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Kevin Koym Press Kit


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Kevin Koym, co-founder of Tech Ranch Austin, international entrepreneur, and technology leader.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Kevin Koym Press Kit

  1. 1. Press Kit Kevin Koym & page 3 Tech Ranch + Austin Accelerating Entrepreneur SuccessThe entrepreneur The Short Storycommunity in Kevin Koym is the co-founder of Tech Ranch Austin, an organization thatAustin has grown supports technology ventures by accelerating entrepreneur success.through his Kevin cut his teeth in the tech startup world as an engineer, CTO, CEO,nurturing and and VP of Sales for over seven start-ups including NeXT (now part ofleadership.” Apple), Praxsys, and Pencom. Kevin’s first dollar earned as an entrepreneur was a peso in Mexico. Since that time he’s supported tech start-ups in Mexico, Chile, and the U.S. Now Kevin shares his scar tissue Matt Scherer, CEO, by pairing vibrant tech start-ups with the people, processes, and Scherer Communications materials needed to accelerate their success. Learn more by visiting
  2. 2. 321 “I love the way Kevin is the owner of his dreams. I love to learn about that passion.” Gonzalo Torrealba, Chief PM, Gendarmeria de Chile Teaching Entrepreneurs The Power Of Enterprise Teaming Kevin Koym knew early on that and off the mat. His most entrepreneurship he wanted to help other experience working with programs. In 2003, Kevin entrepreneurs achieve ventures in Mexico and Chile finally made his mission to success. As a tech also taught him a great deal support entrepreneurs a entrepreneur himself and about the benefits of reality and co-founded Tech long-time student of Aikido, relationships and building Ranch Austin, a tech Kevin understood the value of communities around accelerator specializing in pre- shared experience and entrepreneurs—something seed and seed stage ventures. collaborative practice both on Kevin saw was missing from (continued) “Kevin is a true leader with the heart of a servant. What can Kevin do for you? The answer is only limited by your imagination. Kevin has a propensity to action. Kevins aim is impeccable as he pulls the trigger and rides the bullet on target. You need to team with Kevin to fully realize your dreams in todays world.” Melvin Hall, Enterprise Facilitator, North Texas Enterprise Project 2
  3. 3. 21 Founded on Principle: Risk, Respect, Community, and Excellence Kevin founded Tech Ranch Austin everything on their own. Last, on the principles of Risk, Respect, Excellence because in order to Community, and Excellence. Risk grow entrepreneurs need to strive because people need to prove that for excellence in their work, which they have skin in the game before requires practice and conscious they can get anything in return. effort. Respect because, just like in Kevin understood that the old Aikido, entrepreneurs are working belief that entrepreneurs should together to learn and grow from toil in solitude was a damaging each other. No one is above myth. Kevin also understood that another. Community because, just our economy and our social like in the old days when farmers problems depend on the worked together to build barns and harvest crops, no one can do (continued) 3
  4. 4. 453 ingenuity, dedication, and Kevin has a history of helping technologies created by organizations adopt and entrepreneurs. That’s why develop new technology, with Kevin built Tech Ranch Austin a focus on the practices that so that it serves the needs of support organizational the whole entrepreneur. effectiveness during times of rapid growth and change. + Kevin’s leadership extends A True Visionary Kevin has led many multi- beyond the walls of Tech cultural teams in both Ranch to other Austin based hemispheres, filling the roles “Kevin is a true visionary entrepreneur groups such as and his passion for of Founder, CEO, CTO, and VP Bootstrap Austin, an entrepreneurship is Professional Services in seven infectious. It has been a organization with over 450 startups along the way. privilege to witness members and growing. Kevin firsthand the collaboration also continues to strengthen In his previous career, he and motivation for results he evokes in the his ties throughout Latin supported Dell as a consultant entrepreneur community. America via the to enter into eCommerce (Dell His no-nonsense entrepreneurship program he sold more than $1 Billion approach coupled with heartfelt commitment co-founded, Prueba el Mundo. computers on software that makes him a force for Preuba educates and supports Kevin’s teams have built), direct and exponential entrepreneurs throughout similar accomplishments for change.” Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, AT&T Wireless, and Apple Lisa Baca, Panama, and Colombia. Computer, as well as leading Operations Manager Several international to rapid launch of a number of Tech Ranch Austin collaborations have spawned startup companies. Now he through interactions between shares his knowledge as a Tech Ranch and Prueba el speaker, mentor, and coach for Mundo, and many American startups across the Americas. based companies have Learn more by visiting benefitted from such programs as Start-up Chile. (continued) 4
  5. 5. Battling Recession and Building Businesses With the Power of Social Capital The Virtual Enterprise: Enabling ProductiveSpeaking Teams in a Flat, Far-Flung WorldTopics Innovation and Economic Development Mass Collaboration: How This New Trend Will Revolutionize Business Disruptive Innovation: Why Organic, Authentic Conversations Matter Bootstrapping Through Entrepreneur Collaboration Networks The Lean Startup Model 5
  6. 6. Want to book Kevin for your next event or schedule an interview? Contact his publicist Shennandoah Diaz Brass Knuckles Media 512-551-4023