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for music appreciation

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  1. 1. Igor Stravinsky By: Christine Travis
  2. 2. The Life of Igor ❖ Born as Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky ❖ June 17th, 1882- April 6th, 1971 ❖ Hometown of present day Lomonosov, Russia ❖ Started off by studying law, but then realized his love for music ❖ His piece The Firebird gave him overnight success in 1910
  3. 3. Method to the Madness ❖ Preferred to write his music with experimental, vs. prior practice ❖ Loved finding new chord patterns on the piano ❖ Created different metrical patterns ❖ His methods influenced later composers on pulse, rhythm, and form
  4. 4. Important Works ❖ The Firebird Suite ❖ Petrushka ❖ Oedipus Rex ❖ The Rite of Spring
  5. 5. The Firebird Suite ❖ Stravinsky's first large-scale orchestral work ❖ Made of five movements ➢ I. Introduction – The Firebird and Its Dance – The Firebird’s Variation ➢ II. The Princess’ Khorovod ➢ III. Infernal dance of King Kaschchei ➢ IV. Berceuse ➢ V. Finale ❖ Added ideas to the ballet itself ❖ Heavily influenced by Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky’s teacher
  6. 6. Petrushka ❖ Made of 15 parts/ movements ❖ Written as a collaboration with Serge Diaghilev ❖ Uses borrowed folk tunes ❖ In 1947, the score was changed to fit concert performance
  7. 7. Oedipus Rex ❖ The piece that jump started his “neoclassical” era ❖ Became a major opera within the first year of it being produced ❖ Written in Latin ❖ Said to be an “opera-oratorio”-meaning that it can be performed without staging ❖ The music fits the “chilling and mesmerizing” feelings of the greek myth and Sophocles' play
  8. 8. The Rite of Spring ❖ Broken into two parts ➢ I. Adoration of the Earth ➢ II. The Sacrifice ❖ Noted as one of the first modernist piece of music ❖ Stood out with its barbaric rhythms, brutality, and its dissonance ❖ Premier performance caused disruption in the crowd ❖ Created with the help of Nicholas Roerich ❖ Is now performed for concert orchestra
  9. 9. The Rite of Spring (continued) ❖ Included in the Disney film Fantasia in 1940 ❖ The film was used to bring classical music to life ❖ Includes work from other famed composers such as Beethoven, Stokowski, Schubert, and Ponchielli The Rite of Spring illustrates a battle scene of two dinosaurs- one seemingly a ‘good’ guy and one seemingly a ‘bad’ one. Rite is able to set the scene with its harsh, accented melody and sporadic bursts of sound.
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