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Vol. 7 April 2013                                                                         Page 2                  BRIGHTON...
Vol. 7 April 2013                                                                         Page 3                BRIGHTON I...
Vol. 7 April 2013                                                                Page 4                  BRIGHTON INTERNAT...
Vol. 7 April 2013                                                             Page 5                BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL...
Vol. 7 April 2013BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur
Vol. 7 April 2013Page 7   BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur
Vol. 7 April 2013                                                                                              BRIGHTON IN...
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Rays April 2013 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur


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Rays is Brighton's own Tri Monthly Magazine. It endevours to capture the literary spirit of the institution along with encapsulating the happening of the school campus. It is managed by an editorial board comprising of the school students

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Rays April 2013 Newsletter from Brighton International School, Raipur

  1. 1. About RAYS Editorial Board Rays is a tri-monthly newsletter Chief Editor - English published by the Brighton Inter- Arman Raut - Class IX national School. Brighton is situated Vandita Saraswat - Class IX near Vidhan Sabha in Raipur (C.G). Chief Editor - Hindi Riddhika Saraswat- Class X Rays is a compilation of articles by Akshita Dubey - Class IX students of Brighton aiming to Sub Editor - Ajit Pandey - Class IX, Vol. 7 April 2013 promote literary zest amongst the Honey Agarwal - Class VIII, BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur students.From The Principal’s Desk “Success is a Delicious Dish. Patience, Intelligence, Talent and Ability are Key Ingredients. But Hard Work is that Little Salt that makes it Tasty.” Here another chapter of RAYS is ready for your reading. Its my privilege to get a chance once again to converse with you through this magazine. This quarterly magazine endows you with an insight of Brightons day to day activities in its premises and out of the premises. Brighton lays more emphasis on providing platforms for the students to get maximum exposure in various fields. The session 2012-13 had remunerated prominence towards communication (Communicating in English) along with various other activities. The high level of participation and enthusiasm of students towards the chores of the school proves the kind of encouragement and motivation what theyve received from their teachers. They have brought laurels to the school at various inter- school competitions and are still in the process of doing the same. Students had tried to add colours to this edition by their accomplishments. Brighton vows to provide opportunities like this to make the students dynamic in all components of their life. I would love to take opportunity to thank my teachers as well as the parents to make this hercules job done in the stipulated span. Being together and work together can do miracles in the coming days, lets do the same in the coming session too. Wish you all a happy vacation ahead.Update@ Brighton International School Health Fest @ BrightonOnly in a healthy body can stay a healthy mind. To bring this idiom closer, Brighton organised a week long activity to make students learn about health andways to stay healthy. The week witnessed various activities from Inter-School cricket competition, 2 km Marathon to salad decoration and Claymodelling. The week ended with a gala fest attended by parents. Tanmay Trivedi of KPS stood first in the marathon, whereas Deepanshu Singh, AyushKumar stood second and third respectively. The Inter School cricket tournament was won by Brighton beating KPS. In this thrilling encounter, Brighton wonthe toss and elected to field first. In stipulated 15 overs, KPS garnered 113 runs only to be chased down by Brighton in 12 overs. Riyesh played the captain’sknock by scoring 35 runs. Winning the trophy, a first of its kind for Brighton in sports will be cherished for a long time. The Inter-School Cricket Tournament Participants at Salad Decoration Story & Poem writing competition The Food Festival
  2. 2. Vol. 7 April 2013 Page 2 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Adventure Camp @ BrightonDuring the Diwali vacation and later on in January, students of Brighton International School participated in Adventure Camp involving various activities ofteam and confidence building. The students thoroughly enjoyed the Nagpur outing under the able guidance of PTI Mr.Sanjeev Prasad and Mrs Arti Patnaik. The pictures of the camp speaks of the volumes of fun the students had during the three day stay. Students involving in various adventures tasks Good Manners Workshop @ BrightonTo impart all the essential qualities in a good human being, the teaching staff conducted a 3 day workshop with the students on good manners. Theeducation and activities on the topic ranged from day to day etiquettes to appropriate behaviour in various situation. The workshop also saw some of theideal examples from past and from mythology exhorting students to learn from them. From Left - Ganesha - The ideal son, Jawahar lal Nehru, Bose, Krishna - Ideal father, patriot and friend respectively. Role Play and Puppet show. Republic Day @ BrightonThe Republic day left an indelible mark in the memory of students and the present dignitaries as the school witnessed performances by the Gurus. The dayhad Mr Kabir, the dance guru and the singing duo of Mr Shantanu and Mr Satyam Bharti performing for the audience. The day also will be marked inBrighton’s history as for the first time, each of the students’ houses chose their emblem and the flag. The parents of the appointments were present tohandover the responsibility of maintaining the honour of these houses to their wards.
