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Laura Hayden Press Kit

  1. 1. 21   Press Kit     Dr. Laura Hayden Because  laughter  matters.    It’s   a laughing It only hurts when I don’t laugh matter Some  people  know  they’re  funny.   the  80’s”  to  the  hilarious  “Medical   Others  have  to  get  slapped  in  the  face   Meltdowns”  Laura  proves  that   Laura  pairs  her   experience  in  the   a  few  (or  more)  times  before  they   laughter  truly  is  the  best  medicine.  By   medical  field  with  her   realize  they  have  the  gift.  After   pairing  her  medical  background  with   gift  of  comedy  in   friends  and  family  finally  convinced   her  ability  to  find  humor  in,  well   order  to  help   Laura  of  her  gift  to  entertain,  Laura   everything,  Laura  extends  her  gift   caregivers  and   flipped  a  coin  and  chose  to  dive  into   beyond  comedy  clubs  and  theaters  to   medical  professionals   deal  with  the  stress   comedy  while  pursuing  her  new   show  caregivers  and  medical   and  emotional  toll  of   profession  as  a  physical  therapist.   professionals  how  to  use  humor  to   caring  for  people.     With  the  precision  of  a  surgeon  Laura   manage  the  stress  of  caring  for   The  prognosis:                   attacks  your  funny  bone,  helping  you   people.  To  learn  more  about  Laura   side  splitting  fun!   find  the  painfully  hilarious  side  of  any   just  follow  the  sounds  of  laughter   subject,  no  mater  how  dark  or  taboo.     (and  patients),  or  visit   From  “I  Didn’t  Mean  To  Be  A  Virgin  in        
  2. 2. 321   “We  can  always  measure  the  success  of   our  comedy  evenings  in  two  ways:     1)  The  length  of  applause  with  its   level  of  intensity     2)  The  noise  factor  once  the  show   has  ended.     In  all  instances  your  results  were  on  the   highest  scale  possible.” – The Wellness Com munity Comedy N ight Committee No  subject  is  off  limits  for  Laura.   Madonna,  tube  socks,  and  aquanet.   As  a  medical  professional  Laura   Even  her  own  tales  of  love  lost,   Its  Hot  Tub  Time  Machine  meets  40   uses  her  gift  to  help  caregivers,   coming  of  age,  and  her  fascination   Year  Old  Virgin  meets  Rocky  Horror   doctors,  and  nurses  handle  the   with  Max  Headroom  find  their  w ay   Picture  Show—complete  with  sing-­‐ stress  and  emotional  impact  of   on  stage  in  her  multimedia  hit  “I   alongs  and  neon  costumes.    Her  show   caring  for  people  with  terminal   Didn’t  M ean  to  Be  A  Virgin  in  the   earned  her  billing  at  the  Edinburgh   illnesses.    She  shows  them  how  a   80’s.”  Her  hilarious  tribute  to  our   Festival  Fringe,  one  of  the  w ildest  and   little  humor  can  go  a  long  way,  and   favorite  decade  follows  her  as  she’s   best-­‐known  celebrations  of     empowers  them  to  continue  their   left  at  the  altar  fresh  out  of  high   entertainment  operating  on  the   good  work,  without  losing  their   school,  then  as  she  struggles  to   “fringe.”     sanity.       come  of  age  in  an  era  dominated  by   “Your  ability  to  adapt  your  performance  around  our  specific  industry  was   amazing  and  truly  appreciated.  Your  humor  was  direct  and  concise  towards   our  audience.  Your  interaction  and  improvisation  with  our  employees  and   their  families  was  endearing.”     –Cla rk C oun ty W hole sale , P riva te Ev en t, La s Veg a s, NV   2  
  3. 3.   Street Cred Speaking, Stand Up, Awards, and Press Awards and 2011  Edinburgh  Festival  Fringe  participant  with  her  hit  show  “I   Didn’t  Mean  To  Be  A  Virgin  In  The  80’s”   Competitions 2011  Shades  Of  Laughter  Comedy  Festival,  Finalist   2006  New  York  Underground  Comedy  Festival   2006  California’s  Funniest  Female  Contest,  semi-­‐finalist   2005  California’s  Funniest  Female  Contest,  semi-­‐finalist   2004  Boston  International  Comedy  Festival   2004  California’s  Funniest  Female  Contest,  semi-­‐finalist   2003  Boston  International  Comedy  Festival   2003  California’s  Funniest  Female  Contest,  semi-­‐finalist   2002  Boston  International  Comedy  Festival   (continued) “Not  only  does  Laura  have  ‘it’  on  stage,  she  is  responsible  in  preproduction  and   production,  stands  and  delivers  beyond  my  expectation  on  stage,  and  uses  good   judgment  at  all  times.  Her  talent  and  easy  natured  cooperation  behind  the  scenes  makes   Laura  Hayden  a  perfect  choice  w hen  booking  corporate,  clean,  concert,  or  club   comedy.”   Grace White, Comedian and Producer of Women Who Kick Comedy Butt   3  
  4. 4.     Television, “The  Night  Shift”  with  Kevin  Ferguson   “Dead  Americans”  Largo  Films   Film, and “Funny  Dot  Com”  Documentary   Radio “Mrs.  Merriam’s  Moment’”  Zoey  Productions   “Comedy  Time”  Sprint  PCS  Network   “Jamie  Unleashed”  Pilot,  Tribune  Entertainment   “Laugh  It  Off  with  Grace”  Adelphia  Cable   “Funny  Farm  TV”  Charter  Communications    “”,  Internet  Radio,  Frequent  Guest   “On  The  Loose”  Ugly  ,Frequent  Guest   “Stupid”  Featured  Video   “Alex  Duffy  show”  Guest   “Damage  report  ”  LA  Talk  Radio     “Downtown  Lounge  ”  LA  Talk  Radio     Contributing  writer  in  She’s  So  Funny,  &  Love’s  Funny  That  Way   Stand Up Comedy  Store,  Hollywood,  CA   Improv  at  Irvine,  Hollywood,  Brea,  Ontario,  and  Pachanga,  CA     Nick’s  Comedy  Stop,  Boston,  MA   Comedy  vault  @  Remington’s,  Boston,  MA   Comedy  Connection,  Boston,  MA   Stand  Up  New  York,  New  York,  NY   Gotham  Comedy  Club,  New  York,  NY   Ice  House-­‐  Main  Room  and  Annex,  Pasadena,  CA   Comedy  Comedy,  Reno  Hilton,  NV   Comedy  Underground,  Seattle,  W A   Bogey’s  Comedy  Club,  Willoughby,  OH   Wits  End,  Westminster,  CO     Comedy  Works,  Denver,  CO   And more! Laff’s  Comedy  Club,  Albuquerque,  NM     4  
  5. 5.       Book Laura Hayden for you r next event, ve nue, or schedule an intervi ew! Contact  her  publicist:   Shennandoah  Diaz   Brass  Knuckles  Media   512-­‐551-­‐4023  +   Don’t forget to visit