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Serving the warehouse industry from Virginia to Florida to                     Louisiana. E...
                                 WHAT’S HAPPENING?                      Lauren, Eric & Melissa...
                                FROM THE HOMEFRONT
    While traditionally “April showers bring Ma...
SWA 65th Convention

                                              “Come Home”
                          September 17-21 •...
   YOUR BUSINESS                                                     Press                              Release...
REGIONAL MEETING                                                      ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
            REVIEW                ...
  President	           FRANK	ANDERSON
                       RBW Logistics Corp.
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Southeastern Warehouse Association Newsletter 4 1 2010


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2010 April edition of our supply chain newsletter, for Southeastern Warehouse Association

Best Regards,

Bill Stankiewicz
Vice President and General Manager
Shippers Warehouse of Georgia
Office: 678-364-3475
Sustainable Consumer Packaged Goods member
CPG Branding and Forum Member

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Southeastern Warehouse Association Newsletter 4 1 2010

  1. 1. A P U B L I C AT I O N O F Serving the warehouse industry from Virginia to Florida to Louisiana. Education, information, community. P.O. Box 898, Madison, GA 30650 • (706) 431-6025 • • April 2010 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Spring is finally here! With and of course a little bit of education in our business sessions the exception of the pollen, the will make this one of the best conventions of the year. beginning of spring is always Lastly, I need to recognize and offer many thanks to Chad exciting with St. Patrick’s Day, Barrow, Bill Stankiewicz, and Michelle Gravine (who does an Final Four basketball, and the outstanding job at making Chad look good) for their hard work Masters. I have to admit, I was in hosting our first regional meeting of the year. The event pulling for Butler in the champi- took place in Savannah earlier this month and the program onship game. Nothing against was a huge success. The growth at the Port of Savannah is you Blue Devil fans, but when I amazing and can have a positive impact on our businesses don’t have a ‘Dawg’ in the fight and our industry. Our next regional meeting is scheduled for I tend to pull for the underdog. May 5th in Atlanta and I hope many of you will consider at- You have to give them credit, though. tending. Details are in the article on page 4. They played hard and never gave up. And what about Phil Mickleson – a six iron from 207 yards, out of the trees and EARTH DAY April 22 over the creek to less than 10 feet from the hole. Talk about adversity. I know many of us have faced some adverse (and everyday!) conditions over the past year or two, but never give up. The economy is slowly starting to turn for the bet- ter and as always, something positive will hit you before you know it – so be prepared for good things to come. With that said, spring is also the time we start finalizing the events and activities for the annual convention in September. This year’s convention in Charleston is shaping up to be in- credible and one you definitely don’t want to miss. But what do e PROTECTING YOUR you expect when you have people like the Baldridges, Crows, Be sure BUSINESS to se Collins, and Trivettes putting it all together. Charleston alone page 4 May 5, 2010 speaks for itself. The history, the entertainment, the beaches, The Atlanta Airport Hilton
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S COLUMN WHAT’S HAPPENING? Lauren, Eric & Melissa) have been hard at it with great re- Spring has sprung and with it a sults. Robert Balridge is handling the Business Program and busy schedule. Not even count- we will hear from him when has tied his part all together. You ing the items on the “to do list” will begin to see information about Charleston and its many at home which were not handled attributes in this edition — look for it and more each month over the winter or the annual hereafter until we gather on September 16th. IRS request for help, & watching Our convention site selection for 2011 has been finalized my alma mater (Cornell) reach and arrangements made to meet that year at the King & Price the Sweet Sixteen — the SWA Beach & Golf Resort, St. Simons Island, Georgia. schedule is filling up. And I like it! Enough for now! Keep in touch, I’ll do the same — On April 1 Frank & I met in Savannah at the Georgia Tech st Logistics Innovation Center to participate in a meeting that the Dean Coastal Logistics Group and Shippers Warehouse organized for the benefit of businesses involved in commerce flowing through the Port of Savannah. Chad Barrow and his team, ably assisted by Bill Stankiewicz, provided an information If You Want To Succeed – packed event attended by over 40 business people — in- cluding 12 SWA members. It was most interesting and well Then Start Focusing worth the time spent. More information Borrowed from: Consider This by Robert Stevenson about this event appears later in this The great companies today are staying calm, edition. And we have one prospective keeping a clear head and then focusing their warehouse member and two prospective efforts on profitability, increasing cash flow associate members on the “hook” as an and making