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LegiTest Paradigm


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LegiTest Paradigm

  1. 1. Organizations have long implemented solutions for application development testing, but many have not done the same for their BI data-centric applications.  Studies have shown that fixing bugs during development are 100X less expensive than capturing them in production. We need a new way to re- envision developing data solutions. In this session, Brian Knight will review:   • How developers can increase their testing effectiveness on all aspects of SQL Server including data, database and data-centric applications • Compare common manual and automated testing strategies • Help you determine if your current testing strategies are sufficient to verify the correctness of your organizational data • How to ensure that your production data and loads are trustworthy daily • Learn how to automate testing with LegiTest A New Development Paradigm for Quality Data: Data-Centric Testing What is LegiTest? LegiTest is a comprehensive tool that allows you to test all your data-centric applications, in an easy-to-use, automated platform. It easily integrates with Visual Studio and your existing development software. LegiTest enables you to test all aspects of the SQL Server stack. This includes testing of database objects such as stored procedures, functions, views and tables. It further includes all objects on the BI stack, including SSIS Packages, SSAS Cubes and Dimensions (both Tabular and Multidimensional) and SSRS reports. LegiTest provides users a way to legitmize the data they provide to decision makers within their organization. To learn more or schedule a session, contact Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, MCSE, MCDBA, is the founder and President of Pragmatic Works. Brian reguarly leads training workshops and webinars hosted by Pragmatic Works. He has co- authored and authored more than 9 SQL Server books. Brian has spoken at conferences like PASS, SQL Connections, TechEd, and many Code Camps.