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Ruby on Rails Education Comes to Austin


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CabForward and EngineYard team up to bring ongoing, professional Ruby on Rails training to Austin, Texas.

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Ruby on Rails Education Comes to Austin

  1. 1. For  Immediate  Release  June  2,  2011     The  First  Ever  Comprehensive  Ruby  on  Rails  Education     Comes  to  Austin!   CabForward  and  EngineYard  Team  Up  To  Bring  Ongoing  Education   and  Training  in  Rails  Web  Application  Development  to  Austin   CabForward,  one  of  Austin’s  premier  Ruby  on  Rails  programming  firms,  along  with  EngineYard,   the  leading  development  and  deployment  platform  for  the  cloud,  team  up  to  bring  ongoing,   professional  development  and  education  on  the  Rails  framework  to  the  Austin  technology   community.       Rails  is  an  agile  web  development  tool,  making  it  faster  and  easier  for  developers  and  their   clients  to  work  together  to  build  out  enhanced  applications.  The  Rails  framework  was  most   notably  used  to  develop  Twitter,  one  of  the  fastest  growing  social  media  websites  in  the  world.   CabFoward  and  EngineYard  recognized  a  need  for  quality,  professional  Rails  training  in  Austin,   one  of  the  most  well-­‐known  and  fastest  growing  tech  cities  in  the  United  States.  “The  demand   for  Rails  expertise  far  exceeds  the  supply,”  says  CabForward  owner  Lance  Vaughn.  “There  is   tremendous  opportunity  for  developers  to  gain  business  and  build  amazing  applications.”     The  classes  will  be  taught  by  local  tech  rock  stars  such  as  Mattt  Thompson,  a  Ruby  hacker  and   iOS  developer  at  Gowalla  with  over  6  years  experience  with  Rails  and  is  the  founder  of   Austin.rb,  a  community  for  Ruby  programmers  in  Austin.  The  first  class  starts  with  “Zero  to   Rails  3”  and  will  take  place  July  9,10  and  July  16,17  at  the  Tech  Ranch  Austin  headquarters   located  on  Rundberg  Lane.  Follow  up  classes  include  “Rails  AntiPatterns”  on  Jul  23,24  and   “jRuby”  will  take  place  in  the  fall  as  part  of  the  ongoing  education  series.  To  view  a  full  schedule   of  dates  and  registration  information  visit       Ruby  on  Rails  education  is  extremely  important  to  CabForward  and  EngineYard.  In  addition  to   their  ongoing  classes  both  parties  are  providing  training  for  the  Lone  Star  Ruby  Conference,   which  takes  place  in  Austin  August  11-­‐13  2011.  For  more  details  and  to  register  for  the   conference  visit   Publicist   Shennandoah  Diaz   Brass  Knuckles  Media   512-­‐551-­‐4023