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Bill Stankiewicz
Vice President and General Manager
Shippers Warehouse of Georgia
Office: 678-364-3475

Have you seen our recent ad in the Inbound Logistics Magazine? Shippers is the premiere third-party logistics and distribution provider in the greater Southwest! We welcome your business!

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  1. 1. A P U B L I C AT I O N O FServing the warehouse industry from Virginia to Florida to Louisiana. Education, information, community.P.O. Box 898, Madison, GA 30650 • (706) 431-6025 • • March 2011Shippers Warehouse of GA Welcomes Will Storit Will Storit meets Georgia’s Ex-Gov Matt Walker (right) Sonny Perdue and and James Brewer Shippers Warehouse teach Will Storit the team at 2010 HB ropes. 451 signing. Will Storit helps to welcome Fred Nuss, Will is sporting a Shippers Suzuki Executive Warehouse of Georgia cap.from California (center)along with Ken Johnson(left) CEO/President Debbie Morris, Customerof Shippers Warehouse Service/Quality Controland Roy Miller, Manager spends some timeShippers Warehouse with Will going overVice President Client what it takes to makeServices. the Customer happy. Will Storit reviews the information at the Employee Information Center. It is a must that he is well informed while at Shippers. Roy Barbee celebrated his 40th company anniversary and Will Storit was right there to share inAnnette Starkes gets Will up the speed on what is going onat Shippers! Will Storit stands up for our Quality Statement, “Satisfy our customers by understanding what they want Will has been working and need, deliver hard on the Suzuki it on time, and account. continually improve our process and services.” (continues on next page)
  2. 2. Will Storit - Shippers Warehouse... (cont.) Will is up for Forklift Training. He was told to be sure to put Will Storit helps June on his seatbelt before he takes Watkins pull an order. off. Randall Ricketson and Annette Starkes sit on a Suzuki Motorcycle while Toney Favors and Will Storit wait for their ride. Will StoritWill Storit is standsvery busy with on theour In the packagingSwim Account. line withSummer will his orangebe here before vest andyou know it and hair net.these items need He will beto be shipped! packingWill is on top of it. chips as fast as the rest of the crew before you know it! BEFORE SWAT Pictured with Will Storit are Ivelis Matias, Suzette Shippers is a part of Moreno, Sheila Dominick, the Clayton County Edralina Evangelista, and Clean and Beautiful Somphone Phosai. Program where we keep our road free of debris. Our VP/GM, Bill Our Packaging employees Stankiewicz, had our are holding signs aboutmanagement team dress up as convicts for this photo. Motorcycle Safety while Will Storit observes from theWe tried to get Will a convict suit too but could not find conveyor his size. Even though theAFTER SWAT Motorcycle account is on the oppositeClayton County Swat end of the building,Team paid a visit to the PackagingShippers after hearing account shows thatabout our team of we are all one bigconvicts! Will Storit “Team” when itwas made an honorary comes to Safety.member of the SwatTeam. Will Storit is trained in Will Storit advertising and marketing gets special for Shippers. He should care from our make a great Sales Person. Packaging Team. They will have him producing finished product as fast as they do in no time.Shannon Davis teaches Will how toproperly pack a box for shipping. (continues on next page) The Breeze – Page 2
  3. 3. Will Storit - Shippers Warehouse... (cont.) The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is closely monitoring the activities surround- Will Storit is inspecting these ing the earthquake in Japan and resulting chips to make sure they are all packed properly. tsunami threats and working with volunteer and emergency management agencies to determine how to best aid their responseNow Willis working efforts. Following this email is a note re-on another ceived from Dan Stoneking, FEMA Directorproduction line. of Private Sector Office of ExternalHe is getting Affairs which includes a statementfaster and his from FEMA Administratoraccuracy is good. Fugate.His co-workersare having a good Should thistime training him! event create significant relief needs ALAN will: Now Will Storit is leading his co-workers! He is · Post relief agency needs on the web portal (www.alanaid. number one! org). · Sponsor calls for interested parties to provide updates on relief efforts and needs. Our Transportation Dept. employees Alicia Bryant · Post information about relief efforts and sources of infor- (2nd in front row) and mation on the ALAN website. Annie Smith (2nd on · In the days following an event interest is high however back row) pictured along with our Accounting information as to specific needs may take several daysAdministrator Ionie Farquharson (3rd on back row), to a week to emerge as gaps come into focus.Cheryl Jackson, our Thank you for your continued support.Admin Asst (1ston front row) andlast but not least, Kathy Kathy Fultonour VP/GM BillStankiewicz (1st Director of Operationson back row) teachWill Storeit aboutchocking those truckwheels!2397 Huntcrest Way, Ste 100 • Lawrenceville, GA 30043 770-242-0519 • Toll Free: 800-964-4949 Fax: 770-368-9158 • Email: The Breeze – Page 3
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S COLUMN Just returned from St. Peters- to say, kind of hard to get it done when you rely on others for burg, FL having attended IWLA’s input — so thanks John, Stan, Brian, Devon, Chad, Tom and annual meeting! There was value Van for stepping up. I realize that squeezing in a task like this offered and, like any event of that can be difficult when times are busy and it seems they are! type, the benefit derived equates It doesn’t always have to be the State Directors who report; to the effort extended! It was I’m sure there is a lot more to be shared “out there” and ask good to meet and greet fellow that you try and remember to provide it to us as the months SWA members who participated move along. and enjoy a casual dinner with most on that Monday evening SWA 66th Annual Convention at the Columbia Restaurant on “Moving Forward, Giving Back”the St. Pete Pier. Of particular enjoyment for me was the The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resortopportunity to visit and re-connect with many long time in- St. Simons Island, Georgiadustry friends — going through Joel’s reception line opening September 8-10, 2011night was almost like attending a “college reunion”! Almost! Ithink it’s important to know that SWA members are active in The theme for this year’s annual convention is “Movingthe leadership of IWLA; Gary Mayfield’s term just ended as Forward, Giving Back” – interesting and appropriate. GeorgeChairman, Paul Verst, Rob Doyle & Chip Scholz are on their Davis is busy developing the business program to tie back toBOD and Frank Anderson was newly elected to the board for this theme; Bill & Lauren Crow have already met with the Kinga three year term. A fun and pleasant couple of days! And, & Prince to start the ball rolling on the social agenda. Busteryes, I still like the way we do things at our annual meetings Franklin will manage this year’s SWA golf tournament whichand continue to be proud of our organization. will be held on the King & Prince course which by all reports is New member recruiting has been a very nice one! Buster is interested in receiving feedback onat the top of my list this past month a preferred format for that event — so golfers, please let meand with positive results; we have have your opinion. Remember, September 8-10, 2011; youreceived commitments from four ware- can make your room reservations now; phone Reservationshouse companies: 1-800-342-1212 and reference the SWA Group, or on-lineTriad Warehouse contact; click Group Reservations;Solutions – Kern- the needed Password SWA11 (case sensitive).ersville, NC (Rob I’ll be spending St. Patrick’s Day recuperating from kneeTreadway); Sunland Distribu- replacement procedure #2 that is scheduled to be done ontion – Greenville, SC (Arch March 16th; it will be great to have two legs that can performThomason); Barrett Dis- normally again. If all goes well, as the first one did, I’ll be outtribution – Memphis, TN and around after several days and at full speed by the June(Arthur Barrett) and Derby Board Meeting. In the meantime Kathy, with some help fromIndustries – Louisville, KY Karin, will be keeping an eye on the office.