their customers their number one added benefit. concern. Discipline becomes the rule, and On April 17th, I’ll be joining Buster simplifying what they do best, the goal. Many Lewis and attending the North Carolina companies lose sight of their core business. Warehouse Association’s next meeting They get busy re-organizing or re-restructuring in Statesville, NC. And look forward to when they should be busy at under-promising visiting friends and meeting new ones! and over-delivering in everything Speaking of meetings, Frank and I they do. Never confuse activity with committed to the Executive Board that accomplishment. A gerbil on a running wheel we would organize or contribute to is extremely active, but is going no where. three or four SWA regional meetings this year. The Savannah effort quali- Align your entire company or organization fied as one and with help from Jeff Mc- around a single priority. Please don’t Connell and Bill Clark we will support a second on get caught up in those fancy, smart May 5th at the Atlanta Airport Hilton. This will be a day spent sounding business phrases of identifying your considering how to better “Protect Your Business” in light of value-chain, brand development, image make- changing economic times and different “twists” regarding over, contrast methodology, or reorganization damage and/or loss control situations, insurance coverage, criteria, just to name a few. Get down to the etc. Information on this event has distributed, more follows, simple questions of — including news within this issue of The Breeze. Please con- “What is it that we do best?” sider attending. “What made us successful?” Plans for this September’s convention in Charleston are on the move! The Social Committee team (Perry, Lisa, Bill, The Breeze Page 2
  3. 3. NEWS (AND MOSTLY VIEWS) FROM THE HOMEFRONT While traditionally “April showers bring May flowers’” ebrated from March 25th to April 1st – at which time they would it would appear that this year the showers(rain) came in exchange gifts. But, later the date was changed to January March and have brought an abundance of beautiful flowers 1st for New Years. The people who still celebrated it April 1st and flowering trees and shrubs in April! Could this beautiful were called “April fish” and sent mock presents. weather and gorgeous display of flowers For Christians, April also celebrates the resurrection of be our “reward” for enduring the long, Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday and for Jews, the Feast of miserable and cold winter just Passover, which is told in the book of Exodus. Palm Sunday past !??! In spite of the layer of precedes Easter and is the beginning of Holy Week. yellow-green pollen blanketing Arbor Day is set aside for planting trees and is mostly all surfaces and bringing tears to the celebrated by school children. Southern States and Hawaii eyes of those with allergies, April is celebrate it annually between December and March, while a beautiful month – one to which most Northern States celebrate the day in April or May. we look forward each year! While April is the beginning of new growth and new life, it Special days in April begin with the is appropriate that it is also the month in which several “firsts” first day – April Fools Day, when chil- occurred — dren and grown – ups play jokes on April 2, 1792 First Federal Mint was established one another. Here are two from a group of the 100 all time best April 3, 1860 First Pony Express service began April Fools jokes — April 10,1790 United States patent system was estab- 1996 The Taco Bell Corporation announced that it had lished purchased the historic Liberty Bell, which it would re-name April 23,1896 The first public showing The Taco Liberty Bell! Outraged citizens called the National of a motion picture took place in New Historic Park in Philadelphia (where the Lib- York City erty Bell is housed) to express their anger. April 24,1800 The Library of Taco Bell revealed a few hours later that Congress was established the story was a joke. The best response of April 30, 1939 Television was first publicly the day is said to have come from the White broadcast – from the Empire State Building House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, who May your April be a month of outdoor pleasures said that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would – gardening, golfing, hiking, cycling, - any activ- be renamed “The Ford Lincoln Mercury memorial!” ity that brings you joy and celebrates the 1974 long dormant volcano, Mt. Edgecumbe, near Sitka, return of Spring and sunshine! Alaska had residents alarmed as it began to belch great quan- Please look for a great article (else- tities of thick, black smoke. Fears ran high where in this newsletter) on the city of that the volcano would once again Charleston – the site of our next con- become active. Actually, practical vention- and start planning now to join joker Porky Bichar had flown us in September in this delightful hundreds of old tires into the and historic city. The next several crater and lit them on fire. issues will feature additional information about According to legend, when Charleston, and about the upcoming convention. Mt. Saint Helens erupted 6 years later, a Sitka resident wrote Bichar to tell him, “This time you’ve gone too far!” Until next month — Some historians believe the April Fools custom started in Kathy France where they had a New Year’s Festival that was cel- The Breeze Page 3
