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Reservation Genie puts the power back into the hands of the restaurant, nightclub, and tour owner and consolidates their marketing, rewards, and reservations into one easy to use, low-cost system.

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Press Kit For Reservation Genie

  1. 1. We Are Here To Serve You!One System Does It AllThe Online Reservation Tool ThatLets You Reward Customers TheWay You Want ToReservation Genie makes it easy for restaurants,tours, and nightclubs to manage their onlinemarketing, tie together phone and internetreservations, and reward loyal customers all fromone system. With special programs for diners,affiliates, and concierges, Reservation Genie VIP’s Earnmakes it easy for venues to support their top Rewards!referring partners and VIP patrons. Venues give The Reservation Genie VIPtheir rewards directly to the customer, cutting out program rewards the top 10 patrons at each venue who bookthe cost of the middleman and hidden fees that their reservation throughcome with most rewards and incentive programs. Reservation Genie. The restaurant controls the rewards,Reservation Genie puts the restaurant, nightclub, which include everything from or tour back in control of their free appetizers to 20% off the entire check. Diners compete to marketing. View a demo and maintain the top spot, driving learn more by visiting return business and customer loyalty all while cutting out the middleman!
  2. 2. 21 A Letter From Founder, Ivan Collins Ive always wanted to be an entrepreneur. As a a personal touch. Thats how Big Concierge kid I was always starting businesses. I bought (eventually Reservation Genie) was born. and sold candy, animals, mistletoe, you name We built a high tech reservation system for it. By the time I was a senior in engineering at concierges to book at restaurants and gave the the University of Texas in Austin, I had already restaurants tools to connect offer them contests, traded the dream of being an engineer for referral bonuses, and measure the results with entrepreneurship. detailed reporting. Everybody loved the system, but I started Austin City Guide restaurants struggled to manage immediately after graduating “Reservation Genie has reservations from concierges and college. It was a model kind of made a huge impact on customers calling in. There was no like City Search, but with our bottom line by way to show when the restaurant making it easy to drive was full unless everybody used the computer kiosks in Austin hotels repeat business.” lobbies that provided direct same inventory. So we built in access to our guide to the city. It Joe, Cantina tools for the hostess to add was a good lifestyle business, but reservations into the system as well wasnt very scalable. Thats how as a booking platform from the I got to know restaurants and hotels. I had a restaurants website and rolled out bunch of clients in the restaurant business that Reservation Genie for the general public. paid good money to advertise in As we move forward we’ll continue to focus on hotels. Concierges were always reluctant to meeting the needs of the venue as well as the encourage guests to use our computer kiosks patrons. We are here to serve you! because they wanted to make the referral and add Concierge Program Reservation Genie rewards concierges $1 for every seat booked, rather than for every table like most booking tools. Reservation Genie also makes it easy for venues to track and manage their own rewards, contests, and incentives for concierges. By putting venues in control, Reservation Genie makes it easy for them to reward the people who continually bring them new business. To learn more about Reservation Genie’s concierge referral program visit today! 2
  3. 3. In The News As a new player in a heated market place, Reservation Genie has been featured in:Three Different WaysTo GrowReservation Genie gives restaurants, nightclubs,and tours three different ways to retain theirbest customers while attracting new ones. VIP Rewards 1. Reward your top 10 patrons who book using Reservation Genie. You control what they receive while your customers have an incentive to keep coming back time and again as they vie for the coveted VIP spot. 2. Concierges Reward your local concierges with contests, referral spiffs and other incentives so they’ll keep sending you new business. 3. Affiliates Bloggers love referring their fans to their favorite hot spots. Reservation Genie makes it easy to build long- term referral partnerships with these new media giants. 3
  4. 4. Would You Like To Write A Review Or Interview Founder Ivan Collins?Contact Their Publicist Shennandoah Diaz Brass Knuckles Media P.O. Box 341821 Austin, TX 78734