(Diana Herold). The administrative details are being handled Be well, be careful and keep in touch,now and we look forward to introducing them to you all inSeptember. An interesting group of warehouse businesses! Dean We have three potential associates working too – HB Ret-rofit, LLC; Alliance Energy Solutions and Dematic Corp. More details from them later. Ag Solutions Plus Inc. You will note that we have several short reports in the State Directors Lighting EquipmEnt & SyStEmS —————————— Corner which pleases me. I con- tinue to believe that we should include 1400 Technology Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22802 as much news as we can about what’s 540-437-3965 • Fax: 540-437-3962 happening in our region about business as well as the individual members! Easy The Breeze – Page 4
  5. 5. Webe visits Hackbarth Delivery, Mobile, ALWebe had a fabulous time in Mobile. (He might have understand what the line haulhad a little too much fun at Mardi Gras, though! drivers do, he needed to get out inAll work and no play would make Webe a very dull the field so he rode to our 40,000boy.) sf Jackson, MS terminal on the line haul that night where he picked upHere is his story: We nick named him “Webe product to return to Mobile for delivery the nextDeliverin”. morning. As part of his training, he learned how toHe started out hook the trailerworking with our up to the tractor,Customer Service but he said heCenter in Mobile, liked driving thewhich operates “big rig” as he24/7/365, where called it, betterhe answered calls than hooking itand monitored live up. He helped withvideo feeds coming breaking down thein from our other pallets and sorting locations. He to routes the totes was in charge for delivery of making sure and completed the unload and the OS&D and sort process receiver scan was followed process. He was and completed a quick learner! in our New His next Orleans, assignment was Atlanta, to learn howJacksonville, and Birmingham terminals. to work theNext he was tasked with monitoring our line hauls Critical Partsthat run 6 nights a week all over the southeast, and segment of ourbegan looking for freight to add to these lanes since business. Thiswe have capacity on most. He had some really good involved gettingsuggestions, like “to call your friends at SWA, and him securityfind out where they may need to ship, offer them clearance to godiscounted rates, and fill up your trucks, since youare running the routes anyway.” Pretty smart fella,that Webe.So he studied the map and decided, that to really inside the cage, which he had no problem getting. So he learned how to do a cycle count, pull a part, log it out of inventory and then dispatch it to the (continues on next page) The Breeze – Page 5
  6. 6. Webe Visits Hackbarth... (cont.)correct driver who then takes it to the on-site techfor our client. This was a fairly lengthy process sohe stayed on this for a few days before he moved onto the courier part of our business.He said being a driver was Background: the most fun! He made On  May  9th  &  10th  the  State  of  Georgia  will  hold  its  Third  Annual  Georgia  Logistic Innovation for Logistics.  In just three short years, the Summit has become a truly udeliveries for some of our The Summit has doubled in size every year to last year’s total of 950 participants fromedical clients and the 85% came from private industry.  All indications are for this to continue and the 2011customers loved him. In fact,he won our KYSO Courier Background: from all over the World.      Themed  as  “Thriving  in  a  Changing  Ecosystem”  the  2011  Summit  will  examine  lBackground:  award. KYSOof the month th  On May 9th & 10th the State of Georgia will Air Freight, Energy,  Life‐sc requirements across a set of six markets:  Agribusiness,  hold its ThirdOn  May  9th  &  10 the  State is our trademarked nameof  Georgia  will  hold  its  Third  Annual  Georgia  Logistics  Summit  hosted  by  the  Center  of  Annual Georgia Logistics Summit hosted by the Center of Freight.  Again, this year’s Summit is all about identifying, exploring and understandiInnovation for Logistics.  In just three short years, the Summit has become a truly unique and highly anticipated event.   Sum- specifically how to take advantage, and thrive!    