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ABM / Account Based Marketing business case / ROI Vendemore with Bisnode


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How can ROI be determined in Account Based Marketing cases?

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ABM / Account Based Marketing business case / ROI Vendemore with Bisnode

  1. 1. Christopher Engman Founder and Head of Vendemore +46 735 101974 Customer case: Bisnode Capabilities used: 1) Account selection 2) Insights 3) Content 4) Orchestration 5) Targeted delivery 6) Measurement
  2. 2. Bisnode Targeting: - Existing customers for cross/up selling. Almost always several ongoing sales processes per account. - 5 primary industry verticals Challenges: - Too few contacts per account - Product focused sales organization (rather than solution selling) - Lack of knowledge of total offering within the customer organization (and within our own sales organization) - Fierce competition (often cheaper alternatives) for many of the offerings Expected effects: - Increased number of deals and higher order values - Higher awareness within the customer organizations - Increased cross sell @chrisengman
  3. 3. Aligning marketing investments with business opportunities $ Clients Potential revenue Existing revenue Similar clients Top 50 Next 50 Next 100 ABM – Named accounts B2B General marketing Sales resources @chrisengman
  4. 4. Account specific content or “Poker cards”? …industrial scale ABM requires the “poker card” usage… Retail references Guide Getting started Infograph Solution area A Competitor X Bank references Selection guide Recorded webinar Solution area B Competitor Y Telco references Pain 1 Market leadership Solution area C Competitor Z Pharma references Pain 2 2 min video Solution area D Status quo Generic references Pain 3 3 min video Gartner report Sirius report Solution area A Solution area B Solution area C Solution area D Customer 1 √ $ ≠ √ Customer 2 $ ≠ ≠ √ Customer 3 √ √ $ √ … Customer 89 $ $ ≠ √ Customer 90 √ ≠ ≠ $ Content / Ad library / ”Poker cards” Message to Account mapping @chrisengman
  5. 5. Account Based vs. List Based Marketing High Priority Medium priority Low priority Insufficient Sales resources Inability to prioritise Account Based Trawling vs List Based Marketing Current Sales focus Account Based Marketing Search + MA @chrisengman
  6. 6. Bisnode uses a mix of general, vertical specific and account specific content and ads @chrisengman
  7. 7. Example content journey @chrisengman
  8. 8. Bisnode mixes content per account based on tactical situation. Bisnode Europe CX Retail CX Mistakes CX Video Predictive Analytics Fraud Credit Solutions Compliance RSS News Retail 1 x x x x Retail 2 x x Retail 3 x x x x Bank 1 x x x x Bank 2 x x x x Municipality 1 x x x Municipality 2 x x x x - Where they are in the sales processes. - Cross selling initiatives - Defence. At the end of contracts. @chrisengman
  9. 9. - Account prioritization - Solution prioritization – for which sales process is the customer engaging with the content - Next step: Persona type via media category Bisnode insights for sales include: Bisnode Europe CX Retail CX Mistakes CX Video Predictive Analytics Fraud Credit Solutions Complianc e RSS News Retail 1 0,03% 0,04% 0,08% 0,24% Retail 2 0,07% 0,09% 0,02% Retail 3 0,19% 0,14% 0,21% 0,04% Bank 1 0,05% 0,16% 0,8% 0,10% Bank 2 0,03% 0,06% 0,09% 0,11% Municipality 1 0,03% 0,05% 0,06% Municipality 2 0% 0,06% 0,14% 0,03% @chrisengman
  10. 10. CONTACTS LinkedIn CRM TRAFFIC Unique Visitors Repeat Visitors REVENUEOPPORTUNITIES No. of Opportunities Pipeline Value Campaign Progression KPI to ROI Volume Time
  11. 11. Historical Analysis A/B Testing Before ABM Campaign Short Term Effects Long Term Effects A B Deals per Account Deal Velocity Deal Expansion
  12. 12. 10000.0 20000.0 30000.0 40000.0 50000.0 60000.0 70000.0 80000.0 90000.0 100000.0 January/15 February/15 March/15 April/15 May/15 June/15 July/15 August/15 September/15 October/15 November/15 December/15 January/16 Total Trend 20000 SEK Gap 50000 SEK Gap Invoiced Amount Per Customer Per Month
  13. 13. - Sales has gone from suspicious and unengaged to enthusiastic about ABM. - Marketing and sales are working closely together. - Marketing and sales have aligned their KPI’s. - Marketing have adopted an ABM-based content strategy. - Marketing are producing more content that is balanced across the customers’ buying process – from easy check-lists, customer cases to heavier content such as business cases and white papers. - Bisnode is attending less fairs and sponsoring less external events as they have a much lower ROI than the ABM-program. Bisnode’s key organizational learnings after working with ABM for 18 months: @chrisengman
  14. 14. • Account Based Marketing vs List Based Marketing • Poker cards • Trawling (you need to be able to turn on and off accounts and ads per account) • 50% of the value of ABM is to enable prioritization of sales people’s time • which accounts, • which themes/solution areas, • which personas/functional roles • Bisnode case: 150% higher revenue increase, 13% shorter sales cycles, more deals per account (A-group vs B- group) Summary @chrisengman