  3. 3. Vol. 7 April 2013 Page 3 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Christmas @ BrightonJingle bells came tingling to Brighton, where the students revelled in Christmas celebrations. The chief guest was Santa Claus in person, the kids thoroughlyenjoyed their time with Santa wishing for whatever they could. The day was marked with special assembly filled with lot of games and overflowing with fun.The School choir presented a carol with presence of Santa Claus doubling the joy for students. Students received chocolates and gifts from Santa, that madetheir day. Students dressed as Santa Sr. Santa with students giving gifts The Fun Balloon Race Prize winners Mother’s Day @ BrightonMother is the important thing in our lives, this sentiment again echoed while celebrating the Mother’s Day. The event was celebrated with great fervourwhere juniors involved in various performance showing their affection and how much they care for mothers. The events also saw mothers participating inevents like Musical chair, Straws & Knots, Balloon Race and Salad decoration competition. The day ended with prize distribution for the winners. Students and mothers participating in various events Red Day @ BrightonRed day was celebrated for pre primary section where the emphasis was on colour red. The whole scene of action was wrapped with things of red colour.The idea was to enthuse and educate at the same time. Day had red fruits, red vegetables, red juices and red dresses. The students were given informationon topics like importance of blood, red fruits etc. All in all a great session with parents in attendance witnessing the way we learn at Brighton. Juniors singing the red anthem The Red pomegranate Information about blood and red nutrients Students performing a skit
  4. 4. Vol. 7 April 2013 Page 4 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur Know your Leaders Success - Vandita Saraswat (Class - IX) S -Struggle Kapil Sibbal U -Understanding skills Minister of Telecom C -Confident UPA Government C -Courageous E -Educated S -Self Dependent Kapil Sibal was born on 9 August 1948, is a lawyer and an S - Superficial Indian politician. He is currently the Minister of "Failure is the key to success." Success can be achieved by constant Communications and Information Technology. He also held struggle, confidence and positive thinking, positive attitude is also very the two positions of Minister of Science and Technology and useful in getting success. Success can be described in many words like Minister of Earth Sciences in the First Manmohan Singh gaining of wealth and status etc. Cabinet. Sibal was first nominated in July 1988, as a Member To get success we have to sacrifice many things, have patience and do of the upper house of the Indian Parliament, the Rajya as much hard work as we can. It is also said that to win something we Sabha, from the State of Bihar and served as Additional have to lose something. Solicitor General of India (December 1989 – December 1990) and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association on Vegetable Kingdom - Purva Chandra (Class - VI) three occasions. After his schooling from St Johns High School in Chandigarh, he joined University of Delhi; where Carrot, Cabbage and Potato he earned his L.L.B degree, and later a M.A. in history. He Spinach, Radish and Tomato enrolled for a LL.M. program at Harvard Law School, which All live in freedom in vegetable kingdom. he completed in 1977. Black brinjal their King who always sits on a swingLife is Precious Brainy chilly is chief ministerTamalina BanerJee (Class - X) Capsicum is his sister Lady Finger an attendant to the QueenLife is so precious who wear a pendant,And brings each day a gift cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkinso enjoy every minute protect the vegetable.As it were your last to live. Together they all stay, happy and gay.Cherish your loved ones Lives of humanHug them tight depends on vegetable of all kind.Share with them your heartAnd your time. Health is Wealth - Ojaswi Dubey (Class - VIII)When troubles arrive Early to bed and early to rise still remains a "?"And knocks you off your feat For us that really makes a men healthy wealthy and wise?Stand up and smileAnd remember life is too sweet. No money, No life, Every one is telling us.Every morning when you wake But the true advice of the life nobody is giving to usDecide right from the start,That "Today will be a good day" It doesnt matter that what amount of wealthy life you are living.And let it all in with an open heart. What matters is what amount of healthy life you are living.Spare a Thought Health is Wealth,A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with Wealth is Health.the bricks others have thrown at him. Is the truth of life Even if you have the whole wealth of life.- David Brinkley - You cannot enjoy it without healthAmerican newscaster for NBC and ABC
  5. 5. Vol. 7 April 2013 Page 5 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, RaipurHeart - Sucheta Garg (Class - X) HIV - Arman Raut (Class - VIII) Brighton -All in the world depends on heart, It cannot cripple love Risabh Bhagwati (Class - VII)Every poor as rich do have it, It cannot shatter hope B - Brimming with enthusiasmWe all are puppets of heart, It cannot corrode faith R - Rendering Right to educationIt pumps and make us fit. It cannot eat away peace I - Igniting the true Indian culture It cannot destroy courage G- Goals articulated to reach theIts beat exits and goes through entrance, It cannot kill friendship pinnacle of learningIt does not create caste difference, It cannot shut out confidence H - Honors its commitmentIt teaches to continue in life, It cannot reduce eternal life T - Transforming the disseminationBy giving smiles to other lives. It cannot quench spirit of knowledge So why we fear from it.... O- Objectives formulated for aI Love summer Except - J Harsh (Class - VIII) Junk Food - bright futureI love all the fun that summertime brings, N - New outlook towards academicsexcept of course just one or two