Innovation for Logistics. In just three short years, thefor our service. It stands forThe Summit has doubled in size every year to last year’s total of 950 participants from 12 states, and most importantly  event. Where and When: a truly unique and highly anticipated mit has becomeKnock Your Socks Off service85% came from private industry.  All indications are for this to continue and the 2011 Summit to attract more than 1,500  2011 Pre‐Summit Networking Event  2011 Georgand it is what our company is The Summit has doubled in size every year to last year’sfrom all over the World.    May 9, 2011 – 5:30pm to 8:00pm  May 10, 2011founded on. It means taking care of our customer’s total of 950 participants from 12 states, and most importantly Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre – Atlanta, GA  Cobb Galleriacustomer, and doing so Changing  Ecosystem”  the  2011  Summit  will  examine  logistics  business  opportunities  and  for thisThemed  as  “Thriving  in  a  with a cheerful attitude. Our 85% came from private industry. All indications are Preliminary Agenda:   requirements across a set of six markets:  Agribusiness,  Air Freight, Energy,  Life‐sciences, Manufacturing, and Ocean team agreed that Webe exemplified this so he wonFreight.  Again, this year’s Summit is all about identifying, exploring and understanding ways the ecosystem is changing,  1,500for the month of February. to continue and the 2011 Summit to attract more than 2011 Pre‐Summit Networking Event specifically how to take advantage, and thrive!    from all over the World. th Monday, May 9  – Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre  After all of this hard 5:30 – 8:00pm          Networking Event  Changing Ecosystem” the Themed as “Thriving in aWhere and When:  work, we thought Webe Registration includes: 2 complimentary drink tickets, Hors doeuvres, and optional 2011 Summit will examine logistics business opportunities 2011 Pre‐Summit Networking Event  so we needed some fun, 2011 Georgia Logistics Summit  2011 Georgia Logistics Scholarship Presentation  and requirements across a set of six markets: Agribusi- May 9, 2011 – 5:30pm to 8:00pm  to Mardi took him down May 10, 2011 – 8:00am to 4:00pm  2011 Georgia Logistics Leadership and Community Contribution Award   Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre – Atlanta, GA  ness, Air Freight, Energy, Life‐sciences, Manufacturing, Cobb Galleria Centre – Atlanta, GA  Gras and the parades. 2011 Georgia Logistics Summit Agenda Summit is all about and Ocean Freight. Again, this year’sPreliminary Agenda:    Webe learned that Mardi Tuesday, May 10th – Cobb Galleria Centre  identifying, exploring and understanding ways the ecosystem Gras originated in Mobile,2011 Pre‐Summit Networking Event  7:30 – 8:30  is changing, Registration and solution provider booths open (breakfast buffet to car specifically how to take advantage, and thrive! th AL and that it has been 8:30 – 9:30  Welcome and Keynote Speaker (Governor Nathan Deal, Congressman JoMonday, May 9  – Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre  going on in one form or5:30 – 8:00pm          Networking Event  for over 300 another Where and When: 9:30 – 9:45  Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths  9:45 – 11:15  Opportunity Session #1 (running concurrently)  ‐ Agribusiness, Life Sciences, Air Freight  Registration includes: 2 complimentary drink tickets, Hors doeuvres, and optional cash bar  years in our city. He 2011 Pre‐Summit Networking Event 11:15 – 11:30  Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths  2011 Georgia Logistics Scholarship Presentation Rob spent time with 11:30 – 1:15  Technology & Innovation across the Logistics Ecosystem (lunch w/ key May 9, 2011 – 5:30pm to 8:00pm 2011 Georgia Logistics Leadership and Community Contribution Award   Hackbarth the owner, 1:15 – 1:30  Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths  Cobb Energy Performing Arts (running concurrently)  GA 1:30 – 3:00  Opportunity Session #2  Centre – Atlanta, caught some beads with2011 Georgia Logistics Summit Agenda  ate a Philip Picard and ‐ Energy, Manufacturing, Ocean Freight  2011 Georgia Logistics Summit 3:00 – 4:00  Closing w/keynote (state of the industry, economy and outlook focused) Tuesday, May 10th – Cobb Galleria Centre  moonpie Caroline helped     May 10, 2011 – 8:00am to 4:00pm him catch (peanut butter  (breakfast buffet to carry into 8:30 session) 7:30 – 8:30  Registration and solution provider booths open Cobb Galleria Centre – Atlanta, GA8:30 – 9:30  was his favorite)! See pics LEARN MORE & REGISTER ONLINE: SUMMIT.GEORGIA Welcome and Keynote Speaker (Governor Nathan Deal, Congressman John Mica ‐ invited) 9:30 – 9:45  of webe at Mardi Gras. Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths 9:45 – 11:15  Opportunity Session #1 (running concurrently)  Webe is going to miss ‐ Agribusiness, Life Sciences, Air Freight  Mobile and Hackbarth is11:15 – 11:30  Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths  going to miss Webe but11:30 – 1:15  Technology & Innovation across the Logistics Ecosystem (lunch w/ keynote) 1:15 – 1:30  he has to continue on Networking Break and Visit Solution Provider Booths 1:30 – 3:00  his journey to the next Opportunity Session #2 (running concurrently)  ‐ Energy, Manufacturing, Ocean Freight  for location! Stay tuned3:00 – 4:00  updates of his travel Closing w/keynote (state of the industry, economy and outlook focused)  HACKBARTH DELIVERY SERVICE INC.  adventures around the  Small parcel, local cartage, interstate, warehousing best place on earth, the 3504 Brookdale Dr. N • Mobile, AL 36608 southeastern United LEARN MORE & REGISTER ONLINE: SUMMIT.GEORGIALOGISTICS.ORG  Ph: 251-478-1401 • Fax: 251-479-9900 States…. Kelly Picard, VP-Sales Kelly Pickard Hackbarth Delivery The Breeze – Page 6
  7. 7. NEWS & VIEWS FROM THE HOMEFRONT The month of March brings a favorite offer some “Paraprosdokian” sentences: these are figures ofholiday for this descendent of Irish grand- speech in which the latter part of the sentence or phrase isparents – thus I wish all of you “Top surprising in an unexpected way that causes the reader orO’ the mornin!” Since Dean will be listener to reinterpret the first part.having his second knee replace- . Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anyment surgery on Wednesday, the more than standing in your garage makes you a car.16th, our traditional Irish feast of corned . War does not determine who is right — only whobeef and cabbage may be postponed is left.a day or two depending on the length of . Knowledge is knowing a tomato ishis hospital stay. It will, however, taste just a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruitas good on the 19th or 20th! salad. Last weekend found us – along with a number of SWA . We never really grow up, we only learn how to actmembers and associates in St. Petersburg, FL for the annual in public.IWLA Convention. The weather cooperated beautifully – midto upper 70’s and lots of sunshine! A pure delight after the . Evening news is where they begin with “Good eve-extreme cold and snow that this winter brought. Some IWLA ning” and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.members from the northern part of the country were particu- . Why does someone believe you whenlarly grateful for the brief respite the meeting afforded – they you say there are four billion stars, but checkare still in the grip of winter! when you say the paint is wet? A number of our attending members gathered for a group . You do not need adinner on Monday evening – great food and great fellowship! parachute to skydive.Unfortunately Scott McWilliams’ plans to attend were changed You only need a para-at the last minute by a recurrence of the cancer that Elaine chute to skydive twice.has battled for so many years. (This episode has taken the . Hospitality: making your guestsform of tumors on her brain.) All who have known Elaine over feel like they are at home, even if youthe years have been awed by her courage and great faith wish they she has successfully conquered one siege after another. . Some cause happiness wherever they go; othersPlease keep her, Scott and their two sons in your thoughts whenever they leave.and prayers as they face this next challenge.” Heroism” hasbeen sometimes been defined as “doing what has to be And now as I leave (until next month) I offer this Irish bless-done!” Elaine truly qualifies as a heroine! ing: The Irish consider St. Patrick a hero for (as legend has it) May the road rise to meet you.driving the snakes from Ireland – there has been debate asto whether the “snakes” were actually serpents, or humans in May the wind be always at your back.the form of “heathens!” In any case the legend has remained May the sun shine warm upon your face, and become the basis for a day of celebration for all – not only the Irish! Here in Georgia we have the rain fall soft upon your fields. several towns with Irish names due to the large And until we meet again, number of Irish who immigrated here. We also have one of the may God hold you in the palm of His hand. larger St. Patrick’s Day Parades and celebrations in the country Kathy here in the city of Savannah. Tradition- ally, the Irish are known to love a good party and a good joke and are happy to share both with others! In that vein I The Breeze – Page 7
  8. 8. STATE DIRECTORS’ REPORTSAlabama: I recently visited the new APM Terminal now operated by the Virginia Port Authority and it is reported to be running at Turner and I had great visits with the 65%, up from 20% when Maersk was operating the terminal.Meador’s at Meador Warehousing & Distribu- It is a state-of-the-art facility with automated container loadingtion, Inc. and the Taul’s at Merchants Transfer and unloading. It was constructed by Maersk in 2007 but wasCo last month in Mobile. While there we also leased to the VA Port Authority for 20 years in August 2010.had a great visit at the Port of Mobile and While I was there an 8000+ TEU Maersk ship docked. It wasthe Mobile Container Terminal. It was pretty completely full of (MSC) Mediterranean Shipping Company’samazing to us the technology involved with the container ter- containers!minal and how fast (less than 30 minute average) the truckersare loaded with containers using very few people. We also I hope this gives you a bit of a snapshot from Virginia!visited and ate lunch with Paul Hodges at Hodges Warehouse& Logistics in Montgomery and Bill Crow at Shaw Warehouse Devon Anders Virginia State DirectorCompany and Perry Towns with Diversified Contractors,Inc. in Birmingham. While out seeing these SWA memberswe also met with some state economic development agencies South Carolina:and I would say overall business activity is improving some in Swafford Transport and WarehouseAlabama; however we could all use some additional volume. hit the ground running with the startI plan on contacting Doc’s Transfer & Warehouse, Inc. and of the 2011 year laying the ground workGadsden Warehousing, Inc. in March. for exciting new opportunities. Swafford has Stan Jones expanded their role as a 3PL to include inspec- tion and repacking of parts for BMW suppliers. As a part of Alabama State Director the development, Swafford was granted Foreign Trade Zone status and will be activated by midyear. Located in Greer,Kentucky: SC the FTZ status for Swafford Transport & Warehouse will Kentucky SWA members are report- open many opportunities to surrounding businesses both oning a start to what they perceive the local level and the global be a slow recovery. Manufac-turing in the state is starting to Van Swafford SC State Directorincrease. Logistics opportunities are following this trend withnew opportunities for members to bid on. Automotive, distilledspirits, consumer goods and health care are the industry seg- Tennessee:ments that are seeing growth so far this year for members. Things here in MemphisUnemployment is still a challenge in the state with a reported are hopping. We have tworate still close to 10% and continues to be a drag on growth. large corporations movingKentucky has had a difficult winter and everyone is looking to town soon which has created some local excitement asforward to a nice spring to bring new opportunities for growth. well as the potential for a couple thousand jobs. Electrolux Brian Johnson announced they are coming to Memphis and building a plant to produce their kitchen ovens. It’s expected to employ ap- Kentucky State Director proximately 1200 people. Much of the reason for Electrolux’ choosing Memphis was due to an experienced and availableVirginia: workforce. Memphis will also be home to Mitsubishi Electric’s Clark Cockrell reports continued vacancy in the Richmond largest U.S. investment, a $207.7 million factory makingmarket and describes it as “tough”. We, here at InterChange, 400-ton, boxcar-sized electrical transformers. They chosehave seen an uptick in business in both of our Memphis over Houston and plan to have approximately 275markets – Harrisonburg and Front Royal. employees working by the end of 2012.Considerable amounts of vacant spacestill exist in Hampton Roads and John Ozier Tennessee State DirectorNewport News. The Breeze – Page 8
