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Why And How To Use Negative Keywords For Google Adwords

If you have not added negative keywords to your Google Adwords campaign you are throwing money away! Get the most out of your ads and make sure your ads are only shown to potential clients of your products and services. This tutorial will show you how to find negative keywords and add them to your Google Adwords campaign.

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Why And How To Use Negative Keywords For Google Adwords

  2. 2. WHAT IS A NEGATIVE KEYWORD?  A negative keyword is used to limit the circumstances where your Google Ads are shown  For example, a tutoring business that sells in home tutoring will want to have the following keywords:  free  online  software  xxx
  3. 3. WHY USE NEGATIVE KEYWORDS?  You want to get the most out of your Google Adwords campaign  This means, you ONLY want potential clients for your services to see the ads  Let’s take a look at the word, “software”
  4. 4. KEYWORD: SOFTWARE (PART 1) Not good!
  5. 5. KEYWORD: SOFTWARE (PART 2)  The keywords of “tutoring software” is more than likely a user wanting to find software for a tutoring business  The example from the previous slide showed an ad for a tutoring service  THIS IS A POTENTIAL WASTE OF MONEY!
  6. 6. USE NEGATIVE KEYWORDS EFFECTIVELY  Log in to your Google Adwords Campaign  Click on keywords  Click on “Negative Keywords”  Click the blue + button to add keywords
  7. 7. FINDING NEGATIVE KEYWORDS (PART 1)  Campaign “Overview” and “search” panel
  8. 8. FINDING NEGATIVE KEYWORDS (PART 2)  Search for keywords that are triggering your ads but are not indicative of your products and services  When you locate a word that is misleading, add it to your negative keywords  This is how I located the words, “free, course, learning, and school” for my ads
  9. 9. FINDING NEGATIVE KEYWORDS (PART 3)  Also check your Google Analytics account  Make sure to add the conversion tracking snippet to each page on your site to do this 1 2 3
  10. 10. NEVER STOP SEARCHING  You might be tempted to find a few negative keywords early in your campaign and then never update it again...  Don’t do that!
  11. 11. CONCLUSION  It is absolutely necessary to use NEGATIVE KEYWORDS effectively.  Make sure to: 1. Check Adwords Overview, “Search” panel 2. Check Google Analytics for keywords 3. Test Google and play with keywords that may or may not trigger your ads 4. Read this article on negative keywords