analysis Search trends related to your brand. The popularity and trends of searches for selected keywords and comparisons across competition etc. Location maps, search results and related searches are also available The Social Buzz What is the social buzz around your brand. A stream of conversations from across the web - clubbed together under multiple topics. Sentiment analysis charts are also available Timeline A visual interplay between social buzz and the mainline media news feed Top Management Tracker A alert on any news or mention related to the top management of the company Traffic Performance Traffic on your website, FB page/s and YouTube channel 49
  50. 50. SOCIAL CRM Embark on a new CRM system for your fans. Combine old CRM triggers with fans’ online bahavior and reach out to them in targeted ways like never before! 50
  51. 51. The Circus Social – Social CRM Framework Campaign A Facebook Campaign B Google + Campaign C Twitter Sign Up Tab Facebook Connect Data & Permission Capture Database Set-up & Updates Trigger & Message Schedule Delivery Analytics Trigger Set Message Schedule Product Info Contact Activities Circus Social Delivery Platform Existing CRM - Elequa - Send Grid - Aweber Social Message - We Chat - Lime - Facebook - Mobile Interest Open Date Delivery Date Click Through Rate Unsubscribe Rate Permissions Revoke 51
  52. 52. PurinaONE sets a new standard in Social CRM! •  PurinaOne engages their pet-lovers through a month- long challenge to convert them into Purina fans •  At every stage of the month-long challenge, users receive personalized EDMs with separate messaging •  Fans who ‘drop off’ the challenge receive different messages from fans who complete the daily challenges •  Complete client control from the admin panel 52
  53. 53. Apps are a great way to drive meaningful engagement on a Facebook page, blog or website… but you already know that! Plug and play solutions tend to be a little restrictive, customized solution can be too expensive.. 53 CIRCUS Managed Solutions CIRCUS  SOCIAL  HAS  A  TAILOR  MADE  SOLUTION  FOR  YOU..     •  Unlimited  usage  of  our  plug  and  play  engine!   •  Hands  on  support  for  customizing,  publishing  and  we  can  even  do  the  designs  for  you!   •  A  complete  white  label  opLon.   •  Priority  support   •  Circus  Social  cash  vouchers.   •  Publish  Anywhere  -­‐  Website,  Blog  or  Facebook  Tab   •  Mobile  OpLmized
  54. 54. DIY Solutions Install. Empower. Engage. 54
  55. 55. Plug & Play Apps Install. Empower. Engage. Check out our demo apps The Penguin Shop Elvis Presley Kim Jong Un • The price reflects the cost of the app for pages with less than 10,000 fans, for every additional 10,000 fans – the app subscription in creases by $1/month. Use the price calculator below to find out exactly how much each app will cost your page. 55
  56. 56. Build: Development, Testing and Maintenance Quick feedback will help us deliver faster Design We can work with your designers Or we can create the designs Concepts Send us a brief or invite us For brainstorms / pitches Wire-frames Mock-ups We are happy to create mock-ups Bring us in at any stage Earlier the better! 56
  57. 57. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to enquire about our products and solutions, would like to speak with our client partner or support team, or if you’d just like to rant about the last episode of Game of Thrones and about how Joffrey Baratheon should just die already. O: +65 6213 7756 M: +65 9029 7601 O: +65 6417 3053 M: +65 9852 4292 Email us at 57 O: +65 6213 7756 M: +91 8884 016 116 Call us at +65 6417 3053 Meet us at SINGAPORE 71 Robinson Road, #07-01, Singapore 068895 BANGALORE 2628, 4th Floor, 27th Main Road, Sector 1, HSR Layout, Bangalore O: +65 6417 3227 M: +65 9710 9529