  4. 4. SWA 65th Convention “Come Home” September 17-21 • Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, SC COME HOME For Southeners whose soul and beliefs have been formed by Southern traditions, Charleston, SC is like coming home. Your ancestors may have sailed into the harbor and walked the cobblestone streets of Charleston on their way to discov- ering a new life in the new world. A simpler time when a lazy summer afternoon was spent riding in a carriage, enjoying the ocean breeze and passing the time talking with friends and neighbors. This is the South, embedded in our soul. Come discover your roots or immerse yourself in southern history by walking these same streets in Charleston at the Charles- ton Place Hotel and the SWA Convention September 17-21. Spend time enjoying the history, seeing old and new friends, and maybe even taking in an afternoon carriage ride with a loved one. Come Home. Come home to Charleston. We’ll be waiting. The Breeze Page 4
  5. 5. PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS Press Release May 5, 2010 CenterPoint Properties Signs The Southeastern Warehouse New Customer to CenterPoint Association is proud to Intermodal Center announce an educational OAK BROOK, Ill., March 16, 2010 CenterPoint Proper- seminar that will provide you with ties announced today that Coastal Logistics Group, Inc. the latest and most up to date information has signed a long-term lease for a 320,000 square feet rail on: served facility at CenterPoint Intermodal Center-Savannah Current legal issues facing your industry (CIC-Savannah). Coastal Logistics Group, Inc. (CLG) Workers Compensation Program Design is the first build-to-suit for the Options 233-acre intermodal center Cargo Security, the latest technology located just 4 miles from the Georgia Port Authority. CLG Deficiencies found in almost all is looking forward to locating its corporate headquarters in Insurance Programs CIC-Savannah allowing this Savannah based company to continue to expand their warehouse space and service of- We are pleased to have the services of the ferings. following speakers The new facility at CIC-Savannah is located minutes from Jon Masini, Esq., Specializing in Bailment and I-95 and I-16 providing an optimal location for CLG’s custom- Transportation Law. ers. In addition, the new location will also have direct access Scott Cornell, National Manager of Travelers Insurance to the Norfolk Southern rail service and Norfolk Southern Dil- Company Investigative Services lard Intermodal Yard, which will allow for world-class transpor- Mike Lopeman, Vice President of Artex tation amenities. Chad Barrow, President of CLG said, “CLG Bill Clark, CPCU, Logistics Division Manger of is committed to improving its services and the operational Pridemark Everest Insurance Services excellence expected from its customers. The convenient location will allow us to expand delivery options ensuring a Facility Tour cost-efficient logistics chain for products. In addition, the new Our thanks to Hartsfield Warehouse who has agreed to host construction will stimulate job growth in our local economy.” a facility tour in the afternoon. As you will see in the March SOURCE CenterPoint Properties Breeze, they are one of our newest members and provide Copyright © 2010 PR Newswire. All rights reserved some very unique services. This will definitely be worth the time. Kenco Logistic Services Who Should Attend Owners, CFOs, and personnel in charge of Risk Control CEO Gary L. Mayfield Elected IWLA Chairman for 2010-11 Place: The Atlanta Airport Hilton, 1031 Virginia Avenue, CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—March 31, 2010 Kenco Logistic Atlanta, GA 30354 Services LLC (KLS), one of the most respected Time: Start: 9 am till mid afternoon after the facility tour. names in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry, has announced the election This event is being hosted by Jeff McConnell , CIC,CRM, of Gary L. Mayfield, CEO, to the post of Vice President of the Leavitt Group of Atlanta. chairman of the International Lunch will be served Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA). The Breeze Page 5
  6. 6. REGIONAL MEETING ASSOCIATE MEMBERS REVIEW CORNER SAVANNAH , GEORGIA On Thursday, April 1st, SWA supported a one day meeting RECYCLING at Georgia Tech’s Innovation Center for Logistics in Garden Recycling involves City, GA. This event was organized by Chad Barrow’s Cargo processing used ma- Logistics Group and assisted by Shipper’s Warehouse for terials into new prod- the purpose of providing companies connected to commerce ucts to prevent waste moving through the Port of Savannah with information on of potentially useful what is being done to manage the infrastructure required to materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materi- support that freight movement. als, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from Page Siplon, Executive Director of the Innovation Center, incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by presented a look at “Georgia Logistics – A View From the reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal, Top”, more specifically the effort to develop a state wide and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared business plan that encompasses the logistics demands being to virgin production. Recycling is a key component of realized. With particular emphasis being placed on the high- modern waste reduction and is the third component way system that supports the flow to and from the Georgia of the “Re- coastal ports of Savannah and Brunswick. d u c e , Following were Chip Hawkins