  9. 9. BOARD OF DIRECTORSPresident COLLIN PEEL Camrett Logistics P.O. Box 410 Wytheville, VA 24382 (276) 625-8103 cpeel@camrett.com1st Vice Pres. ROBERT BALDRIDGE Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc. P.O. Box 748 Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 382-5269 robertb@wilsonwarehouse.com2nd Vice Pres. GEORGE W. DAVIS III Davis Storage and Warehouse, Inc. 541 Bridge Street Danville, VA 24541 (434) 793-7721 gdavisiii@gamewood.netSec./Treasurer BRUCE TRANTHAM Tranco Logistics, LLC P.O. Box 71725 Chattanooga, TN 37407-6725 (423) 822-1000 bruce@trancologistics.comPast President & FRANK ANDERSONPres. Council RBW Logistics Corp.Chairman P.O. Box 10027 (706) 724-0106 frank_anderson@rbwlogistics.comExecutive Director DEAN MATHESON SWA P.O. Box 898 Madison, GA 30650 (706) 431-6025 March Birthdays April Birthdays 6 ..................................... Glen Turner th 1st ................................. Karen Harriss STATE DIRECTORSAlabama STAN JONES 6th .................................. Gene Parham 2nd .................................. Linda Woody Dothan Warehouse P.O. Box 222 9th ........................................Lisa Lewis 8th ................................. Teresa Anders Dothan, AL 36302 (334) 793-6003 14th ................................. Brenda Ozier 14th ............................ Barbara Parham sjones@dothanwarehouse.comFlorida TOM PATTERSON 15th ................................Devon Anders Saddle Creek Corp. 14th ................................ Kathy Meador 3010 Saddle Creek Road 15th ....................................Larry Elwell Lakeland ,FL 33801 (863) 668-4445 29th ...................................Sheila Hicks 17th ............................. Melissa TrivetteGeorgia CHAD BARROW 29th ...................................David Lyons CLG Inc. 24th .....................................Susan Taul P.O. Box 7707 Savannah, GA 31418 (912) 964-0707 29th ...................................Paul Everett April Anniversaries 30th .................................. Dick LawsonKentucky BRIAN JOHNSON Advance Distribution Services, Inc. 2349 Millers Lane Louisville, KY 40216 1st ............ Frank & Christine Anderson (502) 449-1720 Louisiana ROBERT BALDRIDGE March Anniversaries 11th ................ David & Tracey Parham and Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc.Mississippi P.O. Box 748 6th .....................Brian & Erika Johnson 19th .............Scott & Elaine McWilliams Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 382-5269 14th ....................... Chad & Jan Barrow 23rd.............Robert & Nancy BaldridgeNorth Carolina TOM MIRALIA 25th ...................... Larry & Sheila Hicks Distribution Technology 27th ...........................Jeff & Beth Lewis P.O. Box 7123 Charlotte, NC 28241 (704) 587-5587 tom.miralia@distributiontechnology.comSouth Carolina VAN SWAFFORD Swafford Transport and Warehouse Co. 1630 Old Highway 14 South Greer, SC 29651 (864) 848-3854 van@swaffordtransport.comTennessee JOHN OZIER UWT Logistics 823 East Holmes Road Memphis, TN 38106 (901) 948-3481 jozier@uwtlogistics.comVirginia DEVON ANDERS InterChange Group, Inc. 1346 Plesants Drive, Suite 6 Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (540) 433-1900 AT LARGE DIRECTORS ANDY BROWN JEFF LEWISTwin City Warehouses, Inc. 3302 Old Lexington Road Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Kenco Logistics Services 200 Riverside Drive Chatanooga, TN 37406 Artex Risk Solutions, Inc. Warehouse Insurance (336) 499-7221 (423) 643-3578 Two Pierce Pl. • Itasca, IL 60143 Management BILL CROW Shaw Warehouse Co. P.O. Box 321305 FRED MEREDITH Meredith Whse. & Dist., Inc. 103 Carolina Court 630.694.5050 Consulting Birmingham, AL 35232 High Point, NC 27263 (205) 251-7188 (336) 861-5773 Michael Lopeman BILL CLARK, CPCU BRIAN DUKELaney & Duke Terminal Whse. Co. WILLIAM STANKIEWICZ Shippers Warehouse of GA W I M C O C O N S U LT I N G . C O M 1560 Jessie Street 9250 South Main Street 888.739.5518 Jacksonville, FL 32206 Jonesboro, GA 30236 (904) 798-3500 (678) 364-3475 WIMCO@SBCGLOBAL.NET The Breeze – Page 9