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Laws: Code of Hammurabi


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Laws: Code of Hammurabi

  1. 1. The author of this PowerPoint is by HillaryBelen Chua in class 5R. Please enjoy yourselves!
  2. 2. 1. Purpose/Some Information I know2. King Hammurabi3. Code Of Hammurabi4. Mesopotamians Needs The Law5. Helping Us Change The World6. Some Pictures7. Bibliography8. Reflection9. Q&A (If we have time.)
  3. 3. I want to do this project because I am really curiousabout the ancient laws of Mesopotamia and how theyuse the punishment. But I do know some informationabout laws since in English GD, we are learning aboutthe ancient Mesopotamia (now claims as Iraq).Centuries ago, people started to live in a FertileCrescent somewhere in the Middle East. A FertileCrescent is a place that can grow good crops and thethe land is curved-shape. There were two rivers calledthe Tigris and Euphrates River between the land.Later on, the Greeks called the landMesopotamia, which also mean “between the rivers”and civilization developed in Mesopotamia!
  4. 4. King Hammurabi was the ruler of Babylonia, and yetcreated the Code of Hammurabi. Before we get to theCode of Hammurabi, let me introduce you to this wiseking. Hammurabi was born in the 1790 BCE andpassed away in 1750 BCE. Nobody was sure how hedied. Some says he died because of natural causes.King Hammurabi conquered cities and expanded hisempire. Hammurabi got stronger and stronger everytime he conquered a city-state. Because the history istoo long ago, so there is different results, but itsaround 13 to 14 city-states. The people prayed forhim and thought the gods and goddess gave powerto Hammurabi.
  5. 5. The laws seem The Code of Hammurabi was the firstlaws system created in the Middle East civilization.The laws were written in stone and was placed in apublic location so everyone can take a look at the 282laws that the citizens should be obeyed. The lawsmight seem cruel by todays standard but Hammurabicreated those laws because he wants everyone to beresponsible for their own actions and Hammurabiwanted the citizens all to be fair. One famousprinciple for this law: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for atooth”. It means that whoever disobey the laws, likekilling someone, the person shall be punished in thesame way, which you all might know. And dead wasone of the most basic punishment back then. Some
  6. 6. The Code Of Hammurabi is so important back thenbecause if they don’t have laws, they Middle Eastside will turn into a chaos. Also, law is the mostimportant topic for the civilization, so if there isNO law in Mesopotamia, then civilization go downand into the mud. Hammurabi was really wise tocreate the first law in the Western civilization. Thecode also made the place more safe and made lifefair, and the code help keep Mesopotamia in order.The law had made such a great civilization thattoday we still use the laws but not to harsh likeHammurabi did. The code made the citizens thinkbefore they act so they won’t do the wrong thing.
  7. 7. The laws helped us developed greatcivilization but we do not follow the rulesof the Code of Hammurabi. Because somelaws are too harsh and as I say just now,dead is a common punishment. IfHammurabi didn’t created laws, the worldwe survive today would be a huge chaos!However, if we still used the 282 laws thatHammurabi created, there will be lots ofkilling, and not much freedom. But the
  8. 8. 1. Code of Hammurabi-Online History Sourcebooks2. Code of Hammurabi-LookLex Encyclopedia3. Hammurabi’s Code4. Hammurabi’s Code-New World Encyclopedia
  9. 9. In this project, I did lots ofresearch of the Code ofHammurabi and put all my effortinto it. I also included somepictures so the audience can knowthe paragraph more clearly andthe font is readable. I hope all ofyou like my presentation!
  10. 10. Q: How many laws how created in the Code ofA: 282 lawsHammurabi?Q: What was the principle for the Code ofHammurabi?A: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for atooth.”Q: When was Hammurabiborn and dead? BCE and dead in 1750A: Born in 1790BCE.Q: Why do the Mesopotamians needed this law?Please say at the Middle East be a total chaosA: 1) To stop least one 2) To keep Mesopotamia in order. 3) The civilization in the Middle East will be