Rays Dec 2011 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur


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Dec 2011 - A copy of just released News Magazine from Brighton International School, Raipur (Chhattisgarh).

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Rays Dec 2011 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur

  1. 1. About RAYS Editorial Board Rays is a tri-monthly newsletter Chief Editor - English published by the Brighton Inter- Mridula Jais - Class VIII national School. Brighton is situated Vandita Saraswat - Class VII near Vidhan Sabha in Raipur (C.G). Chief Editor - Hindi Riddhika Saraswat- Class VIII Rays is a compilation of articles by Akshita Dubey - Class VII students of Brighton aiming to Sub Editor - Ajit Pandey - Class VI, Vol. 4 Dec 2011 promote literary zest amongst the Honey Agarwal - Class VI, Satyawrat- BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur www.brightoninternational.in students. Class VIII, Pallavi Singh -Class VIFrom The Principals DeskDear erudite readers,It is with profuse elation, I once again speak to you through this issue of Rays. We at Brighton feel that in this age of accelerated change and global competition, the ‘MANTRA’ for survival and success isquality blended with innovation. Brighton is progressing strength to strength and has gained a great deal of momentum by keeping the same in‘matra’ in mind. The aim of education at Brighton is to create pupils who are creative and at the same time innovative. In this academic session,our students have set many a milestones at the inter-school competitions by not only participating but forging ahead and winning every time.In a very short span of time, the school has carved a niche for itself and has taken rapid strides towards its destination to excellence. Before, I put my pen down, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all the erudite parents for their immutable support andmanagement for their unequivocal support in all our endeavours. Lastly, my thanks to all the staff members afor their untiring efforts to compilethis chronicle. Wish you all a delectable reading and best wishes for a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2012. Shobha Singh Principal, Brighton International School Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. - Mother TeresaUpdate@ Brighton International School Independence Day @ Brighton thOne of the most awaited celebration at Brighton the 15 August, India’s Independence Day was celebrated in fullzest and fervor by the students. The ceremony showcased an eclectic mix of different flavours from our Indian society.Various acts presented reflected the rich culture and heritage of our country making one feel proud to be an Indian.The show ended with school band performing a march past.
  2. 2. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 2 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, RaipurLittle Masters @ Brighton CampusPUGMARKS update - The young ones at Brighton hardly find time to get bored, the period between August and November has been hectic.Young minds have involved and interacted with various facets of early child development without even realizing that they are studying. Fruit Day: A day was celebrated where children Raksha-Bandhan: What a day for the toddlers, not only learnt about various fruits, their derivatives, they discovered their newly found brothers and sisters taste and colour. The activity was not only but they also got to enjoy delicious sweets. fruitful knowledge wise but also stomach wise. Washing Activity - Vocabulary Building Activity Trip to Poultry Farm Janmasthami: The Hindi saying, “God has many Avtars” turned from saying into a reality with Brighton’s campus Healthy Food - Sprouts Day: With the message was thronged by handsome Krishnas and lovely Radhas. of “As you eat, so shall you grow”, the sprouts The festival of Janmashtami was celebrated with great day was celebrated in the pre primary section. fun fare with the students watching an animated film Kids were informed of the ill effects of junk food about Lord Krishna. and the merits of eating health food like sprouts. Lets learn to play Music: Students of nursery section now partially know how to play a musical instrument by getting themselves familiar with the name of the instruments. The students not only tried to play instruments but also observed their different sounds
  3. 3. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 3 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Hindi Debate @ Brighton Kathak Education @ BrightonHindi department outperformed expectations An elementaryby organising a Hindi debate competition of introduction tohigh caliber which not only showcased the Kathak wasoratorical skills of our students but also forced organised ineverybody to think about the topic; “Is India still associationindependent after 64 years of independence”. with LokThe event saw a grand competition with Shikshancontestants from all the four houses locking horns. Samiti.The competition was won by Charlie House whobagged 3 places out of top five.Laurels @ BrightonMaking winning a habit, Brightonites have continued bringing in laurels. Following is the list of winners / Group and Competition whichhave happened between July & November 2011. Competition Participant Standing Archery Competition - N H G World School Aarshi Agarwal - Class VI First English Debate - N H G World School Akshita Bhadoria - Class V Third Group Dance Competition - N H G W School Dance Group Third Solo Song - N H G W School & Balaji School Ajit Pandey - Class VII First & Third Drawing - N H G W School & Sahid Smarak Nancy Verma - Class V Third Group Song - Jain Public School Group Second Hindi Debate - N H G World School Akshita Dubey - Class VII Third Solo Song - Shahid Smarak Sucheta Das - Class VI First Trip to the Museum @ Brighton The senior section of the school paid a visit to the city museum - Guru Ghasidas Sanghralay. With so much at display, the students were amazed at the width of the collection. With the impending ‘Sirpur’ trip on cards, students had a great informative time collecting the details about various artifacts and sculptures.Soap Factory Visit @ Brighton House Standings @ Brighton“Seeing is believing”, this is This academic year is again witnessing a close contestwhat the Science teachers told amongst the 4 houses to claim the championship award.the students when they took As we come close to the end of this calendar year,them to the soap factory. Here following are the house standings;they not only learnt about theraw material being used but Rank House Pointsalso witnessed the entire I Bravo 139.5process of soap creation.The trip was full of bubbles of II Alpha 129.5wisdom and lather of knowledge III Charlie 102.5as students interacted with allthe machines and workers in IV Delta 92.5 the soap fcatory
  4. 4. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 4 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Save TigersKnow your Leaders By Pallavi Singh (Class VI) Tigers are the biggest of the big cats. The tiger is the largest living species of the Lal Krishna Advani cat family. There are eight subspecies of tigers, three of which are now extinct. Former Deputy Prime Minister The tiger subspecies primarily found in India is called the “Bengal Tiger” or the 2002 - 2004. “Indian Tiger”. India being home to about 50% of the worlds tiger population, the tiger is the king of the Indian jungles. The King is armed with immense strength, powerful fore paws, strong jaws, sharp claws and canines from which noLal Krishna Advani was born in Karachi, in Sindh of prey can escape.British India to Kishanchand D. Advani and Gyani Devi.He completed his early schooling from Karachi, later hegraduated in Law from Government Law College, BombayUniversity. He joined Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) whenhe was just 14 years old. L.K.Advani’s political careerstarted when he was elected RSS secretary in Karachi.Advani became a member of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh,which was founded in 1951 . After serving at variouspositions in the Jana Sangh, he became its President in Not surprisingly, like a king, the tiger too plays an important role in maintaining its1975. He also went to jail for two years during the territory. Tiger directly depends on herbivores for food. The tiger controls theemergency (1975-76). He served as the leader of population of herbivores which if left, unchecked would over graze the entireopposition for many years and was the Home minister forest. To ensure that there is food available for the tiger, we have to protect theduring the NDA rule between 1998 - 2004. Currently he herbivores. This in turn means ensuring a healthy forest. Besides protecting theis campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. tiger and its prey, ensuring a healthy forest means protecting the natural homes of thousands of other animals. If we don not commit ourselves to save this extraordinary and endangered animal, Just a Second it may vanish from the Indian forest forever. By Rana Singh (Class VIII)It will take you almost five seconds to read this sentence. Why do people walk in their sleep?The average length of a film is more than 5,000 seconds. By Vandita Saraswat (Class VIII)In a lifetime of 80 years there are more than 2.5 billionseconds but more than 800 million of them are spent Sleepwalking is a rare phenomenon. To understand it, we must first understandwhile asleep. Dont believe? Just count it this way, sleep. Our body, needs sleep to restore strength of tired organs and tissues. When1 minute 60 seconds we sleep, two processes take place. First, we enter the state of brain sleep where1 hour 3,600 seconds the part of the brain is blocked, so that we lose consciousness. Secondly certain1 day 86,400 seconds movements in the brain stem (lower part of the brain) linked with spinal cords are1 week 6,04,800 seconds blocked, so that our limbs become inactive. This is called body sleep. Normally1 year 31,536,000 seconds. brain sleep and body sleep are connected. But sometimes the nervous system does not respond normally, causing the brain sleep and body sleep to becomeMoney is not everything disassociated. This usually happens to people who have a family history of sleepNiharika Singh (Class VI) walking from stress and anxiety.Money is not everything, This disassociation of brain sleep and body sleep may cause the brain to sleepIt can buy a house, but not a home. while the body remains awake on its own accord, leading to sleepwalking.It can buy a bed, but not sleep.It can buy a clock, but not time. School RulesIt can buy a book, but not knowledge. By Sakshi Ahlawat (Class III)It can buy a medicine, but not health. Come to school just in time,It can buy blood, but not the life. Go to prayer in a line. Dont throw paper on the ground, Give the teachers what is found. Come to school clean and neat, Wish the teachers when you meet.