and Gordon Hammer of the Reuse, Georgia Port Authority who provided significant information on Recycle” the Savannah terminal and what is being done to effectively waste hi- handle the heavy tonnage, documentation and information on erarchy. freight moving through the port daily, And what is being done Many of to prepare for the future with increased demand in and out, our cus- larger ocean vessels being built to transport that demand and tomers competitive pressures up and down the Eastern seaboard. today de- Bill Stankiewicz spent valuable time reminding the Georgia mand that we use a “Green approach” when it comes contingent of the need to pass State Bill #451 which deals to their supply, replenishment or disposal of pallets, Article 7 of the UCC. Many states have already formally ap- boxes and other raw materials. proved of the use of electronic commerce — Georgia needs At Pallet consultants we are “Green Everyday”. We to get it done! collect, repair and reissue recycled pallets and wooden An information packed session attended by over 40 busi- containers everyday. We grind any left over scrap and ness men and women from Georgia and surrounding states. turn it into colored mulch and boiler fuel. We bale the Frank and I were particularly pleased that twelve individuals cardboard that is loaded along with the recycled pallets from nine SWA member companies participated. It was time and send it of the paper mill for reuse. well spent! Our thanks to Chad Barrow and Michelle Gravine, If I can help you with your pallet purchasing or re- Bill Stankiewicz, Page Siplon, and the management team cycling needs please feel free contact me via email from the GPA that made it work for all. or phone, Thanks, Bill Webb Vice President Business Development Pallet Consultants 2555 Moreland Ave Atlanta Georgia 30315 Phone 404-808-2672 Warehouse Positioning Tools for 2010 The Breeze Page 6 Thursday, April 1, 2010 • Center of Innovation for Logistics
  7. 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President FRANK ANDERSON RBW Logistics Corp. P.O. Box 10027 Augusta, GA 30903 (706) 724-0106 1st Vice Pres. COLLIN PEEL Camrett Logistics P.O. Box 410 Wytheville, VA 24382 (276) 625-8103 2nd Vice Pres. ROBERT BALDRIDGE Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc. P.O. Box 748 Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 382-5269 Sec./Treasurer GEORGE W. DAVIS III Davis Storage and Warehouse, Inc. 541 Bridge Street Danville, VA 24541 (434) 793-7721 Past President & BUSTER LEWIS Pres. Council Lewis Storage Co., Inc. Chairman P.O. Box 16384 Greensboro, NC 27416 (336) 275-8458 April Birthdays May Birthdays STATE DIRECTORS Alabama MICHAEL O. MEADOR Meador Warehousing & Distribution 1 .................................... Karin Harriss 2 ....................................... Brian Duke P.O. Box 391 Mobile, AL 36610 (251) 457-4376, x14 3 ................................... Linda Woody 2 ...................................... Steve Duke Florida BRIAN DUKE 8 ................................. Teresa Anders 2 ............................ Bobby Hellerstedt Laney & Duke Terminal Warehouse Co. 1560 Jessie Street Jacksonville, FL 32206 14 ............................ Barbara Parham 5 ................................... Van Swafford (904) 798-3500 Georgia WILLIAM STANKIEWICZ 14 ................................ Kathy Meador 13 ..................................... Ray Turner Shippers Warehouse of Georgia 7265 Southlake Parkway Jonesboro, GA 30260 15 ......................... Mary Ann Johnson (678) 364-3475 April Anniversaries 29 ................................... Shiela Hicks Kentucky BRIAN JOHNSON Advance Distribution Services, Inc. 2349 Millers Lane 1 ............ Frank & Christine Anderson 29 ................................... David Lyons Louisville, KY 40216 (502) 449-1720 10 ....................... Bruce & Maria Byrd 20 .................................... Beth Banks Louisiana ROBERT BALDRIDGE and Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc. 11 ................ David & Tracey Parham 20 ................................. Genie Turner Mississippi P.O. Box 748 Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 382-5269 19 ............. Scott & Elaine McWilliams North Carolina FRED MEREDITH Meredith Warehousing & Disribution, Inc. 25 ...................... Larry & Sheila Hicks May Anniversaries 103 Carolina Court High Point, NC 27263 (336) 861-5773 17 .............. Scott & Jennifer Thornton South Carolina VAN SWAFFORD 23 .............. Charlie & Libba Anderson Swafford Transport and Warehouse Co. 1630 Old Highway 14 South Greer, SC 29651 28 ................. Devon & Teresa Anders (864) 848-3854 Tennessee JOHN OZIER 30 ..................... Glen & Genie Turner UWT Logistics 823 East Holmes Road Memphis, TN 38106 (901) 948-3481 Virginia DEVON ANDERS InterChange Group, Inc. 1346 Plesants Drive, Suite 6 Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (540) 433-1900 AT LARGE DIRECTORS ANDY BROWN TOM TAUL Twin City Warehouses, Inc. Merchants Transfer Co. 3302 Old Lexington Road P.O. Box 487 Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Mobile, AL 36601 (336) 499-7221 (251) 457-8691 BILL CROW BRUCE TRANTHAM Shaw Warehouse Co. Tranco Logistics, LLC P.O. Box 321305 P.O. Box 71725 Birmingham, AL 35232 Chattanooga, TN 37407-6725 (205) 251-7188 (423) 822-1000 JEFF LEWIS Kenco Logistics Services 200 Riverside Drive Chatanooga, TN 37406 (423) 643-3578 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DEAN MATHESON POB 898 • Madison, GA 30650 Office (706) 431-6025 The Breeze Page 7