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3.6 Million Twitter Impressions Per Month: 3-Month Case Study


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I set out on a three-month expedition with a simple goal: grow a niche market social media community using Twitter and LinkedIn.
In the end, I achieved:
*** Top 1% Profile Views Among LinkedIn Connections
*** 10% Average Weekly Follower Base Growth
*** 3,600,000 Monthly Twitter Impressions
Here's how I did it...

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3.6 Million Twitter Impressions Per Month: 3-Month Case Study

  1. 1. 3.6 Million Twitter Impressions Per Month Three-Month Case Study (Update)
  2. 2. Growing a Niche #SocialMedia Network @BrianDColwell @BColwell_ALT @BColwell_CTA @BColwell_ECON @BColwell_EMGMKT Statistics as of 2/14/16
  3. 3. Develop a Content Curation System
  4. 4. Create Twitter Lists 21 Lists 5,384 Members LIsts Allow you to make sense of the Twitter madness
  5. 5. Establish Your Niche Niche Investment Markets
  6. 6. Aggregate Comprehensive & Timely Content
  7. 7. Use Hootsuite to Unlock Twitter 228 Hashtag Searches 59 Stock & ETF Searches 36 Influencer Searches
  8. 8. Monitor Hootsuite Searches Daily 323 Searches Daily
  9. 9. Distribute Content to Target Niche Communities
  10. 10. Distribute Many Types of Custom Content Curated Twitter Lists LinkedIn Posts Blog Posts Curated Online Newspaper Website Content
  11. 11. Share Community Content #SocialMediaMarketing requires #frequency & #volume $TWTR $LNKD $FB Community Content 30-60 Posts Per Day
  12. 12. Attract Followers & Engage with Communities
  13. 13. 142 Profile Views Per Day Encourage Daily Engagement Engagement is the Lifeblood of Social Media ROI 15 Mentions Per Day
  14. 14. Build Social Authority 10% Follower Growth Per Week Added to 581 TwitterLists 3.6 Million Twitter Impressions Per Month
  15. 15. Further the Conversation
  16. 16. Nurture Relationships with Clients & Prospects 100Connections Per Day Niche Market Target Audience 80% 30LinkedIn Profile Views Per Day
  17. 17. Share Select Twitter Content on LinkedIn 63 LinkedIn Posts Per Week @ $ #
  18. 18. Build Genuine Relationships on LinkedIn 153 Endorsements Given Per Week Top 1%Profile Views Among My 5K+ Connections
  19. 19. Want to Know More? Visit