  5. 5. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 5 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, RaipurRebirth of the Earth Good Night PoemBy Pooja Sahu (Class VII) By Himanshu Dewangan (Class VI)These days people talk about global warming, Touch your heart,close your eyes,I just keep wondering about the terrible warning. Make a wish, say good night,People say theres pollution everywhere, Sky so wide, stars so bright,I wonder what is mixed up in the air. Switch off the light and sleep quiet.Being Indians we should respect mother nature,If we dont, just think of the blank future. But dont forget to say everyone Sweet dreams and good night.The earth will reach its point of boiling,And in that extreme temperature will be toiling. Joke - Can’t go to school.Conserving the environment should be our duty,Helping the earth to regain its beauty. Son: I can’t go to school today.So make up your mind to protect the earth, Father: Why not?Then only youll be able to see…….. Earths rebirth. Son: I don’t feel well Father: Where don’t you feel well?My India Son: In school!By Khusi Dahiya (Class V)Kashmir is famous for visiting, Madras is famous for cooking,Kerala is famous for dance , Mysore is lucky by chance, A friend Like YouAhmedabad is famous for milk, Nagaland is famous for hills, By Aarshi Agarwal (Class VI)Bengal is for writing , Punjab is for fighting , A friend like you is like no other friend,Andhra Pradesh is for learning, Maharashtra is for hard working, A friend like you, I cant fight with,Assam is for tea and oil, Haryana is for magic soil, Friends like you are random and funny.Mumbai is nice, A friend like you is a friend,Chhattisgarh is for rice, I can tell my secrets too,Arunachal is for furniture cane, A friend like you is a friend,Uttar Pradesh is for sugar cane , I always wanted, A friend like you is a friend,Our India is with a blue sky, I dont want to lose,I wish it to soar high. A friend like you is a friend, who opens my eyes,Dos and Donts while at work in lab And helps me to avoid bad things,By Akshita Dubey (Class VII) A friend like you is a friend,When a piece of Sodium and Potassium is dropped in I am proud to call my best friend.water, it vigorously reacts with it and catches fire as it Valuable Lessons In My Lifeis highly reactive element. So it is kept under kerosene By Aditya Tangade (Class VIII)bottle. The most damaging one letter word – I (Avoid it)While carrying out experiment test tube should be kept The most satisfying two letter word – We (Use it)in tilted form, so that the flames coming out should not The most poisonous three letter word – Ego (Kill it)damage the eyes. The most used four letter word – Love (Value it) The most pleasing five letter word – Smile (Keep it)Do not touch quick lime with wet or bare hands, it can The most spreading six letter word – Rumour (Ignore it)cause skin burn. The most spreading seven letter word – Success (Achieve it) The most damaging eight letter word – Jealousy (Distance from it)Do not handle solid sodium hydroxide with bare hands, as The most powerful nine letter word – Knowledge (Acquire it)it is highly corrosive in nature. The most powerful ten letter word – Confidence (Trust it) A No uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a Spare a Thought Yes merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. - Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation
  6. 6. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 6 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Artists @ Brighton Vandita (Class VII) Ashmita (Class VIII) Pallavi (Class VI) Riddhika (Class VIII) Mahak (Class VI) Dimple (Class VI) Satyawrat (Class VIII) Kritika (Class VI) Khushi (Class IV) Shiv (Class VII) Aim Mathematical Magic f)7777777707 By Aman Dubey (Class IV) By Abhijeet Shrivastava (Class V) e)6666666606If there is life, there are dreams. a)12345678 X 18 d)5555555505If there are dreams, there is aim. b)12345678 X 27 c)4444444404If there is aim, there are different ways. c)12345678 X 36 b)3333333303If there are ways, there are problems, d)12345678 X 45 a)2222222202If there are problems, there are means to solve them. e)12345678 X 54 Answer:So dont keep mum, try to achieve your aim. f)12345678 X 63 Harlequin Steps to prepare: 1) To make a harlequin you need coloured tissue paper, a cardboard, a ‘cake’ tray with a diameter of 32 cms, glue stick. 2) Tear the tissue paper into pieces of about 4 or 5 cms and keep the various colours in separate containers. 3) Roll the pieces of tissue paper into balls and put them into containers. For example - Small cardboard boxes. 4) Prepare quite a lot of little balls and stick them on the board with vinyl glue. 5) Keep following the pattern to create your own Harlequin. Spare a ThoughtSuccess usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it Never let your memories be greater than your dreams. - Henry David Thoreau (Author & Philosopher) - Douglas Ivester (Former CEO Coca Cola)
  7. 7. Vol. 4 Dec 2011Page 7 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur
  8. 8. Vol. 4 Dec 2011 Page 8 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Investiture Ceremony @ Brighton School appointments were announced for the year 2011-12 and a special investiture ceremony was held at the campus to felicitate the chosen few. Satyavrat Singh and Riddhika Saraswat of Class VIII were selected as the Head Boy and the Head Girl respectively. Head Girl - Head Boy - Riddhika Saraswat Satyawrat Singh Appointments with Chairman Sir and Vice Chairman Sir.Following is the list of other appointments for the academic year 2011-12;Vice-Head Boy: Sachin Dewangan. Vice-Head Girl: Akshita Dubey. House Prefects: Alpha - Vandita Saraswat, Ravi Mishra, Bravo - NavjotSingh, Priyanka Poptani, Charlie - Mridula Jais, Aditya Tangade, Delta - Rana Priyam Singh, Ashmita Dubey.In-charges :Intonation - Vijit Vimal Kumar, Cultural - Ajit Pandey, Discipline - Jaisvi Verma, Cleanliness - Honey Agrawal. Magic TrickEffect: An object such as a bead is placed inside of a paper cup. And when you turn the cup over, it’s vanished. You reach into your pocketand produce the bead. It has mysteriously traveled to your pocket. Materials: A paper cup, Two small beads or ballsSecret: The cup has a small hole that allows the small object to pass through to your hand. When you turn the cup over, nothing falls out because it’s being held in yourhand. Preparation: Take a pair of scissors and cup a small hole in the bottom of the paper cup so the object that you want to vanish can pass through. Place the secondbead or ball in your pocket. Performing the Trick: Hold the cup with your hand along the bottom of the cup. Drop the small object into the cup. Allow the object to fallthrough the hole so you’re holding it in your hand.Turn over the cup. The object appears to have disappeared. Reach into your pocket and bring out the matching object.It will look as if it vanished and traveled to your pocket.Brighton International School, 12th KM Vidhan Sabha Marg, Vill. Nardaha, Raipur (C.G) 492001, facebook.com/Brighton.International SchoolTel. (0771) 3267670, 3268680. Website: www.brightoninternational.in twitter.com/Brighton_Raipur