things, Sarvagya Dubey (Class - VI)Except for the ticks and spiders and bees, Junk food, Junk food Good HealthExcept for the sunburn and rashes from heat, go away, go away Honey Agarwal (Class - VIII)Except for the mosquitoes that suck on your skin. Junk food, junk foodExcept for the weather thats humid and hot, Dont play in my tray When we have good health,Except for the warm nights when I sleep in a cot, We have the richest wealth,Except for the smog, the dust and the grime, Junk food, junk food But theres a price we must pay,But other than that I love summer time. you are so unhealthy To promote our health. Junk food, Junk food Our bodies are like motor cars,Left Right - I want to stay healthy for long life they ask,Akshita Dubey (Class - IX) right oil and right care, Junk food, Junk food I am the richest guy in theLeft-Right, Left-Right You will make me fat world,Live a healthy life Junk food junk food When I lost my wealth,Brush your teeth thrice I dont want to be a rat but surely I posses a good healthTake a balanced diet Have a good health andDo exercise Junk food, Junk food enjoy the life.Dont compromise You are not for meLeft-Right, Left-Right Junk food, Junk food Student’s Life I hate thee! Sachin DevanganLive a Healthy lifeTake adequate rest Food (Class -IX)Left-Right, Left-Right. Pallavi Singh (Class - VIII) A Students life is empty,Left-Right, Left-Right. needs teachers effort enough to fill An apple a dayDont eat too much nor too less it. Keeps the doctor awayMaintain positive attitude Life is hard at times. If he knocks on the doorSuccess has no substitute When he is stressed for a test, Show him the core.Left-Right, Left-Right forcing himself to find his strengthLive a Healthy life We eat to time. Life is great and interesting, We eat to grow.Jokes - Ayush Jha (Class - V) Tasty as you achieve your goals We eat to indulge ourselves. and you learn your way around.One man was writing something very slowly. Life is graphic, gloomy I love food, I love foodHis friend asked,“Why are you writing so slowly?” as you know It makes me feel really good.Santa: I am writing to my 6 year old son and he can’t read the school year is coming Yummy and nutritious food.very fast. to an end gives me the superb mood.Ram & Shyam were fixing a bomb in a car Afraid you have to sayRam: What would you do if the bomb explodes while fixing? good bye, to your friends andShyam: Don’t worry, I have one more. people who you hold dear.
  6. 6. Vol. 7 April 2013BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur
  7. 7. Vol. 7 April 2013Page 7 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur
  8. 8. Vol. 7 April 2013 BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Nardaha, Raipur School Activities @ BrightonMany activities were conducted during the latter part of the academic session 2012-13. (Pics from Left - Food Decoration, Juniors Farm Visit,Each of these competitions were held in two groups - Senior & the Junior group. Hindi Speaking Competition)The account of some of the events are as follows;- Rangoli Making & Logo Making (Seniors)- Diya Decoration & Flower Decoration (Juniors)- Collage Making (Juniors)- Dodge Ball (Seniors)- English Recitation (Pre Primary)- Hindi Recitation (Pre Primary)- Treasure Hunt (Senior Group)- Solo Song (Seniors)Other than this on a regular basis,inter house activities have taken place.There has been a healthy rivalryamongst all the houses throughout the year.At the end it was the Bravo House who is taking thehonours of the Cock House. The runner up this yearis Delta House. One Minute Game Story Telling Competition Yoga Classes Laurels @ BrightonAcross various Inter School events, our students have marked their presence in each of the competition they have entered.At the Dance Competition held at Amuja Vidya Peeth, Brighton stood Second while performing on a Chattisgarhi folk song. Our young artists MuskanThakur and Honey Agarwal stood third in All Raipur students drawing competition held at Kendriya Vidyalay. Another budding artist Mahek Thakurexcelled at the Vicon School coming first at the inter-schol drawing competition.Like every year, the group song choir again wove their magic coming second at the competition held at Magneto Mall.The school literary group has gone from strength to strength with Honey Agarwal of Class VII coming first at the Inter School Speech competition held atDisha School, Kota.Brighton is very proud of all their performances, and believes participation must be sought with great enthusiasm and belief without worrying about theresult. Armadillos Antics - Riya Kukreja (Class VIII)Armadillos resemble pocket dinosaurs they are the only armoured mammals and they belong to the same family as ant-catchers and sloths.Though they belong to the order edentata, which means without teeth, Armadillos have 14-18 primitive teeth, all molars, in each jaw. Thegiant Armadillos may have a total of 80-100 teeth! The Armadillos skin is covered withleathery plates which are connected by flexible bands of tissue sothat it can move its body easily. These bands are usually numberedin three, six or five. Armadillos are found mainly in South America,whereas they are equally at home in the pampas, arid rocky regions,marshes and dense forest. Only one species the nine bandedArmadillos is found in North America. They eat huge quantity of insects andplay a major role in pest control, though some people feel they domore damage by uprooting crops while digging for insects. Theyhave an enlarged claw for this purpose and use their long tonguesto slurp up their meal. South Americans and Mexican-Indianshave considered Armadillo meat a great delicacy for centuries.They use trained dogs to hunt the Armadillos down. The animal armour gives it no protection against dog bites but enables it escape intothick thorny bushes where neither humans nor dogs can follow. Only the three banded armadillos can roll itself up into a tight ball to evadepredators.Brighton International School, 12th KM Vidhan Sabha Marg, Vill. Nardaha, Raipur (C.G) 493111, (0771) 3267670, 3268680. Website: