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What to wear to look your best in marketing videos

What to wear to look your best in marketing video content.

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What to wear to look your best in marketing videos

  1. 1. L 0 O K Cg acid A O N V I E O 15 E-AON’TS TO LOOK YO s. t.~, _‘ ON FILM B BRAFTO FUEL YOUR B D
  2. 2. YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON VIDEO — EXCITING! When you're planning for your first video shoot, you're probably thinking about a lot of things: > Delivering the script fluently > Sounding intelligent on camera > Getting the tonejust right BRAFTON FUELYOURBRAND . — — —— T — T —— — —— — - —
  3. 3. THE ONE THING YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO BE THINKING ABOUT IS WHETHER YOUR OUTFIT IS GOING TO LOOK STRANGE OR BAD ON CAMERA. Here are some specific wardrobe dos and don'ts that can impact the way your video content turns out. BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  4. 4. In a studio shoot, green items become invisible against the green screen. BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  6. 6. DON’T WEAR FINE PATTERNS Fine or busy patterns don’t show up well on BRAFTON Ca m e ra FUEL YOUR BRAND
  7. 7. When you’re shooting a video, your best friend is a neutral—colored button—up shirt. BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  9. 9. I Oh, this old thing? _, .11. L. in”. 5‘ ‘ti I’ I . 1’ » -4 4;), BRAFTON 1 . FUELYOUR BRAND
  10. 10. Because nudes make you look well. .. nude BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  11. 11. lfyou have them. It helps you avoid problems with glasses _ glare. -‘$7. > ,3 “IN: I x, l.{. _ ; ,BRAFTON 1 . FUEL YOUR BRAND
  12. 12. .. _»rRTNOlSY JEWELRY D d N If it makes noise when you move, it will probably interrupt the audio BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  13. 13. C .3‘ :1H‘A= yi. R our oE YOUR FACE I k= E=E, e 'AvoklhaHshAes ‘y I that obstruct a [I ). dearwevrofyourfl 'face. tminHght , havetoreshootl BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  14. 14. DON= "F SH I NY J EWELRY Shinyjewelry can be distracting OI’l camera BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  15. 15. DO EXTRA SHIRT ‘T’ This gives some “insurance” in the event that what you’re wearing clashes with what the person next to you is wearing, or clashes with the room’s color. BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  16. 16. Unless of course they’re for your company, and intended to be part ofthe video shoot BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  17. 17. D R L I N T, s TAI N s . .« ,1 mi" 4 Make sure clothing is lint and dust—free (especially on black, and dark- colored clothing) BRAFTON FuEL YOUR BRAND
  18. 18. DON’T WEAR LOU D PATTERNS We love plaid as much as anyone else — maybe more — but that doesn’t mean it works on camera Avoid loud patterns and bold stripes. BRAFTON FUEL YOUR BRAND
  19. 19. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU FEEL CONFIDENT ON .1; ‘YOUR UPCOMING VIDEO IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT One Winthrop Square FL5, Boston MA 02110 www. brafton. com I 617.206.3040 . I3 1Bu'§L’§'§LTR%§AND e o o 0 e