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Reef Check results Maldives 2012


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From our SCUBA conservation holiday volunteering with coral reefs and whale sharks of the Maldives

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Reef Check results Maldives 2012

  1. 1. So what was out there, and why? JL
  2. 2. A common purpose – to help discover the health of the Maldives
  3. 3. Training at Baros and Embudhoo
  4. 4. Atolls - A special case
  5. 5. •This theory was finally proved in 1953 at Eniwetokatoll in the Marshall Islands, when a test boringthrough the reef hit volcanic rock at 1283 metres.Eniwetok atoll
  6. 6. Inshore house reef
  7. 7. You learned what one of these was for
  8. 8. Biyadhoo an inshore reef
  9. 9. Low coral cover, even in shallow
  10. 10. What a contrast! (Biyadhoo to Ellaidhoo)
  11. 11. Ellaidhoo and Orimas Faru
  12. 12. Ellaidhoo and Orimas Faru
  13. 13. Go south (Angaga)
  14. 14. Angaga house reef
  15. 15. Angaga house reef
  16. 16. Go East (Vilamendhoo)
  17. 17. Healthy corals in shallow reef
  18. 18. But indications of disease, bleaching and excess nutrients But in <1% of the coral population
  19. 19. The clean table tops of south Ari – are they ‘weeds’, or important for reef growth?
  20. 20. Table and branching Acroporadominate in more sheltered conditions
  21. 21. Reflected in outstanding coral recovery site depth 1997 (98 for Vilm) 2012 % bleaching 3m 50.63 33 NA Ellaidhoo housereef 12m 34.38 21 NA 3m 49.38 61 NA Angaga northeast 12m 26.88 46 NA 3m 30.63 / 58.75 43 NA Angaga southwest NA 12m 21.25 / 59.38 60 85 3m 5.63 48 / 61 Vilamendhoo* 90 10m 6.88 26