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Top Logistics presentations from last events held around the country. Bill Stankiewicz-Supply Chain Executive

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Bill Stankiewicz Copy Greg Smith Oracle For Web

  1. 1. “Supply Chain Complexity, An Opportunity”Greg Smith, Industry Director, Transportation and Logistics
  2. 2. Supply Chain’s In the Coming Decade…“The next ten years will be allabout mobile communication’sand real time data.” Noel Perry Chief Economist, American Trucking Association ITLC 2010 Conference 2
  3. 3. Logistics Service Providers –Industry Processes 3
  4. 4. Management Excellence:The Next Competitive Edge Competitive Advantage Smart – Deep Insight Agile – Decisive Aligned – Across the enterprise MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE Cost – Lean and Mean Quality – Six Sigma, TQM Speed – Real-time, JIT OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Time 4
  5. 5. Supply Chain Includes … Component Inbound Logistics Finished Goods Outbound Logistics Carriers 3PL Logistics Customer/ 3PL Logistics Customs Carriers Shipper Provider Provider Channel Shipment Transport ShipmentTender Tender Status Status Order ASN Tender Tender Invoice Shipping Invoice Packing Slips Response Response Documents & Labels Ship Shipment Transport Ship Shipment Tenders Tenders Docs Tracking Orders Docs Tracking Sourcing, Rate Shipment Global Freight Payment, Management & Management & Transportation & Billing & Claims Tendering Visibility IntelligenceTransportation Management 5
  6. 6. Supply Chain Includes …• Raw Materials Sourcing• Availability of Quality Labor Markets• Production Facilities Availability• Ability to Control Quality• Government stability and predictability• Internal currency policies that are consistent with global trade• Ability to move financial assets and repatriate profits• Adequate domestic transportation infrastructure• Governmental protections for IP• Willingness to enforce copyrights and patents• And more…..much more 6
  7. 7. Multiple Services and 100% of Customers on a Single Platform… Rationalize and Modernize Applications, Data Repositories, and Infrastructure Global Logistics Planning and Execution PlatformLink Islands of Automation with a Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Client 3 Client 2 Client 1Business Process Platform to facilitateQuote-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay Business Process Platform, Collaboration Hubs Streamline Collaboration with Enterprise SOA Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Regulatory Authorities through Legacy Applications, Data Hubs, Infrastructure Collaboration Hubs• Supports best-of-breed solutions• Can be configured• Leverages legacy applications• Supports industry standards• Vendor Independent 7
  8. 8. Kraft uses Cooperative 8
  9. 9. Transforming the Quote-to-Cash Process can SignificantlyImprove Scalability, Profitability & Operational Excellence Quote Order Plan Execute Monitor Settle Key Opportunity Areas for LSPs • Automate the quoting process improving contract compliance, quote accuracy and reducing lead times for quotes • Capture, document, and respond to changes in orders without missing promised service levels • Optimize planning and execution of orders so service levels are met while cost of service is minimized and resource utilization is maximized. • Get visibility to orders, shipments, assets, and personnel so LSPs can pro-actively respond to operational disruptions and order changes, while ensuring service commitments are met • Integrate quoting and service execution with operational accounting and billing so you can automate accounts receivable, payable, and inter-company accounting processes  Transformation of the business process through enabling technology platforms will allow LSPs to make IT strategic and help them differentiate their offerings in the market place  LSPs who automate their Quote-To-Cash process can see 3-5% revenue improvement, 5-7% reductions in cost and a 30% reduction in DSO*Source: Oracle Analysis
  10. 10. RTD Enables Adaptive Business Processes • Process learns and continuously Business Processes optimizes in real-time based on closed loop information • Analytic decisions are taken for Process data Process decision each interaction & context point & feedback RTD Engine • RTD decisions based on rules and predictive models Real-time Business Rules & Self-Learning Predictive Models • RTD optimizes across conflicting business process goals Server Inputs • Process leverages common data model of real-time and historical dataCommon Enterprise Information Model • Decisions based on facts, context, analytic insights 10
  11. 11. Driving Supply Chain Excellence With Real Time Analytics Service & Order Supply Human Sales Contact Marketing Management Financials & Fulfillment Chain Resources Center Pipeline Churn Campaign Order Supplier A/R & A/P Employee Analysis Propensity Scorecard Linearity Performance Analysis Productivity Orders Triangulated Customer Response vs. Available Spend GL / Balance Compensation Forecasting Satisfaction Rates Inventory Analysis Sheet Analysis Analysis Customer Sales Team Resolution Product Cycle Time Procurement & Product HR Compliance Effectiveness Rates Propensity Analysis Cycle Times Profitability Reporting Up-sell / Service Rep Loyalty and Backlog Inventory P&L Analysis Workforce Cross-sell Effectiveness Attrition Analysis Availability Profile Cycle Time Service Cost Market Basket Fulfillment Employee Expense Turnover Analysis Analysis Analysis Status Expenses Management Trends Lead Service Campaign ROI Customer BOM Analysis Cash Flow Return on Conversion Trends Receivables Analysis Human CapitalCopyright © 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. Questions can be worlds apart How can we improve What is our performance? performance?• What are the top 10 markets? • What if we increase promotional• What is the gap to forecast? capacity by 10% in our major• What customers are most markets? profitable? • What happens to our forecast if the• What are revenues by product dollar declines by 5% to the Euro? compared to last year? • What happens to gross margin if• What are sales by product, our materials costs increase by store and quarter? 20%?• What is the trend for • Which customers drive 80% of our employee-related costs? overall profitability?• What is our open headcount? • What happens to same store sales if inventory turns increase by 5%? Situational Forward-looking 12
  13. 13. Summing it up….• Forward thinking logistics service providers understand that IT is strategic and will make technology a central pillar in their corporate strategy.• Data needs to be accurate, and near real-time. One version of the truth is critical.• Your business architecture depends on your technology architecture. Revenues Costs 13
  14. 14. 1414